O2 Max Increase


It’s that time folks the time you all have been dreading the time when this crazy little Baby Bunny gets on his triathlon fix oh yeah thats right olympic triathlon distances for every cardio based movement running swimming biking. Distances below

Bike 24.4 Miles or 40k
Run 6.2 Miles or 10k
Swim .93 Miles 1.5k

Okay for fighting and as a general thing for people who just want to push the limits I sub out running for the airdyne or just listen to my body because running is high impact on the means of transportation for the body and considering wrestling practice and kickboxing they need all the recover and rehab they can get. That being said you take the run distance and add 60 percent to the original for the airdyne as a concession. Why is this good simple put in the words of Bas El Guapo Rutten you can never have too much cardio. The name of the game is having the ability to do what you did in the first 30 seconds of round 1 in round 5 Mighty Mouse RDA anyone named Diaz Frankie Edgar who could go until round 200 with that heart and so on. Speed, Strength, & Technique are all reliant on endurance. Speed of Sport Nick Curson literally puts RDA and others at elevation for cardio just so they can use the explosive speed they develop from strengthening their feet and making the neuromuscular system faster and more responsive from plyo work. Welp all that stuffs good until you can’t  feed the body oxygen or you break down because the lack there of. Endurance makes cowards of us all, that is the truth so don’t be that person and in the meantime get cut and add a couple gas tanks to the arsenal for BJJ Kickboxing Boxing LIFE etc. Good day my friends, good day.

-Later AOC outta here.


This Needs To Be ADDRESSED!!!

You DUM DUMS, This is why Nathan won


Let’s talk about this thing I’ve been seeing more and more of lately, this idea that Nate won because of his vegan lifestyle is so off it’s not even funny. People he first of all isn’t fully vegan he eats fish and takes fish oil I’m damn near positive about that. Conor didn’t lose because he eats protein if that was the case every person Nate fought would have been vegan when in fact they are all no vegans. As much as the Diaz are correct about the PED issue in the UFC we can rest assured that Benson and RDA are clean. Meanwhile, Nates guys Gilbert aka Giblert Melendez and Jake Shields both popped for PEDs so… Just saying, the facts are below.

The facts is that if anything Conor gassed out when he decided to overthrow the 2 and overextend on each punch ie lifting his back leg every time, that’s more likely the reason versus his diet which was very clean. Conor was fine until the second round when he got hit with Nates jab square on the chin when you get dotted up like Conor got hit you system shuts down it had nothing to do with cardio hence why one punch KOs happen in every pugilistic sport. Nates cardio is always top notch but he has had some less than stellar performances against non-vegans with better explosive conditioning such as Benson and RDA, why because cardio once you have it only accounts for getting you to the finish line but to deliver a balanced combination of endurance and explosion. Nates technical ability to angle out of Conor over extended 2 was a reason his chin wasn’t getting checked and his ability to smother punches was another reason for why Conor gassed even when it looked like he was tagging up Nathan. Diet is a minute thing in the grand scheme of things, it was the technical boxing prowess of Nate Diaz who spars with guys like Andre Ward and Joe Schilling versus Conor who though he could out strike Nathan from mid range. Having carb’d up means nothing if Nate had been taking those shots clean to the chin like he did aginst Benson and RDA which ended up with him getting dropped and playing guard off the bottom with an equally as good if not better BJJ black belts on top of him, the story was different for Conor because Nate is the better striker and grappler there and was technically perfect while Conor looked frantic and head hungry. For those that spar of fight you understand that when you get hit flush your cardio won’t save you only defense and heart can cardio means nothing and the diet means nothing when you have to recover from a mild concussion midway through a fight.

Bendo Made the Move

Ultimate_Benson_Henderson_Highlight_2013 (1)


A great man made the jump to Bellator there was no controversy at all in his move. Benson Henderson my little brothers favorite fighter is now contracted to the Bellator Promotion which isn’t just good for Bellator, it’s good for Rizin so they can venture into the Korean Market. Like Joe Rogan has said on twitter “fighters have a small window to make that paper. They should choose wisely but ultimately they’re going to go where the $ is.” That is the real truth nobody wants to talk about some people within the MMA world love to talk wild about Bellator, the issue is they have legit fighters but you wouldn’t watch them unless they promoted the real good fights behind the freak shows. Who’s watching Will Brooks vs Marcin Held or Daniel Straus vs Pitbull, are you really an MMA fan then why is Michael Chandler or Venom Page the only competitive fighters from Bellator you know about FAM? So back to Benson if that offer didn’t make the UFC budge in negotiations then jump ship to Bellator island make those dollars and take that strap at 170 and 155.

-Later Folks and Family

A Dosage of Truth MMA Fact Check

RDA vs Conor




RDA vs Conor

MMA media has done it again counting out the highly decorated soft-spoken opponent of the loud and brash golden pony. It’s a hilarious cycle and the dedicated martial artist that follows the game or just trains or has fought knows exactly why this current Conor push by the media is just hilarious. As I must state before going any further is I’m not saying it’s a forgone conclusion that RDA wins nope not at all, I’m saying that this idea that Conor runs away with it like he did with Aldo is simply a unicorn idea. I have reasons why this is the case below.

1 RDA cuts down from 190 and is as big as GSP was when he was fighting at 170 early in his career. Now George is around 200 like most of the 170ers so size advantage is real in this one a trade Conor has to make coming up in weight versus cutting from 168 to 145 where he has a huge size advantage.

2 Conor is susceptible to the grappling game we saw it against Chad and Chad did it for 2 rounds and messed up going for that Guillotine, RDA ain’t Chad though RDA is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in BJJ he is by definition and ability better than anyone in Conors camp including Gunnar and his Head Coach. Plus RDA has stayed on the ground with Pettis a crafty guard player whose subbed the likes of Benson Henderson and Cesar Gracie Black Belt Gilbert Melendez. Then remember that RDA stayed on the ground with Nate Diaz, and almost subbed Pettis twice and had it not been for a fence grab he would have subbed him. RDA ain’t Chad and has forgotten more than Conor and company have learned in his time as BJJ competitor, plus hes a fighter training at Evolve MMA with Shinya Aoki the tight wearing crippler.

3 Speed isn’t an issue at all like at all, many of the novice fans think Conor is right because he’s the loudest when he starts his talk of speed and precision beating power and he’s right but you need to have the speed advantage for that to work. Much to the dismay of the pro-Conor crowd, he doesn’t have that advantage anymore either, let us do a little history lesson. BJ Penn was one of the greatest fighters ever, he did a cardio and strength and conditioning experiment when he trained for his Deigo Sanchez fight with Marv Marinovich the guy that constantly was revolutionizing sports performance science and turning athletes into world beaters. BJ Penn was ripped in that fight six packed up and first everywhere first to get off and land shots, first when grappling came to play, and had real cardio. Now Marvs student Nick Curson has done the same thing (go listen to his JRE podcast with Joe Rogan) Ruslan Provodnikov countless swimmers, fighters, track stars, wrestlers, etc. Nick took RDA from flat-footed to a consistent bounce on his toes but that’s not all he is explosive now with a 5 round gas tank with gas to spare. It’s just another realm of what Conor is always going on about with human movement well RDA comes from a coach that preaches power starts with the feet and speed is the name of the game. If you need more convincing look at his fight with Pettis the fastest 155 ever and RDA was landing first and faster in his closure of distance he did it also against the best boxer at 155 Nate Diaz.

4 Striking it’s funny how what Conor says becomes fact when he isn’t even talking about himself he said RDA was sloppy in his striking and I say hahahahaha…. your not serious are you? It’s funny because I see what’s going on because I know who he’s training with. Rafael Cordeiro the Godfather of that legendary Chute Boxe team is the head coach at Kings MMA I’m sorry, do or die Kings MMA because that’s how they train some things never change lol. Okay, so Rafie is RDA’s striking coach so his Dutch Muay Thai is always improving. Much like Anthony Rumble Johnson, everyone wants to say he has a sloppy technique to that I say you don’t have a clue of how technical their kickboxing is. Conor is saying these things so it get’s picked up by the media and RDA will then hear it so often that it will put doubt in his head about his ability. Good play Mr. McGregor with the mental warfare. However, it may backfire. Another history lesson you know that guy the GOAT fella who fought at 185 and beat the hell out of guys, inspired a generation including Jon Jones. What’s his name damn it he has the longest recorded title win streak in UFC history. former #1 P4P. Oh yeah, that’s right Anderson “The Spider” Silva yeah that guy, he was taught and refined by Rafie at Chute Boxe and when Rafie left Anderson left Chute Boxe. Conor is always saying he moves different, cool and he does well Rafie knows how to move different and can read you like a book because he taught the Greatest Ever how to move differently. When the likes of D Cruz, TJ Dillashaw, and Mighty Mouse speak highly about the fight IQ of one man you know it’s not bs and everyone should take heavy stalk of that fact. RDA will not be stuck in any mud I would not be surprised if he floats on Conor, why because he’s already mastered the Wlanderia style the Shogun style and GSP style of fighting. Next is the Anderson Silva style logically, where he sits back observes by playing this to quote Joe Rogan “weave the web before he sets you up for death”. By float I mean this, RDA has already done it in his fights a very kickboxing centric thing well striking-centric move that Rumble does very well. Throwing while your head is off center then slipping the return shot by stepping off to the opponent’s strong arm side and landing the kick to the body from that angle he did it to Pettis who as a brilliant striker saw it coming but still had no answer for it. If Conor relies on his length when he throws the straight left he may land or RDA will be offline and landing his own left hook down the pipe before shooting a takedown or kicking a leg out allah RDA vs Nate Diaz. In power, they equal its a matter of who gets there first and whose technical ability in defense is better and my money is on RDA in that category because Conor never moves his head in the pocket. Chad leaped and jumped with overhand rights and connected on Conors chin. Conor in the pocket does not have the best defense at all (which makes his fight against Frankie very interesting cough because Frankie lives in the pocket) Now Conor does have the fluidity with his kicks and punches which are proven while RDA is very old Dutch where he walks you down slips off line and lands hard with kicks and punches being careful not to lunge. Look at Nieky Holzken minus the snappy boxing for a visual aid on RDA. Striking wise it could look like Nieky Holzken vs Raymond Daniels or it could be another spectacular performance from Conor.

5 Historys a crazy thing to read into but I give it a little bit of respect when it comes to fights. History has shown that people in their prime that are very respectable and well the ideal martial artist types are the wrong ones to really try to rile up. Look at GSP vs BJ Penn 2, GSP vs Josh Koscheck, GSP vs Dan Hardy, GSP vs Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 1* (Bruised rib still tapped him) and 2 decimated Chael, Hendo vs Bisping, Cain vs Lesnar, Werdum vs Cain, Ronda vs Holly, Dodson Johnson, RDA vs Cowboy etc. Those all turned out terrible for the ish talkers. Conor could be the Mayweather of this thing I mean he’s got a clean pull counter 2 that’s for sure. However this isn’t boxing theres countless ways to lose and this may be the one for Conor he’s talked about RDAs wife, called him a traitor to his country lol (while he lived in LA and Vegas for most of the last year lol), called him a watered down version of Jose Aldo. Very personal attacks, and the kind of personal attacks that in the fights above turned out in favor of the person who in reality was getting bullied in the build up to the fight. I’m sticking to my guns on this one RDA is the GSP at 155 quite literally since he cuts from 190 trains different and effectively for speed, agility (meaning landing first reaction time), and power; his technical grappling is superb and his striking is becoming phenomenal thanks to a top 3 coach of all time. Again I’m not putting a lot of stock in this category of history but it’s fun to think about and if somethings so often with similar variables well the experiment isn’t lying if the same result is reproduced when similar catalyst are introduced. Happy reading and I hope the facts reach those who think this fight will be a wash for the Irishmen.


-Have a good one Folks

Rumble vs Bader

Rumble vs Bader Title Shot Implications

This is going to be a crucial fight at 205, Baders safety first defense and grappling make them pay if they miss style versus the Mike Tyson speed and power mixed with refined Dutch Kickboxing and heavy sprawling style from Rumble Johnson. This fight has a lot of misconceptions coming from people that don’t understand fighting. Lets get to this breakdown thing shall we.


Okay so Rumble vs Bader I have to say is just filled with lies and weird ideas of what each guy is capable of which is laughable really. On one side you have people saying Rumbles got no grappling no cardio and is sloppy with his striking which I usually shake my head to or tell said person they might catch a shin on the jaw if they say something wild like that again. First of all my man is a former Junior College Wrestling National Champion allah that wonderful sprawl…… just like Jon Jones was, secondly Rumble went 3 rounds with a one of the best pure grapplers in Phil Davis and he was fine going into the 3rd and at the end of 3. DC beat him grappling by technique not from lack of cardio lol anyone that thinks otherwise has never had an olympian on there back or doesn’t understand what that kind of pressure really is. Finally this weird idea that Rumble is sloppy with his striking is basically saying that all those master Dutch kickboxers are sloppy, and that Henri Hooft the trainer of Tyrone Sponge and other former Mike’s Gym  Kickboxers is sloppy. Or your saying that Pedro Diaz the trainer of Guillermo Rigondeaux is training sloppy fighters…um no none of that is correct. Rumble plays the power striker so well it’s scary he has a beautiful slip of center side step to lead high or body kick, the switch knee and step knee is always there and his straight punches always stay crispy, not to mention his hooks and uppercut slickness. Finally he’s not staying stagnant in his training he’s addressing the issues and constantly pushing the cardio, he trains with Sponge and Rashad and has a brilliant wrestling and grappling coach pushing him technically. Now when it comes to Bader people think he’s just robotic in his striking and has nothing for Rumble in the striking department, but this is striking where you will get hit somewhere even if you’re Mayweather like. Bader has a nasty kick to the body he telegraphs a little bit too much but if it lands, just picture Silva vs Matt Brown when Silva landed that nasty kick to the liver allah Bas “El Guapo” Rutten. His hands defensively are good and he’s really developed his jab which he landed over and over on Rashad. Wrestling is  what Bader is really good at he comes from that Dominante ASU NCAA Champs squad and uses it well. These were the misconceptions that everyone was getting wrong about each guy and why this fight may be closer than you think depending on what things each guy does.

Now when you look at this fight one of two things can happen for either guy where they win. Either Bader plays the GSP game of Jab, Takedown, Jab, Takedown, Jab, Body Kick, game. Or if Rumble can slip off like he usually does on a single shot being Baders jab come over top with the right hook head kick, leg kick, or body kick off the back leg. If Bader stays safe he can win by just playing the game of jab and takedown shots until he gets Rumble down where he can submit him or grind him out. However if Rumble defends the shot well and cracks off like Fedor in the scramble then it will be a short night for Ryan for sure. Why because if you mess up with Rumble you get no second chance its a one shot and done unless your DC a former heavyweight that has tasted that power but DC still went flying across the cage. Rumble incredibly smooth walking forward and looks like GGG mixed with Tyrone Sponge his dutch kickboxing is better than 99% of the guys at 205. Bader is coming close though he has slick boxing now off the jab and can nail you in a coffin with the left kick to the body. The question in this fight is who can effectively deal with the grappling either offensively from Bader or defensively to offense for Rumble. Once that’s established it’s who can land striking the American Dutch Kickboxing student of Henri Hooft the legend in the Netherlands or Bader whose mixing that slick boxing with traditional Muay Thai. Personally I’m taking Rumble at any moment with shut Bader off or will win by TKO. By no means is this fight easy but I believe Rumble wins in this match up. Yeah I’m biased because I want to see what was promised to me Jon Jones vs Rumble, but whatever.

Pressure Makes Dust and Diamonds

Showtime vs Eddie

Master_of_Kicks_Anthony_Showtime_Pettis_2015 FREE_Eddie_Alvarez_Highlight

Anthony Pettis vs. Eddie Alvarez is a very interesting fight it mirrors the main event by having to completely different styles of fighting versus two similar styles of fighting. One is Philly hard with the grit of the real Roco and the other has wild dexterity in his kicks and wild striking that can barely be matched.  The fighting is only part of the story the other part is how both guys show up mainly Pettis coming off his loss to RDA. PRessure has been Pettis’s heel in the cage when guys with high volume power and pressure have fought him he’s either finished it early or lost a grinding fight. The RDA fight was different because RDA was faster of the line and pressured him like a Chute Boxe fighter in Pride, and Pettis had no answer for it. Eddie has figured the UFC out he had an interesting debut against Donald and a coming out party against Melendez who popped positive after there fight which can’t be ignore, Eddie beat a enhanced already dangerous fighter. The pressure of what Pettis had to deal with in RDA will either be a blessing or Eddie will apply the same game plan and Pettis will turn to dust under the grinding.

The fight breaks down very interestingly in my head, because of the change in wrestling coaches that Pettis has made to Izzy Styles who trains basically all the killers at Jackson’s camp. The issue is Eddie has been doing this MMA wrestling thing from the jump he is the grinder personified. Alves doesn’t move back while Pettis is taking a big jump in dealing with that pressure he also has the ability to strike just a s effectively moving backwards as anyone ever in MMA. The other end of the story is if you let Pettis get loose it’s going to be a long or short night but it’s gonna be a bad night for you. How this plays out is one of two ways Pettis shows he’s learned from RDAs pressure. He will have a way of dealing with the forward pressure and getting back to the center of the cage where he is the best, and without a deadly liver kick that always lands to stop any success Pettis may have he can really get loose. Pettis ends it with his patented style of high flash combination or slick submission from the bottom, Now Eddie can for sure win this fight if Pettis can’t handle his pressure he will grind him out and the only threat he would need to worry about is the slick sub because Pettis is very good off his back. Eddies striking needs to be chest to chest and elbow range of striking. To close that distance his bread and butter with the dart and leg kick will close the distance fast and put the fight where he wants it. It will be interesting and provide a clear idea of where the 155 division will be headed after the 197 super fight and whether or not Khabib is healthy, then Pettis will be the next fight for Conor at 155. Provided he does well against RDA which I am super skeptical of because the Brazilian GSP has the better camp the better tools grappling and when it comes to size and and a merried of other things which I will breakdown at a later point in time. That’s that I see the fight playing out two ways and I really see Pettis coming out on top because every time homie falls he comes back like a demon in a division full of murderous russians bear killers and Neo Chute Boxe Champions. Pettis by either late stoppage or decision.                

-Later Folks and Family

Oh 135 Super Fight…. Hello


Lets talk about these guys last guy to beat DJ and the Guy who shocked the world.. HELLO

The Geminis are about to go to war, these two are born from the same fundamentals but utilize them complete different than each other. TJ is the puncher he moves forward like Hagler switching his feet while exchanging and on the initial shift to change angles before entering the dead zone between him and the target, where he can not be kicked or punched. Cruz is different like Willie Pep different, he is the volume guy. At the end of 5 will look clean and pristine while the target is bloodied with a sever headache coming on from all the feints adjustments and volume of strikes. They are twins but totally different at the same time don’t get so fixated on how the footwork looks. Look at what the end game is of each movement, Cruz feints better and has a much better defense when moving on the outside versus TJs outside defense. TJ takes large movements on the outside while Cruz travels in the dead zone and on the ghost angles where he can see everything and throw and the target can’t defend or retaliate. In the pocket TJ wins he has a ability like Mighty Mouse to line up a pretty jab and then drop hammers in creative or modern boxing ways with rear upper cuts versus the typical 2 following the triple or double jab. The striking will be on display and the grappling will be a threat to keep each fighter honest.


Now the difference don’t stop there the mental side is something rarely discussed correctly. TJ gets emotional during fights let’s face it he loves fighting the tales of his gym wars are everywhere. TJ get angry when he gets hit and starts to match and then pile on volume after he gets hit or tagged. Much like Lawler when striking you may hit him and have an upper hand but if your defense is lacking, he will pile a wild amount of volume on you while switching feet and cutting huge angles so you can’t escape. Cruz is hard to pin down trying to cut him off is like catching smoke but not like Mayweather much more kinetic. Cruz loves to slide, pivot, and feint to force a reaction because the angle he chooses to take is low risk high return and forces the opponent to pause or move back freeing Cruz. The dart which is a old old boxing move or a v-step lead is Cruz’s got to to get out of any bind while tallying up those points, he explodes with a v step and drops his head over the lead knee to slip any strikes and lands the counter 2, lead 2, or lead 1. Frustration will set in if TJ lets Cruz get into his usually game. In light of all the trash talk Cruz is right TJ hasn’t fought anyone with defense on the outside like Cruz, Joe Soto gave TJ fits and his defense is nowhere near Cruz’s. Renan was a wading stiff fighter that isn’t Cruz in the dead space or on the outside, so TJ needs to be conservative with the angels he picks and the spots he decides to make his cuts into. Cruz also needs to be aware that TJ has dealt with in successful fashion the super fast kinetic movements.              


Cruz has been quoted that TJ and himself are very different and I agree with him wholeheartedly. What they do similarly is the use of feints and drop and elevation changes. How they do this is totally different though, where Dom has a Willie Pep Dutch Muay Thai kind of setup for his straight counter off the jab which tends to look herky jerky but in all reality its complex movement based on distorting distance and gaining power by exploding on the open angles and defending at the same time. Now TJ is very much Dutch in his style as well, comparing straight counters TJ loves the drop which is like a pull counter where he will pull initiating a response from the target and dropping his elevation while switch stepping or just  stepping off center to land a straight cross versus an overhand. The goal is similar but the path to get there is totally different one relies on intercepting speed and winning the speed battle. One is based on feinting from a distance changing stances midway through, using that movement as built in defense and cutting the angle to land all in a 3 step movement. Another thing that’s similar is that each movement allows for multiple strikes from a jab to over the top round house. Now if we are comparing levels of predictability which I wouldn’t advise anyone takes too much stock into, you have to say TJ is more predictable but the b side is that he’s so based on the center-line when he strikes that his volume is way higher the Cruz’s. For Cruz I see an unpredictability when he fights, take his fight with Mizugaki everyone pretty much assumed Cruz was going to leg kick him when he switched and cut the angle but he ends up hitting his patented knee tap. Now Cruz can go anywhere at any time before anyone can realize and do anything to stop it. What the bread and butter of being able to go anywhere is that stutter step motion and ability to live in the safe angles. Dom has hit the GSP Mighty Mouse RDA level where his stand up and take downs look the same so his targets freeze in waiting to try to intercept what’s coming but the speed is too much to match.


If we compare angle use people say TJ without thinking because he beat up Barao with them but let’s not forget what Cruz did to everyone from Alpha Male the only person to get the upper hand with the angles against him was Mighty Mouse but then he took Mighty Mouse down and beat him grappling and with the ground and pound. Now TJ uses angles but again loves the center-line and takes shots but homies got a chin so it’s not a real big issue however Joe Soto dotted him up and Barao landed clean shots as well the difference in those fights where Bang Ludwig getting on TJ to follow the game plan of hit and don’t get hit, which lead to TJ increasing the volume in the mid and pocket range which stops any return fire.


Now for the kicks who kicks it better is the wrong question, the kicking game is totally different as well. One is better than the other with hiding head kicks versus leg kicks, TJs head kicks look like Cowboys he does a fake switch hitch and lands his lead leg head kicks all the time when he needs to but he has a kind of build up to his leg kicks. TJ loves the head round houses and over the top roundhouses and liver kicks off the lead leg which is very nice and will get better and better as time goes on from dexterity and a speed viewpoint. Leg kicks and knees are Cruz’s world he’s deadly with them and because he rarely throws head kicks. After you see and get hit with enough leg kicks you will start biting on the movement and go to protect the leg and he will swing high on the head kick and catch a target slipping. Cruz loves to feint in immediately change of direction leg kick the lead leg, leg kick rear leg, and dart combo. Cruz’s legs are primarily flying knee tools and leg kick tools, a lot of damage is done with the jab hooks and darts with high volume and shovel angles so his kicks are mainly high damage minimum risk tools. Both can kick but they kick differently and use different kicks.  


Tendencies of pressure are different as well , because of Bang in TJs camp he developed this Dutch forward motion 75% of the time and cutting back rarely but his backwards motion turn into forward motion when he pulled back and dips around and ahead of his target. Cruz on the other hand is a pressure fighter coming at you like a hurricane from every angle all the time he takes short 15 second breaks here and there where he will back up more consistent to a real backwards motion. Now during his offensive and defensive pursuits he is moving back at 1 and forward at 2 and 3 so he’s always moving getting closer and closer. The styles are distinctly similar in way but different. The more technical edge for me goes to Cruz because in my opinion I could care less about volume if your getting hit more and more because of the use of angles is far superior then volume doesn’t matter. The wrestling and grappling is where the difference is made up by TJ mind you the gap in striking is significant for me but at this level that means nothing because the skill is so high that a single mistake or tendency picked up on could mean the end.


Now I’m no grappling expert but I’m no novice either, that being said it’s clear TJ wins grappling with Cruz. Cruz’s go to take down is that knee tap but in his most recent fight he mixed the tap with a double leg mid way through cutting Miz in half. He’s as serious as a heart attack when he shoots for it and cuts and dips and surprises everyone watching by doing it so fast watch that Faber take down it was from a stand still he didn’t rush in just shot it like GSP and Mighty Mouse. The issue is he can take you down but immediately goes to ground and pound to finish because unless you’re 5’3 he can’t keep you there for a significant time, I won’t say cannot because he did in his fight with Miz because he’s so damn persist with his punches but he rarely does. Now TJ is a different story D1 wrestling and high level rear naked and guillotine defense plus an arsenal of op game subs yet to be seen but they exist trust me the peruvian neck tie and darc are just waiting to be applied. I don’t know if TJ is better then Faber wrestling but I know Chad is the best in that gym and video of TJ and Chad is interesting.   


The game with these two grappling is who gets top position be it mount, stopped at half guard, or side control. Cruz from the top tees off and could stop anyone there and possibly sub you as well because I assume he’s been working his subs during his lay off. Now off his back who knows he’s not usually there but when he has been he’s been in danger of getting taped and taped by Faber to name one. Now TJ having trained with the best rear naked and guillotine team in the country has stellar defense against those commonly targeted subs, the difference for him is his wrestling is so good that he’s rarely on the bottom because stereotypes are born from some truth that wrestlers hate and struggle from the bottom. Dope that Cruz has Phil Davis in camp its kind of evened out, TJ had Lance Palmer a ton of UC Davis talent and Chad Mendes the best athletic wrestler and second best technical wrestler at 145 I have ever seen and know has a stable of wrestlers because of Lester and Team Elevation. Lets not get it twisted either Joe B and Lance are out in Colorado helping TJ out. If we judge grappling on a scale of types wrestling goes to TJ subs defense goes to TJ and offensive subs go to TJ so sweep for TJ. That’s not the end of the story either folks there’s a lot of minutia involved.  


Here’s the catch the difference in levels keep the match close because wrestling TJ wins by a gap in my eyes, subs are very close because of the assumption that Cruz has been working his BJJ game, and finally defense goes to TJ but it’s close because Cruz is still the 135er in the gym so getting rolled up by 145,155,170, 185, 205s will increase that defensive game from the jump in the gym alone now add 4 years of just that. So the grappling is just a mirror in a way of the striking. Wild card is the clinch because neither guy has demonstrated anything perplexing in the clinch other than a collar tie and uppercuts if someone presents a nice knee or sweep game from the clinch that could tip the scales for sure just something to think about.


That’s that the twins will be fighting Sunday on the best free card in years coming down the pipe is my Bellator breakdown (god help me lol), the rest of the card for UFC Boston’s breakdown and then a recap afterwards. Have a good one folks I’ll talk to you later.
-Stay WARM folks and family