Weight Transfer: First Shift



Variation in horizontal vertical planes of attack and the shifting of momentum between hard and subtle shifts in angle play is what the embodiment of the shift is based on. Without knowing how to do all of those things and recognizing when it’s being done to you means your being set up for death as Joe Rogan likes to say. If you need a visual check out Tiff Time Bomb or any of her fights she is the best I’ve seen at doing it with no side effects of getting countered while using the shift from southpaw to orthodox before after and while in the midst of exchange or combination.



Shifting can be done in many ways there’s no ceiling on it, everything is based on the mechanics you’re capable of using certain shifts people see all time is the downshift touched on by Jack Slack something that TJ Dillashaw And Dominick Cruz the two poster children for Neo Footwork  do all the time. Using a sudden stutter step to force the superior angle and extend what looks like a jab or a less dangerous punch or a snappy Tommy Hearns style jab, in reality its a heavy cross or hook that is setting up a even more devastating kick or knee to the body. Shifting is something that is easy to see in boxing and people recognize it as really extending on the punches versus a small subtle shift of weight unless it’s Mike Tyson throwing a hook head hook body hop off to the outside angle uppercut from hell combination. In Muay-Thai it’s a skill that has to be learned so learning advanced combinations is possible, as you can view being demonstrated and not being demonstrated by the Cowboy in blatant usage, watch the Till fight to see him not do it and then the Matt Brown and Myles Jury fights to see him shift in a academic way with little to no spice added that’s the zero fat option.

So what is shifting and how do you apply it, well I’ll start with examples. Take your classic 1 , 2, low kick combination like Aldo’s dutchie, every part of that combination is made more powerful and faster by adding weight shifting. When you retract that lead 1 drive that shoulder back forcing the body to extend sharply and with purpose on the 2 from the 2 your coiled up like  a loaded spring and ready to whip off a kick, that kick is hid behind the 2 and when you’re pulling the 2 back like the 1 the shoulder is driving the opposite side of the body through adding to the hips turning over on the strike. Everything can gain from simple weight shifts and carrying on with momentum. Another example is the Edson Barbosa body kick switch, leg kick, body kick learning to to transfer is what makes him that much faster and powerful.  

Being able to transfer is what makes switching stance so wonderful. From orthodox to southpaw is the  forgotten or glanced over piece to making switching in a Neo-foot work or my personal favorite Funk standing. What that is for example take the classic 1,2 from boxing why does it work? Well because when BLADED with zero chance of the take down you can focus on the timing distance etc. of striking. Now for say MMA or Kickboxing that’s not possible because of variables like the TD, or kicks, and knees in the clinch etc. So the piece to the puzzle was the stance change because the new angles involved and the ability to sidestep or pivot into your opponent’s blind spot as they shoot. The knock however us that you end up square and that’s the worst place to be when your opponent is is trying to counter with strikes of a knee tap, double, single, or whatever. Mighty Mouses biggest footwork issue was getting caught on the switch when in the pocket (mind you, you can always switch from distance the entire Alpha Male Team does it all the time and the drop shift is best done from distance to cause a reaction) he would get caught or dropped by John Dodson when he hit the switch in the pocket.

So hows it done

Well it’s a weight transfer

  1. Start by hitting a 1, 2 ;
  2. Then on the 2 step forward or through
  3. Re-fire that 2 so it looks like  1 but carries like a solid 2
  4. Then pivot or step through again layering that 1, 2 Combination
  5. So it now carries like a 1, 2, 2, 2 but looks like a solid 1, 2, step, 1, 2, step, 1, 2

That’s the premise of the weight transfer because the step is the shift it makes it quick and combines a feint with a strike with an angle change.

Try it out experiment with combinations watch some youtube videos Brendan Dormans Channel above and The Modern Martial Artist as well as reading Jack Slack’s post on Vice. Then all you have to do is drill, drill, drill, and go ahead and rest and keep drilling after that folks.


-Posse Out Cruise the Coast line Folks


You Will Be Sore

Talk with mum today in this experiment of son training mum was about her being sore after three days of continuous physical exercise, she said her legs were sore so I gave her my solution.


Well my response was, hey hey hey you will be sore, it will suck but that’s okay. Why is it fine because you will be sore for the first week of the ramp up phase of your lifestyle change, think of it this way. You are a car or rather a door hinge, over time of non-use the hinge starts to stiffen up and squawk when being used again. The soreness is purely just the WD-40 being expressed by the body so after a week of changing things and the body basically being reprogrammed to be physical again. Now give it a week and if it persists get some shark cartilage or turmeric powder (1 tablespoon daily), reduce your sugar intake to reduce inflammation which could be heightening the soreness.     

Hey it’s Hot outside lets Jump and Swim

   Everybodyswim_Butterfly_stroke CHAD_MENDES_TORQUE_WATER_JUMP

“Jump and Swim”

For the folks like me hat love to swim laps in the pool, boy do I have a workout for you, so lets hit it coast line style.


6 laps at 50% Freestyle

Now we begin

8 x 6 Laps with Freestyle, Breast Stroke, or if your crazy like my brother Butterfly.

1-2 at 60%

3-4 at 70%

5-6 at 80%

On the last set of  laps do 2 laps at 100% sprint and then rest and then do the next sets like that with a rest in between each set of sprints. Recovering so you can sprint is punching your lunge capacity. I love doing my last 10 laps doing a butterfly stroke which seems to really increase that sprinting cardio. Theirs something about swimming that increases cardio and helps with increasing muscle capacity when it comes to striking look at the Diaz brother endurance athletes that swim a lot and they never get tired by throwing punches.


But wheres the jump of the swim and jump, right here friend. In between your first set of six and your second set do some squat jumps in the pool to failure then take a time for the heart rate to drop back to resting . After every set get at least 70% of the squat jumps you did your first time. Jumping in the water is usually a sport therapy movement, but why not use it for building strength in your low body. I mean look what the Marv Marinovich did with BJ Penn increasing his explosive and low body endurance in the pool. Try and feel how hard it is to jump with a constant drag on your body. Truly training at 9000 times gravity, I’m just Sayin.

So the final program will look something like this

Swim and Jump

1-2 at 60%

Squat: Jumps to Failure

3-4 at 70%

Squat Jumps 70% of Failure

5-6 at 80%

Squat Jumps 90% or to Failure again

Have Fun in the pool becoming a Super Saiyan lol.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks

O2 Max Increase


It’s that time folks the time you all have been dreading the time when this crazy little Baby Bunny gets on his triathlon fix oh yeah thats right olympic triathlon distances for every cardio based movement running swimming biking. Distances below

Bike 24.4 Miles or 40k
Run 6.2 Miles or 10k
Swim .93 Miles 1.5k

Okay for fighting and as a general thing for people who just want to push the limits I sub out running for the airdyne or just listen to my body because running is high impact on the means of transportation for the body and considering wrestling practice and kickboxing they need all the recover and rehab they can get. That being said you take the run distance and add 60 percent to the original for the airdyne as a concession. Why is this good simple put in the words of Bas El Guapo Rutten you can never have too much cardio. The name of the game is having the ability to do what you did in the first 30 seconds of round 1 in round 5 Mighty Mouse RDA anyone named Diaz Frankie Edgar who could go until round 200 with that heart and so on. Speed, Strength, & Technique are all reliant on endurance. Speed of Sport Nick Curson literally puts RDA and others at elevation for cardio just so they can use the explosive speed they develop from strengthening their feet and making the neuromuscular system faster and more responsive from plyo work. Welp all that stuffs good until you can’t  feed the body oxygen or you break down because the lack there of. Endurance makes cowards of us all, that is the truth so don’t be that person and in the meantime get cut and add a couple gas tanks to the arsenal for BJJ Kickboxing Boxing LIFE etc. Good day my friends, good day.

-Later AOC outta here.

This Needs To Be ADDRESSED!!!

You DUM DUMS, This is why Nathan won


Let’s talk about this thing I’ve been seeing more and more of lately, this idea that Nate won because of his vegan lifestyle is so off it’s not even funny. People he first of all isn’t fully vegan he eats fish and takes fish oil I’m damn near positive about that. Conor didn’t lose because he eats protein if that was the case every person Nate fought would have been vegan when in fact they are all no vegans. As much as the Diaz are correct about the PED issue in the UFC we can rest assured that Benson and RDA are clean. Meanwhile, Nates guys Gilbert aka Giblert Melendez and Jake Shields both popped for PEDs so… Just saying, the facts are below.

The facts is that if anything Conor gassed out when he decided to overthrow the 2 and overextend on each punch ie lifting his back leg every time, that’s more likely the reason versus his diet which was very clean. Conor was fine until the second round when he got hit with Nates jab square on the chin when you get dotted up like Conor got hit you system shuts down it had nothing to do with cardio hence why one punch KOs happen in every pugilistic sport. Nates cardio is always top notch but he has had some less than stellar performances against non-vegans with better explosive conditioning such as Benson and RDA, why because cardio once you have it only accounts for getting you to the finish line but to deliver a balanced combination of endurance and explosion. Nates technical ability to angle out of Conor over extended 2 was a reason his chin wasn’t getting checked and his ability to smother punches was another reason for why Conor gassed even when it looked like he was tagging up Nathan. Diet is a minute thing in the grand scheme of things, it was the technical boxing prowess of Nate Diaz who spars with guys like Andre Ward and Joe Schilling versus Conor who though he could out strike Nathan from mid range. Having carb’d up means nothing if Nate had been taking those shots clean to the chin like he did aginst Benson and RDA which ended up with him getting dropped and playing guard off the bottom with an equally as good if not better BJJ black belts on top of him, the story was different for Conor because Nate is the better striker and grappler there and was technically perfect while Conor looked frantic and head hungry. For those that spar of fight you understand that when you get hit flush your cardio won’t save you only defense and heart can cardio means nothing and the diet means nothing when you have to recover from a mild concussion midway through a fight.

Injuries are The GREATEST Training Tool Ever!

Busted shins pulled shoulders throbbing finger joints knees on fire and mentally I’m spaced because I’m popping these advils like Mike and Ikes and rubbing numbing heating cream all over my body like its cocoa butter on an ashy black man (I can say that I’m black). This article is about what to do when your hurt and when to sit your happy hips down somewhere instead of making things worse. Let’s start off by saying if you stubbed a toe you can train your a little sore stretch correctly and for a little longer then train, if you’re dizzy and having heat flashes stay at home and call a doctor.

Right now I’m suffering from non-fight training and training injuries, wood chopping fractured my shin thanks, mother earth you try to go green and then ish happens. Punching without wraps reaggravated the bones in my hands, teaching my classes proper leg kicking using myself as the rubber chicken led to my knees feeling like the human torch was living in them. I have every reason to put a halt my training but that’s just stand up that I need that stuff for that doesn’t mean I can’t work my guard at Relsons or have my little brother the freak he is trying to pass and me have to stop him and recover and get to my feet. When I get really injured I focus on my guard go figure, mainly fun escapes people don’t really worry about in MMA you know cutting edge stuff like the tornado guard from half 100% and now “200%” 100% with a rear naked grip on the far side arm. It’s something I stand by, Kurt Osiander has said it best “you want to get a good guard spar with one arm under your belt”, he’s dead ass right now imagine not having the full threat of other limbs. Did I blow your mind, hold on there Skippy this isn’t for the faint of heart it’s going to suck…hard…for a long time….and then for a longer time…really you won’t see any results until your back to 100.

Why is this, well think of it this way when you load the body under eminence stress with say a weight vest ankle weights a resistance suit and a training mask the abilities that are being stressed grow. You see know growth while under that stress because the more fit or explosive you get the hard the work because the stress correlates with the work you’re able to do. The Same thing trains your guard at such a disadvantage does for you the stress is the opponent trying to strangle you like always but you bodies under constant resistance and a controlled stressor. Training this way will pay dividends later because it builds toughness confidence in that toughness and sharpness in whatever your training.

-AOC Outta here any sponsors interested in my site contact me

Conor “Da Irish Dragon” Bruce Lee

   Bruce_Lee_Best_Highlights_1080p_HD (1).gif Conor_McGregor_crazy_eye.gif

I just had a eureka moment while watching my favorite Bruce Lee biopic “I Am Bruce Lee” love it. Something that I forgot about and something I only introduce to people once they are in the pro realm with the abilities is a lot of the Bruce Lee techniques that people always seem to neglect or not give the right respect. A lot of it is an idealistic response to set movements it’s your classic if I do this then this then this your dead kind of bs Gung Fu youtube snake oil nonsense. However, Bruce wasn’t about Gung Fu he was about JKD and the merging between reality and classical techniques redefined with more practical and fluid refinements think keeping it simple the opposite of that last thought I typed. I had always known that the Jackson Camps  Oblique kick to the lead leg was a tribute t o the effectiveness of Bruce’s ideas the new wave of talent is taking it even further there standing bladed and wide giving up that lead leg which classically gets chewed up by Thai style and Dutch kickboxers. The new wave doesn’t care anymore they have heard enough of the knows from their coaching staff but they found a work around the lead leg side kick and reacting first rather than second after getting leg kicked. Now that this technically makes sense what else is there to talk about well who do we know that really brought this idea of intercepting movement back to MMA?

I_Am_Bruce_Lee_Documentary UFC_196_Free_Fight_Conor_McGregor_vs_Chad_Mendes

Easy Conor McGregor, the new Bruce Lee or, at least, the offspring of his deeper teachings. Since Conor takes from anything that progresses his knowledge on movement and on how to starch someone out while taking the least amount of damage you have to acknowledge that he’s moving a lot like a Bruce Lee character in and out to force the reaction with a long kick and the catching people moving in. So why does this make sense now well because as much as Bruce preached understanding boxing and fencing rarely do any traditional martial artist venture out of their comfort zone so with this glory era of Martial Arts that we have been privy to since 93, eventually we were going to come back to the traditional arts and to the art built on the foundation of those traditional arts no matter how obscure they be in this case the Way of the Intercepting Fist. 

I_Am_Bruce_Lee_Documentary (1) The_Notorious_Conor_McGregor_vs_Jose_Aldo_Junior_Champion_Full_Fight

Fighting style out of the way we also see it in Conors view of his body, he does the classic Bruce training rarely any weights other than to squat with tons of plyo work, quality mobility training, good morning stretches with barbells, and movement work with Ido Portal. If this doesn’t scream it in your face then you’re not truly a practice of the art nor are you that big of a fan. All he has to do now is make a classic fight film with minimal dialogue and just pure combat scenes, it’s going to be a joy to watch him post-defeat or victory to see which direction he goes from here.   


-My Salutations Good People, AOC OUT