Run That Back

Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko



Well the rematch at 135 is gonna be intense because both women are high-level fighters everywhere unlike where the division use to be like all things progression. Each of these women’s striking is up there, Valentina obviously has the edge with a  Muay Thai championship and all beating Joanna. Not to be ignored is Amanda’s boxing power and IQ when it comes to the mid-range, her ability to throw all sorts of kicks is also an important element to her game. Amanda’s striking is like Conors flash to draw the eyes and then plant a canon on the chin. The difference between her and Conor is a laterally evasive movement which she doesn’t really show a lot and the very nice leg kicks that Conor doesn’t use excluding the Nate fight. Now on the mats, Amanda has that edge and I’ll explain why gassing out was an issue in the last fight but it’s not because Vals got this crazy gas tank either. Both are close in talent level and ability it’s just Amanda’s pressure and power give her the edge and gave her the edge in the first fight.

 Amanda_Nunes_vs_Valentina_Shevchenko_highlights (1) Amanda_Nunes_vs_Valentina_Shevchenko_highlights

Amanda’s power is a real concern at 135 she hits hard like hard….Metro Boomin hard. Now her gas tank isn’t the issue like people are suggesting, in the last fight, she had Val hurt and was teeing off on her for a full round so yeah she might have been a little tired after that kind of adrenaline dump like that. Now if that were to happen again and you give Val that 3rd round I’m almost positive she would have been recovered for the 5th round and it would have looked a lot like the 1st and 2nd rounds, mainly because she wasn’t hit with as much devastation as she hit Val with, Val mainly controlled her from the top. The game plan for Amanda is similar to the first fight. Amanda I believe should feint in vs the bull rush like Holly, because you will get checked, leg kick leg kicks leg kicks and redirection with hooks before dropping straights….pretty standard stuff. Val is totally different get Amanda to respect your power speed and the wrestling so in the 1st round make her respect the shot then the speed and power so she doubles back when she enters to strike then pick apart from range before doing any spinning attacks or shooting for real. Lastly, Val should stay off the cage, I think, unlike Holly whose power is in those legs, Amanda will punch and kicks with heavy power so be advised get off the cage fast quick and in a hurry.


-Interesting rematch for sure


Cowboy vs The Boogie Man

Donald Cerrone vs Robbie Lawler


Both guys are coming off losses and this fight will right the ship for both win or lose, so with that being said, that should give the f the world mentality that both guys already have shown. Some things have happened with Robbie he left ATT and is now training with Henri Hooft which proves to me that there is a God. Okay so why do I feel that way mainly because of how Henri operates as a coach, there is no room for bad technique with him. Look at Anthony Johnson, Michael Johnson, or Tyrone Spong; all of them are fluid and sharp with every strike they throw. Now my biggest beef with Robbie’s technique is only with his kicks he just doesn’t have the range of motion to kick well he delivers power on multiple of occasions he’s proved that. Know if you clean up that kicking he will be devastating because he will be able to play with more combinations versus using it to just force someone to raise their hands before punching now he might be able to connect cleanly. Another X-factor in this bout is whether or not the last 4 wars he’s been in and the devastating 1st round KO, the question is how much has it taken from his chinny chin chin. I guess we’ll find out I guess.

  Donald_Cerrone_Kickboxer UFC_181_Robbie_Lawler_vs_Johny_Hendricks_II_Highlights_HD

Now how does this play out in the fight well pretty simple it’s going to be a striking war. Donald will more than likely target the head body head like a Dutch kickboxer and Robbie will look to attack that body like everyone does. The key to winning this fight is all about maintaining a level of pressure both guys are pressure fighters. Volume and pressure who every maintains will win don’t anticipate any counter shots really just the forward march. If it goes for five rounds it’s Robbie’s round so Donald has to come alive from the jump to win some rounds because Robbie in the fifth is a legend and pretty much the boogie man for those 5 minutes at least guaranteed. I would love to see a return to 3 and 5 point combos from Donald that was what made me love him in the WEC and when he got to the UFC mainly because his transition into knees and leg kicks are Kevin Ross like and he gets to the head from legs so fast it’s insane check the gif he hits Matt Brown with a same leg switch with the quickness. Wrestling goes in the way of Robbie and submissions to Donald I don’t anticipate anything but ground and pound with Robbie on top or some wrestling defense.


-Thats that bangers on banger on bangers

Hey it’s Hot outside lets Jump and Swim

   Everybodyswim_Butterfly_stroke CHAD_MENDES_TORQUE_WATER_JUMP

“Jump and Swim”

For the folks like me hat love to swim laps in the pool, boy do I have a workout for you, so lets hit it coast line style.


6 laps at 50% Freestyle

Now we begin

8 x 6 Laps with Freestyle, Breast Stroke, or if your crazy like my brother Butterfly.

1-2 at 60%

3-4 at 70%

5-6 at 80%

On the last set of  laps do 2 laps at 100% sprint and then rest and then do the next sets like that with a rest in between each set of sprints. Recovering so you can sprint is punching your lunge capacity. I love doing my last 10 laps doing a butterfly stroke which seems to really increase that sprinting cardio. Theirs something about swimming that increases cardio and helps with increasing muscle capacity when it comes to striking look at the Diaz brother endurance athletes that swim a lot and they never get tired by throwing punches.


But wheres the jump of the swim and jump, right here friend. In between your first set of six and your second set do some squat jumps in the pool to failure then take a time for the heart rate to drop back to resting . After every set get at least 70% of the squat jumps you did your first time. Jumping in the water is usually a sport therapy movement, but why not use it for building strength in your low body. I mean look what the Marv Marinovich did with BJ Penn increasing his explosive and low body endurance in the pool. Try and feel how hard it is to jump with a constant drag on your body. Truly training at 9000 times gravity, I’m just Sayin.

So the final program will look something like this

Swim and Jump

1-2 at 60%

Squat: Jumps to Failure

3-4 at 70%

Squat Jumps 70% of Failure

5-6 at 80%

Squat Jumps 90% or to Failure again

Have Fun in the pool becoming a Super Saiyan lol.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks

Ground Zero

Week 0 Strength Complex 2 Days out of the Week.

 Goblet_squat T2bGCc B3Ch_Q.gif

 Elbows_In_Dumbbell_Press How_to_One_Arm_Dumbbell_Row_Alexandra_Wilson.gif

Let’s start with a warm up take a few laps to get warmed up and then head to the leg extension machines. We start with the legs to burn those down before we switch body parts. Do 5 rounds of 3 sets of leg extensions for each leg, rounds 1 and 2 are done with light weight for 15 repetitions. Rounds 3 and 4 moderate weight for 10 repetitions. Round 5 go as heavy as possible and do 8 repetitions for each leg. Take a break in between each rep when you get to more and more tired the movement is what is important not your cardio.

Now we hop on calf raise machine for 6 sets work up to 80% of your body weight for 16 reps. If there is no calf raise machine to do dumbbell lunges with a manageable weight for you around 15 to a max of 30lbs for the same reps and sets. Next movement will be an old favourite goblet squats with as much as you can hold be it a dumbbell, plate, or kettlebell. Knees out back straight no bowing with a full range of motion. Go to failure 4 times please and breath afterwards.

Dumbbell Row and Dumbbell Press now, this is a very important movement or set of movements builds that back structurally and helps maintain the chest and shoulder. So on the dumbbell press keep the elbows in no chicken wings we aren’t flying folks and if you start flapping your asking to destroy that shoulder. Now for the dumbbell row similar to a squat or deadlift, you don’t want in slack in the back ramrod straight at the angle you need, pull that weight to full range of motion meaning if it’s too heavy you will have to use momentum to get it up versus just pulling so drop some weight. Consult the gifs please.

Finish the weights with some heavy lat pull downs pull around your max lets say 5 reps for 7 sets and step back breath and smile for me.

Lastly, jump on the airdyne or bike and give me at the most 35 Kilometres at the least 20 kilometres based on what your morning heart rate was if it was high, relax and go 20 lower or regular be an overachiever today.

Start at O

Week 0 of Cardio

 pull hang Vz7ywBHow_to_do_a_dumbbell_or_barbell_overhead_press_properly_www_womensfitway_com 3_Lat_Pulldown_Variations


This is at the very least a 3-day split depending on if you want to take a rest which I strongly advise just clear your head usually on a Sunday or something. So the split works like this 3 days out of the week focus on the cardio with some accessory movements afterwards so like a lat pull down or overhead press maybe a light deadlift leg extension or calf raise. The cardio I want you to start with is a cardio based movement that also includes a plyometric movement or rather involves some type of plyometric, think of jumping to jump you explode up and then land, so you use muscles to ascend and then when you land to stabilise.

First, take a few laps of walking and jogging lightly to get things loose because umm stretching doesn’t really work think of it this way, I can lift 500lbs with my legs why would 10lbs of tension do anything to that muscle. So rather get warm lube the gears heat versus tension. So our movement will be an air dyne for 40-60 Kilometres your heart rate needs to be above cruising altitude so 65 to 75 percent max heart rate. We are building a base this week and for this period rather, get comfortable adjust the seat and get your podcast (Culdesac Kids plug) or music playlist, because this 30 to 45 minutes will be the bulk of today’s session. Now if you don’t have an air dyne get on a spin bike or a stationary bike, and do about 30 minutes a  double-digit resistance. This workout day should only take at the most an 1 hour and 20.  

Next up take a lap or 2  to recover slightly grab some dumbbells and start light and move up depending on your strength level. Now we will do a seated overhead press then a lat pull down. Overhead press at x weight for you for 25 reps at 5 sets with long breaks in between. Lat pull downs at x weight for you for 15 reps at 10 sets with moderate breaks in between.

Lastly, we do a hang, something I’ve been doing since I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a hang from a pull-up bar not so much a pull-up but just hang for 30 secs at a time to increase the range of motion and restore mobility in the back and shoulders. That’s that you’re done unless you have some more accessory stuff you wish to do but that’s it from me.



Somebody’s going NIGHT NIGHT

Yoel Romero vs Robert Whittaker

  Yoel_Romero_Highlights_HD_2017 Robert_Whittaker_Highlights_HD_2017

Speed and explosion versus an even burn, that’s how this fight is going to be played out can Robert take the explosion and can Yoel recover enough to explode more than twice a round. Yoels key to victory are what they always are, use your freak ability with fundamental striking to separate your opponent from the body. Roberts keys are also the same move around and test that cardio and then put it one Yoel when he gets tired follow that Tim Kennedy game plan, fatigue him and beat him down. Easier said than done for both guys obviously.


The fight in my mind goes down this way Yoel explodes if he connects it might be a wrap from the jump so Robert should avoid that with everything he’s got. Yoel should not explode without a high percentage shot no movement without purpose. Robert needs to cause Yoel to move fast and with purpose based off his striking get Yoel moving because he explodes with everything defense and offense, so if Robert stays at 70% while Yoel uses 100% of his energy to defend and attack. Yoel has gotten better at with this conservation of energy which you can see in the Weidman fight he conserves doesn’t defend the TD but just gets up. Yoel should use that mentality if he wants to conserve himself. Now if Yoel gets too reckless it will probably look like Robert vs Sousa, bump knuckles is a accurate title he hits hard is swift with the hands which opens up the kicks and when he connects he turn over on his shots like a crude version of a K-1 level striker, unlike the guys Yoel has previously fought none of them had the combination endurance or the striking ability to fire the combinations need to take Yoel out. Finally, it’s an interesting fight and will probably live up to the hype that Woodley Wonderboy was supposed to live up to.

Cub vs Choi UFC 206

It was like a video game lol

Killer Cub versus The Korean Killa Kid, vicious combination striker behind a terrifying straight 2. Choi is the most dangerous 145er to ever come out of Koreas Deep organization were at only 18 to 20 he was starching grown men with his baby face and doing it with ease no tells in the shot and a Travis Browne long stance with a probing lead hand. If you don’t see the similarities between Conor McGregor and Choi your sleeping on this kid the thing he’s got that Conor doesn’t have on his level is the granite chin of a Korean something about Korean genetics I swear the tough life through the centuries has made them endures of some tremendous amounts of punishment. Now this is not some Jimmy the Greek piece it’s a tale of two vastly similar and different opponents.


In cub we have the old genius creative striker with a slept on grappling game that has never stopped being Cubby, no matter that hes fighting cartwheel kicks 180ing into his 10 to the body. He is funk on the feet before Cruz was hitting his Ali jigs and darting off the feints of his opponent Cub was dropping his hands to his hips leading with a dart going low throwing and landing a 9 to the head and coming backup to eye level to drop a 2 or 4 while gearing up to run his hands some more or hit an uchi, that’s called “Beautiful Destruction”.

Choi is the same but the opposite pure technical refined combinations what I mean is that he will throw a 1 2 3 to the body alla Bas Rutten and every boxer ever but you cant stop it there s no stopping it you may think you can counter but it is so straight and correct and his distance perception is so keened in that he can drop that when and were he pleases with a smirk saying go ahead and try to stop it. Along with the Conor parallels he has a tool in his belt that many critize Conor for and that’s his straight wrestling ability Cubs no all American but he’s been around the block with a judo black belt and BJJ black belt he knows what’s good. Choi is another stand out wrestler like Stun Gun Korean Zombie and Sexy Yama( he’s Korean and a Judo Black Belt). Flashy no effective hell yes, he feeds singles and pushes the head down immediately like the Great at 125. Now the kids major issue that the Jackson team picked up on in round 1 and explained to Cub is that Choi has difficulty fighting backwards which is point of fact in fighting you will fight backwards in a fight like you will get hit like you will get tired like you will have to adjust. Cho has never had to move backwards and Cub forced him to and exposed the lack of defensive footwork there and if that’s the major issue this kids gonna be hell and possibly the 145lb champion.
I’m not going to go to deep in this fight but Cub landed combinations his specialty which is another article altogether. Cartwheel kicks like a Jockey Gym Pro from the Saenchai and Ledsilla styles. Fight of the year very likely important fight for people to watch to realize anything is possible if you train it enough folks.