Whippin Hooks

Hitting a nasty left hook to the body doesn’t need to shake the earth you just need a touch folks. A old fact of striking be it Boxing, K-1, or Muay Thai the lead hook to the body is a tool that has put many a world champion on the canvas. Keeping it as tight as possible turning the hip over and digging the punch into the liver, head, or rib is the classic way and most tried and true. The less common or rather hardest to develop is a whipping lead hook, take a look at Floyd back when he was Pretty Boy, his left hook was and is fat free with zero slop in the movement. In mma one of tge best body lead hookers is Jorge Masvidal, kickboxing Neiky Holzken. All of them set up differently but motion remains the same generally a loose lead arm that becomes tense upon whip motion. (They arent tense before thriwing but at the very last instense and by increasing speed and observing the keverage oart of the arm as a tool the points of contact the front knuckles of the hand focus that power to the body.)

Now for a training tool go watch a Brendan Dorman video or check out Shannon Briggs, for training footage of complex skills observe heavyweights that are masters at it, simply because you can see all of their movements do to their mass. Aldos lead hook stopage was a harkening back to the days of his crazy boxing skills hopefully we get to see more of that style again soon.


Miss me with this BULL-SHIT



Miss me with that bullshit (bullshit)

You ain’t really wild, you a tourist (a tourist)

I be blackin’ out with the purist (the purist)

I made a hundred thou’, then I freaked it (I freaked it)

I made 500 thou’, then I freaked it (I freaked it)

I bought a ’87 for the weekend (the weekend)

This ain’t what you want, this ain’t what you want (what you want)

This ain’t what you want, this ain’t what you want (what you want)



That versus sums up this KSI and Logan Paul freak show, although it isn’t a Japanese freak show this proves that there even levels to the freakshow ( oh how I miss Pride). Anyway, if your not a teenager on spring break asking me about this fight randomly at the gym or you don’t fall in that age bracket you probably only know about Logan Paul because of the controversy swirling he and his brother. Now I was like okay whatever but when the told me they were actually boxing and how the internet wants KSI to win I had to break the kid off with some knowledge, so I could get back to my workout (gym etiquette if a dude is smashing leg kicks while blasting Nipsey Hussle don’t interrupt him). Okay so to the people not familiar with fighting I will break down the two fighters like I usually do and present game plans and what will likely be the outcome of the fight. Something that needs to be stressed to the kids getting emotional invested is that this is a promotion and your being played that’s what this is and has always been dating back to Dempsey and Ali the GAME never changes, they want your money. So moving past promo fighting is about skill and execution of game plan then comes heart and character nowhere is karma in there. So for those paying to watch KSI give Logan Paul an ego check save your money your just making them richer, it’s a Mayweather promotional plan. Skill is the only thing that wins fights in the end.


So let’s start breaking these jokers down, let’s start with this guy KSI because it will be quick. KSI’s only experience in combat sports was that terrible novice boxing bout he had which skill wise was less than a joke in my opinion but then again I was raised in martial arts watching Rickson Renzo Sakuraba BJ Penn Floyd Mayweather tapes of Hagler and on and on so I’m a little biased you could say as well as trained. So KSI has little crossover experience in any other combat sport he’s much smaller in usable weight because looking at his figure when he gets in shape he shades a lot of excess weight. So what’s his saving grace if any, well he spends time at the Mayweather Boxing Club so he’s getting some of the best defensives and basic knowledge and game planning but to pull that style off takes hard work and dedication, believe that. If he isn’t blasting his cardio and explosive conditioning work nothing Jeff and Senior are teaching him will matter in the end.


So what’s his game plan well it’s the  basic small man game plan because he’s got no real experience so yeah stay away straight punches and move stay on the jab to enter body hooks and pivot out make it a cardio battle and when the gloves get heavy for him start targeting the head with straights instead of the body and stay moving. Simple enough but do I give him a chance….NOT AT ALL FAM.


So KSIs opponent is a homer for me do I like the guy, I don’t know him so I can only judge his actions and from what I could say we might not hang out but I won’t disparage his name based on past actions. Story or something about sinners throwing rocks or something or other. Anyway, Logan Paul was a top 5 state wrestler in OH-IO the state where we makem at BOY, okay I got my Ohio thing out. So he comes from one of the most successful wrestling states in a country that is always a contender for international wrestling. Guess what Logan Paul has a ton more combat sports experience in comparison to KSI for damn sure. So the argument the kid gave me was grappling doesn’t translate to striking or rather boxing, to which I say, Tyron Woodley, Hendricks, Mighty Mouse, Chad Mendes, Dominick Cruz, Stipe Miocic, Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones and that list goes on and on. We have run the experiment a gang of times and recently an elite grappler won a fight with his striking and it was tight like Jersey Shore Tshirt time tight his name is Garry Tonon gif below.


Okay, so what’s Logan’s game plan, because of his exploration into MMA as many grapplers have done he’s already more than halfway home add in that he’s a former wrestler he’s already in shape and is just shifting his training to prep. I would say for like a good three weeks just wrestle and there’s a reason I say that. Redevelop or brush up those explosive movements while building the VO2 max back up for the ring which is different than just running a couple miles. Logan needs to drop a few pounds as well so the wrestling room will do that and swimming and running will maintain his weight and fast twitch muscles weights maybe twice a week to sustain the power.


I’m not programming for him but he’s got to do to things cut down and develop an energy system he wasn’t used since high school so yeah there’s that. So what’s his game plan, well fight like GGG explode through the jab cut off the ring and walk KSI down with a jab and a straight off the center line inside stay heavy and pivot and body shot like your snapping the head down or about to catch a single from a double collar tie or clinch. From there it’s about effective punching maintaining his punch count and exploding with the 2 and 3 in the later rounds, but to start playing the GGG game plan jab and cut the ring off observe the movements and tendencies. Logan’s wrestling history lends itself better to developing actual footwork and it will be basic and purposeful not so much a deceptive thing but a means to an end.


Who wins is simple for me Logan is a -900 favourite for me simply because he has more applicable high-level combat experience plus he’s in better shape with less ground to cover to get back to combat shape. KSI has never been in high-level combat shape so getting there is walking through fire that Logans already traveled through to place fifth in my state in wrestling, which is no joke when you think of guys like Zack Snyder coming out of Ohio to The Ohio State University and winning the Olympics heavyweight wrestling gold medal while in college still so chew on that. Logans in better shape have more experience and is a better athlete there’s not much more to talk about. If you want someone’s ego checked an internet freakshow isn’t the avenue to do it in.


-So yeah miss me with the bullshit      

This is Gonna be a SHOW STOPPA

 Claudia_Gadelha_TUF_23_Finale_Open_Workout.gif Joanna_Jedrzejczyk_TUF_23_Finale_Open_Workout.gif


Claudia vs Joanna

Okay I have already done a write up on this but after seeing the  workouts this fight might be the best of the whole 200 week. Claudia looks leaner than she ever has and faster than I have ever seen her as well as demonstrating faster movements in the space in between strikes as well as using more high level combination work as well as superior fundamentals. This is a different 3.0 Claudia I feel like this isn’t going to be plodding old skool Muay Thai style but more fleet almost Aldo with better defense and smoother boxing versus her wild power first style from hat I have seen in her fight and her training from not to long ago. 

Joanna on the other hand looks like a Dutch Kickboxing Conor McGregor with power in her PKA kicks, she’s as fast as ever and is throwing with some real confidence. The wrestling stuff is her key to not being taken down and from her performances after Claudia she improved her Take Down defense and has taken the sprawl in brawl game to a new level that Chuck would be proud of, I think we can call it stuff and Dutch Touch or something along those lines don’t quote me there folks.

This top level version of both women is due to a disdain and a will to not not lose to each other because of this disdain. The risk for both women is high but for the fans this will be a fight for all fight fans be it deep insiders fighters or just the casuals that got sucked in with the real beef these to have via the TV chaos.

UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale



Claudia Gadelha vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk

OHHH Buddy this is going to be a doozy of a fight folks and if beef was ever a thing it is in this one that’s for damn sure. Head kicks take downs knock downs and near subs that can all be expected in this rematch for what should have been the first women’s 115 title fight to begin with, Carla had no business with that belt. Okay so skill wise the are at the same level but at different things but the gap is close in all areas aside from the ground game in JJs case. On the feet its gonna be a wash for Joanna that whole 9 time champ thing is a big deal. Whoever Claudia can hang more so than Val Joanna’s toughest test as a champ so far. De De at Nova Una is a nasty Muay Thai teacher and a hell of a BJJ coach look at the line up coming out of that gym seriously. Now the Joanna side of this coin is a hard flip with her timing and power and ability to counter on kicks and land devastating elbows from the clinch. If Claudia ties up in the clinch things may get very interesting seeing how Claudia took JJ down 7 times and the clinch isn’t something new allah Rich vs Silva back in the day. So as a technical fiend I am super stoked for this one.Okay on the mat its Claudia’s world now especially since shes pulling no punches on the ground now and if she looks to hurt as well as sub JJ is in trouble while on the feet in space strike for strike over 5 rounds Claudia is in real trouble. In my opinion this fight will look a lot like the last one but possibly with the same intensity as a the Robbie Rory 2 fight.

They don’t like each other and that beef is real folks. Personally I think Claudia can weather the storm and force JJ back opening up the shot and getting a TKO or Sub, if JJ wins it will be by UD over 5 rounds. Don’t blink  this could be fight of the year no doubt about it.

UFC Fight Night 90 RDA vs Eddie



Mike Pyle vs Alberto Mina

Never beat against Mike Pyle when he’s fighting a young lion, Pyle is the old renegade that will take out anyone not coming in at 100 or too young to have the necessary experience to even be in the cage with him. Pyle is that damn good and it looks like the UFC is just trying to showcase their version of a Bernard Hopkins and technical nightmare that’s forgot more about fighting than his opponent has been taught.

John Makdessi vs Mehdi Baghdad

Two brilliant upstart grappling talented fighters with striking savviness on both ends. They both are the new crop of upstarts with skill in all areas but putting it together in the heat is where they fall apart or more so when the more experienced fighter or better technical fighter takes advantage in their other fights. Both guys are evenly matched and will like this entire week of fights, this fight will be dramatic.

Birchak vs Lopes

Typical vet against vet match up with huge consequences for Anthony I’m afraid if he loses that might be a guy getting cut. Both have been in the game for a while and understand fighting and know how to strike and grapple so this will be about who lands and imposes first without hesitation, and it will be a bright flashy fight that will be interesting.

Theres levels to this ISH…


Okay so against my better judgement I’m going to write this Cruz vs Faber trilogy breakdown. It’s not so much a breakdown as it is a list of things that have to go correct tfor Urijah to beat Cruz. Urijah like Cruz has said favors certian weapons the Guillotine, Over Hand Rights, and Elbows in the guard. Other than that Fabers good at everything else but hes no wizard in any othe categories. Cruz is a wizard more evassive and counter based but when he goes on the offensive expect a flying knee from a stationary position or a six point combination with no response from the opponent. Can Faber when, yes but the things that have to go correct are he has to land more than one big shot. Contray to popular belief Faber doesnt have a KO 2 Straight or lead 3. Dodson does and Micheal McDonald does but Faber not so much. So he has to pile on the power punches to set up a TD to finish in Cruz guard or to get the Guillotine like he did back in the WEC. The real issue then becomes hitting Cruz, by all accounts TJ Killashaw would float on Faber and dot his California lovin butt up. TJ has more power but thats not the concern for Cruz hes content with a UD where he pops and pops and pops so more on Faber allah Ali style before looking for a finish. So who wins should be simple on paper, but this is fighting so who knows.

Faber is the old guard of fighters looking for a championship, and as the last or one of the few dwindling lighter weight fighters still fighting at the top this is his last go around the track. Cruz is the innovator in this bout he does something different and has three different looks for something that looks the same ti the naked eye. Hes the super computer and Faber is the guy trying to use basic tools to beat it. Complex vs Simplicity on a razors edge. These two are the highest level fighters exhibiting these totally divergent schools of thought, and when I get yhe chance it will be a joy to watch.

Personally I’m taking Cruz because Ive been down with the Dominator since this whole beef began in the WEC. Take notes and don’t blink, folks you just might learn something.


Dream Boat vs Brash Brit


Okay so we still have a title bout at 185 as weak (in comparison to 170 155 145 135 205) that being said this is the only fight at 185 that makes since for the biz and for the fighters involved. Bisping just beat Anderson while getting KOd, whatever and and Weidman has to get neck surgey so this is what makes since  a rematch on a card based in rematches. So Bisping has 2 weeks but hes always in cardio shape and a game plan will be based on what he did well versus what lead to his abrupt ending in the first match. Staying away form the left body kick is paramount and with that eye issue it becomes even more scary seeing how he can’t then see the nastiest left body kick from the best body kicker at 185 by far. Add to the fact that where Micheal is dangerous is in tight and right before he exits the pocket. Pocket fightimg is where he baged up Anderson and where most of his devistating shots have landed and ended fights. The counter there is Luke is a lanky crafty fighter that loves checking guys with his right hand and pivoting with a collar toe where he can get a takedown and or fram up for a left body kick or just deliver the 3 and pivot on the exit. Hes simplicity ground to the sharpest edges where stand up is concerned each shot is basic but who he layers them behind the length and execution are what make him the best 185er in the world. Look at the question mark kick and tell me he isn’t a top tier striker.

Now on the mats its not close, as I have said before Luke Skywalker is just that on the mats homie floates on fools on the mat watch that Boetsch and Machida fight again or the final Weidman fight and watch this dude just float. His body awarness and flowing ability to just roll from one thing to another is the closet to Jacqure as anyome in the division. Rolling with Cain and DC makes you top notch and or just lightyears ahead of most the division. Bisping says Luke is weak and all that to tbis day but that mounted Guillotine was strong and Bisping had no exit but tapping and he got there because Luke rag dolled and floated on him like Rickson in Pride. If it hits the mat Bisping will get subbed no questions BJJ os pretty simple when it comes to vast jumps in ability you can damn near guarantee the better guy will 98 percent of the time win.

So thats a look feel and breakdown for this bout Cruz Faber is next of course. But for this one I dont advice beating on this because Micheal could some how pull it out on a descion who knows its fighting. But almost everyone knows that I roll with Luke ever since Anderson turned 40 I knew it was only a matter of time before Luke ran through everyone.

Luke by KO or Sub