Week 3 Cruise to Recovery

Take it easy here

Move through these movements as fast as you can without spiking your heart rate meaning no lightheaded moments or racing heart rate in-between movements wait for the hr to come back to a baseline. Box Jumps are highly explosive movements starting from a exploding resistance move and going to land absorbing that impact as resistance and jumping down and so on and so on. Box jumps when done the muscle focus should be squeezing the glutes during the jump and when extending to the fully upright standing position after landing on top of the box and on the ground. Rowing is about the same pull focus on the shoulder drive and leg drive mainly quads, glutes, and calves in that order. Expect a cardio burn with these two movements, hence take it easy when it comes to sparking the heart rate. Also a perfect way to burn the kids out so the pass out before bed time lol.

20 Min EMOM

  • Odd #: Row Calories 20/15
  • Even #: 15 Box Jumps 24/20

Yoga Swim or Whatever, work the flexibility like you would with any other active recovery. Work at a constant pace, not peaking the cardio but just opening up the lungs. Box Jumps work at a workable pace.


O2 Max Increase


It’s that time folks the time you all have been dreading the time when this crazy little Baby Bunny gets on his triathlon fix oh yeah thats right olympic triathlon distances for every cardio based movement running swimming biking. Distances below

Bike 24.4 Miles or 40k
Run 6.2 Miles or 10k
Swim .93 Miles 1.5k

Okay for fighting and as a general thing for people who just want to push the limits I sub out running for the airdyne or just listen to my body because running is high impact on the means of transportation for the body and considering wrestling practice and kickboxing they need all the recover and rehab they can get. That being said you take the run distance and add 60 percent to the original for the airdyne as a concession. Why is this good simple put in the words of Bas El Guapo Rutten you can never have too much cardio. The name of the game is having the ability to do what you did in the first 30 seconds of round 1 in round 5 Mighty Mouse RDA anyone named Diaz Frankie Edgar who could go until round 200 with that heart and so on. Speed, Strength, & Technique are all reliant on endurance. Speed of Sport Nick Curson literally puts RDA and others at elevation for cardio just so they can use the explosive speed they develop from strengthening their feet and making the neuromuscular system faster and more responsive from plyo work. Welp all that stuffs good until you can’t  feed the body oxygen or you break down because the lack there of. Endurance makes cowards of us all, that is the truth so don’t be that person and in the meantime get cut and add a couple gas tanks to the arsenal for BJJ Kickboxing Boxing LIFE etc. Good day my friends, good day.

-Later AOC outta here.

But Did You Die?


I’ve been experimenting with my cardio programming and I have made a break through. A combination of mind numbing and break you down build you movements. Heed my words this will suck every time, however you will crave the cardio high you get and live how lean you will be sble to get. Okay so whats the program, check me out below.

5, 4 mintue rounds on the assualt (airdyne, perpeller) bike rest for 30 seconds between each round.

7-10 rounds of 15 toes to bar
In between each hit a double clean or snatch with moderate weight.

Row 2.5 k

Heavy Bag if you want or need to, drill based not power shot based.

.70 mile swim freestyle no less 4 laps per set.
Ideally you build to sets of 6 and up.

This is like an hour and 30 minute long chipper, but its my personal death march. If your like me you love have an objective while working and this embodies that, theres a number you need to reach and thats bottom line.

Have fun folks and ask yourself,

Oh so you want power do ya?


Okay so one thing everyone with any interest in fighting or striking just in general always has some thoughts on how to build power. How do you build power what workouts do I do what things should I change and so on. Today I will touch on that very question with suttle things that add credence to the nuture theory of power building as well as the nature side of that coin.

So where do you start on the journey to builing power I’ll tell you what to stay clear of. Curls, bench press, resitance machines, or anthing that isn’t explosive going up or coming down ie slow power lifting*. Now that that’s taken care of fix your form people. I swear if the number of people doing the old Rocky montage training scenes would just throw a cross from chin to chin or from cheeck to chin straight and true, while turning that shoulder down everyone would be alot stronger. Fix your feet, arm punches have almost never knocked anyone out ever like ever ever. Point that lead foot at the target and pivot your hips through the target. Legs never lie, if the feet are screwed up your punch should never be thrown really. Okay that’s step one, form and getting crispy with it.

Step 2 this is where things get interesting get rid of this idea of strong arms make strong punches, that’s not the case not even a little bit. Arms that can stay snappy and loose are the ones that deliver power. Size only amounts to your weight class putting on to much bulk on the arms means your muscles have to explode with that much more weight dragging them back. Qhich is cool for like a round but when theres not enough oxygen for the muscles come round 2 your basically screwed think of the opposite of a Diaz brother. Think of it this way you have a rodster that does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds you pull the existing engine for a bigger engine lets say a ls1 that adds on 50 hp from stock but adds 175 extra pounds vs stock. The car will be slower because of weight while on paper the horse power is greater. Optimization of the body is everything people, there is such a thing as to big espically in fighting. So theres step 2 stop putting on unnecessary size or put on the nessarcy size for step 3.

Step 3 is my favorite as a coach, it seperates the Wonnas from the BE’s. It’s explosive shoulder work and explosive lower body work. Leg day is damn near every day and your shoulders will be fried all the time. Not from heavy weights but from plyo push ups over head press with light dumbbells like 15lbs but for 50 reps at max speed. *Okay remeber the early powerlifting crack you can do that stuff if your doing explosive plyo to supplment the slow pull and pushing motions. Jumping rope for 12 rounds, shadow boxing for each of those rounds with 3 to 6lbs dumbbells. Hitting the erg for 500m sprints (my favorites). Swimming freestyle for 500m getting full extension and rotation on those shoulders and doing butterfly strokes for another 300m. Each has a purpose and builds or supplements a need. Strict press builds muscle endurance and snap with a mild level of resistance that doesnt weigh you down but it also doesnt let up on you. Plyo push ups force you to explode versus grinding slowly, speed is explosion explosion is power. Shadow boxing with lite weight builds constant snap in your strikes doing that for 5-12 rounds inbetween jumping rope builds endurance ( common theme in fighting gas tank). Rowing at a high output under stress for a long period of time builds endurance in the shoulders and supplements the over head work with a pulling motion vs the pushing motion of a press or a plyo push up. Swimming gets you fluid with your motions theres no herky jerky moving while swming or you drown or move super slow. Swimming gets you comfortable using the entire body aswell as opening up the shoulder for max extension which is important when you strike, deliver with full extension think Conor McGregors left hand when hes on point things lazer guided and he full extends by not over extending (when he’s not fighting Nate Diaz lol).

Step 3 part B shoulders only make up part of the chain of potential energy what startsvthe chain is the base the feet to the hips and yes feet. Nick Curson amd the Marivichis got it right. Balance work with some destabilizing platform, front squating with elevated heels snatching and cleaning fast with moderate weight no super heavy max chasing. All that stuff for the feet builds the legs and hips. Box jumps and agility work turns that mass into more than just weight but adds again to that muscle endurance and explosion. All that leg work is not so much to get massive quads its to build the feet and calves, look at Pac Man his calves are massive he runs a ton and there’s the secret to being a power puncher with endurance in boxing, crazy right smh. Speed is power but without endurance your nothing but prey.

Alright Step 4 sparring and mitt work. You can have all the power in the world naturally you can know how to shift your weight and carry power but if your not on the pads or sparring all of that’s for nothing. Look at Rumble Johnson he is a technical striker to all serious analyst that’s not some novel idea the mans a combination wizard on pads but that’s all because he does the padwork to get him to that level. He can deliver power from anywhere because he understands timing and distance which is best learned on pads when nobody is trying to take your head off. Next comes sparring D Cruzs style only works because he spars countless other guys with that very style to find his looks and test the waters. You don’t get good at fighting if you don’t fight, same thing with uncorking power nobody builds power and just instantly knows how to use it in a fight, that comes with rounds upon rounds of sparring until your use to your own abilitys before you can move with them fluidly ie GGG Kovalev both fluid both killers in the ring. So thats it folks steps 1-4 for building up a power base for punching kickings a whole other animal.

So if you have taken anything from this its crisp techincal understanding beats all, fluidity makes way for speed, speed is power, power is built from explosive movmemts, and cardio is king and dont you forget it.

-Later thats it for me AOC outta here

Fe Iron Will, Diaz Truth


If Nate Diaz vs Conor 2 is a real thing for UFC 200 it kind of makes sense when you look at the massive money grabs Dana White is making from 2015 to 2016. Nate vs Conor was the latest one night before that Ronda vs Holly while skipping over the other 5 women ahead of Holly. Ronda vs Bethe on Brazil money grab putting the biggest lioness in the field in a cage with a psyched up gazelle. Right now Dana is in a little predicament as we saw during the Fox Sports post fight coverage when Dana didn’t want to look at Frankie or answer in of the Answers questions directly or to the point, instead just sliding out with you know you’re in talks, listen calm down we love yous and the likes. Frankies the only fight for Conor that should be discussed, Conor lost to Nathan Diaz so going by rankings at 155 Conor is around the Michael Johnson mark making a fight with RDA an insult to all the top 10 players at 155lbs. What else is interesting is that because Conor was winning he got to the point pre UFC 196 and post UFC 193 were he could pick and choose his fights, answering my question of why Khabib, Pettis or Cowboy weren’t inserted into the bout. It’s not like they have never taken people off a card to buy them on another bout for a short notice fight. Be it UFC 189 to UFC 196 Conors bouts have all for the most part been against late notice 10 day camp fighters, while he gets a full camp which in all honesty when all things are weighed out become an advantage for Conor. It’s not even a question anymore if it’s an advantage because what Chad showed against Conor became the truth after a better striker in Nate dotted and outboxed Conor defensively and offensively in the end of round 1 and in round 2. If you can’t see the pull away check right gook and slap Nate was landing and don’t understand that people have been dazed by just that in Kickboxing and Boxing with 12 oz gloves. “Money Grab” for sure and another snub of Edgar which I will touch on next.

The Nate fight is another superstar pay day for Nathan, who will bring all those TUF OG fans, Diaz followers, Andre Ward and boxing supporters, & the entire 209 area code. Now great for Nathan who just like Nick has done so much for the sport and promotion that he genuinely deserves the pay day, and like Raury McDonald expressed many were discussed by Nathans 20 and 20 pay days as of late. Now Nathan expressed a deep understanding of how messed up this promotion has gotten when it comes to Bias and pushing of one guy and letting them run rampant and not giving everyone a shot like the art calls for. Nathan said that Frankie should have gotten the fight at 145 but things worked out like they did because of the push this guy is getting, good on him for building on his timing. However the company guy that was fighting and champion at 155 lbs even when he weighed much less is a legend in the sport and deserves the chance to do what BJ Penn did especially when you remember how Dana had been asking Frankie to move down for so long even when he had the belt. So Frankie moves down and what’s his reward being walked over and facing the top 5 of his division while Conor got pitches down the middle in guys like Diego, Brimage (no longer in the UFC), and to cap it off Siver who was stiffer than Shamrock and Royce. If Frankie gets passed up again he might jump in the cage and do what he did to Cub (top 3 at the time) to anyone that says Nates was the fight to make. The only fight to make is with you champion and the guy that knocked out Chad Mendes faster than anyone in history. But like Renzo and others have expressed the BJJ of Conor is good, but there are black belts and then there are black belts and Frankie is a BLACK BELT he did it to BJ and he will do it to Conor. People seem to forget these very important points. I love Joe Rogan listen to about every podcast but I don’t think Conor will ice him with one shot. To land that shot you have to find Frankie, but while you’re looking for Frankie he’s seeing a take down the pass the sub or the grind in that order on a level not even Gunnar can get Conor prepped for. That’s the reality folks they’re being backed in a corner because Diaz won and Nathan called them out on Frankie not getting the shot and with Frankie’s latest performances there’s really no hiding anymore for whoevers hiding from Fe the Iron one.

Gracie vs Shamrock 3 WTF?




I can’t believe I’m doing this, okay whatever I’ll do it. BJJ vs Wrestling Royce needs to take down Ken down find his neck before Ken tries to take Royce down and punch him into dust. That’s it, that’s all that matters place your money on whichever old guy you think can last to beat the other old guy. Okay really I don’t really care about who wins this one but I”ll break down some facts real quick and I mean quick.


Royce is training at The Yard with Joe Schilling for what reason Royce thinks he can learn high level kickboxing in one camp after shunning the art for his entire career when he was young is beyond me but again sips tea does this little froggy. Royce is training with Royler which is good since Royler is the better of the two training with Rener and Ryron is kind of off the table after talking wild about those nephews and Kron for that matter again sips tea. The games changed a lot and I beat Royce is aware of it but he’s been notoriously against the evolution of the BJJ world note his beef with Eddie Bravo as one sided as it may be, you guessed it “sips tea”. So Royce is getting rudimentary with his striking basics because Jiu Jitsu is all you need according to him, his basics on the ground are just as good as they have always been he’s no Rickson but damn it he’s still good in the cage at choking fools.

Okay so for Ken he’s training for what he does best old skool bull dogging MMA tactics, bigger faster stronger wrestling to put them on the ground and pound whatever is on the bottom into dust. As much as he and Tito hate each other they do the same thing so it’s just going to be that shoot or try to shoot with his knees no easy task, shoot pass guard and pound from side control like Jon Jones or mount or hell pound from half guard.


That’s it that’s the fight for both guys who really cares who wins only their nuclear families and themselves because I for sure could care less. I guess I’ve got Ken winning but with these guys combined age over 100 one jab could ruin somebodies day.
-Later Folks and Family

A Dosage of Truth MMA Fact Check

RDA vs Conor




RDA vs Conor

MMA media has done it again counting out the highly decorated soft-spoken opponent of the loud and brash golden pony. It’s a hilarious cycle and the dedicated martial artist that follows the game or just trains or has fought knows exactly why this current Conor push by the media is just hilarious. As I must state before going any further is I’m not saying it’s a forgone conclusion that RDA wins nope not at all, I’m saying that this idea that Conor runs away with it like he did with Aldo is simply a unicorn idea. I have reasons why this is the case below.

1 RDA cuts down from 190 and is as big as GSP was when he was fighting at 170 early in his career. Now George is around 200 like most of the 170ers so size advantage is real in this one a trade Conor has to make coming up in weight versus cutting from 168 to 145 where he has a huge size advantage.

2 Conor is susceptible to the grappling game we saw it against Chad and Chad did it for 2 rounds and messed up going for that Guillotine, RDA ain’t Chad though RDA is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in BJJ he is by definition and ability better than anyone in Conors camp including Gunnar and his Head Coach. Plus RDA has stayed on the ground with Pettis a crafty guard player whose subbed the likes of Benson Henderson and Cesar Gracie Black Belt Gilbert Melendez. Then remember that RDA stayed on the ground with Nate Diaz, and almost subbed Pettis twice and had it not been for a fence grab he would have subbed him. RDA ain’t Chad and has forgotten more than Conor and company have learned in his time as BJJ competitor, plus hes a fighter training at Evolve MMA with Shinya Aoki the tight wearing crippler.

3 Speed isn’t an issue at all like at all, many of the novice fans think Conor is right because he’s the loudest when he starts his talk of speed and precision beating power and he’s right but you need to have the speed advantage for that to work. Much to the dismay of the pro-Conor crowd, he doesn’t have that advantage anymore either, let us do a little history lesson. BJ Penn was one of the greatest fighters ever, he did a cardio and strength and conditioning experiment when he trained for his Deigo Sanchez fight with Marv Marinovich the guy that constantly was revolutionizing sports performance science and turning athletes into world beaters. BJ Penn was ripped in that fight six packed up and first everywhere first to get off and land shots, first when grappling came to play, and had real cardio. Now Marvs student Nick Curson has done the same thing (go listen to his JRE podcast with Joe Rogan) Ruslan Provodnikov countless swimmers, fighters, track stars, wrestlers, etc. Nick took RDA from flat-footed to a consistent bounce on his toes but that’s not all he is explosive now with a 5 round gas tank with gas to spare. It’s just another realm of what Conor is always going on about with human movement well RDA comes from a coach that preaches power starts with the feet and speed is the name of the game. If you need more convincing look at his fight with Pettis the fastest 155 ever and RDA was landing first and faster in his closure of distance he did it also against the best boxer at 155 Nate Diaz.

4 Striking it’s funny how what Conor says becomes fact when he isn’t even talking about himself he said RDA was sloppy in his striking and I say hahahahaha…. your not serious are you? It’s funny because I see what’s going on because I know who he’s training with. Rafael Cordeiro the Godfather of that legendary Chute Boxe team is the head coach at Kings MMA I’m sorry, do or die Kings MMA because that’s how they train some things never change lol. Okay, so Rafie is RDA’s striking coach so his Dutch Muay Thai is always improving. Much like Anthony Rumble Johnson, everyone wants to say he has a sloppy technique to that I say you don’t have a clue of how technical their kickboxing is. Conor is saying these things so it get’s picked up by the media and RDA will then hear it so often that it will put doubt in his head about his ability. Good play Mr. McGregor with the mental warfare. However, it may backfire. Another history lesson you know that guy the GOAT fella who fought at 185 and beat the hell out of guys, inspired a generation including Jon Jones. What’s his name damn it he has the longest recorded title win streak in UFC history. former #1 P4P. Oh yeah, that’s right Anderson “The Spider” Silva yeah that guy, he was taught and refined by Rafie at Chute Boxe and when Rafie left Anderson left Chute Boxe. Conor is always saying he moves different, cool and he does well Rafie knows how to move different and can read you like a book because he taught the Greatest Ever how to move differently. When the likes of D Cruz, TJ Dillashaw, and Mighty Mouse speak highly about the fight IQ of one man you know it’s not bs and everyone should take heavy stalk of that fact. RDA will not be stuck in any mud I would not be surprised if he floats on Conor, why because he’s already mastered the Wlanderia style the Shogun style and GSP style of fighting. Next is the Anderson Silva style logically, where he sits back observes by playing this to quote Joe Rogan “weave the web before he sets you up for death”. By float I mean this, RDA has already done it in his fights a very kickboxing centric thing well striking-centric move that Rumble does very well. Throwing while your head is off center then slipping the return shot by stepping off to the opponent’s strong arm side and landing the kick to the body from that angle he did it to Pettis who as a brilliant striker saw it coming but still had no answer for it. If Conor relies on his length when he throws the straight left he may land or RDA will be offline and landing his own left hook down the pipe before shooting a takedown or kicking a leg out allah RDA vs Nate Diaz. In power, they equal its a matter of who gets there first and whose technical ability in defense is better and my money is on RDA in that category because Conor never moves his head in the pocket. Chad leaped and jumped with overhand rights and connected on Conors chin. Conor in the pocket does not have the best defense at all (which makes his fight against Frankie very interesting cough because Frankie lives in the pocket) Now Conor does have the fluidity with his kicks and punches which are proven while RDA is very old Dutch where he walks you down slips off line and lands hard with kicks and punches being careful not to lunge. Look at Nieky Holzken minus the snappy boxing for a visual aid on RDA. Striking wise it could look like Nieky Holzken vs Raymond Daniels or it could be another spectacular performance from Conor.

5 Historys a crazy thing to read into but I give it a little bit of respect when it comes to fights. History has shown that people in their prime that are very respectable and well the ideal martial artist types are the wrong ones to really try to rile up. Look at GSP vs BJ Penn 2, GSP vs Josh Koscheck, GSP vs Dan Hardy, GSP vs Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 1* (Bruised rib still tapped him) and 2 decimated Chael, Hendo vs Bisping, Cain vs Lesnar, Werdum vs Cain, Ronda vs Holly, Dodson Johnson, RDA vs Cowboy etc. Those all turned out terrible for the ish talkers. Conor could be the Mayweather of this thing I mean he’s got a clean pull counter 2 that’s for sure. However this isn’t boxing theres countless ways to lose and this may be the one for Conor he’s talked about RDAs wife, called him a traitor to his country lol (while he lived in LA and Vegas for most of the last year lol), called him a watered down version of Jose Aldo. Very personal attacks, and the kind of personal attacks that in the fights above turned out in favor of the person who in reality was getting bullied in the build up to the fight. I’m sticking to my guns on this one RDA is the GSP at 155 quite literally since he cuts from 190 trains different and effectively for speed, agility (meaning landing first reaction time), and power; his technical grappling is superb and his striking is becoming phenomenal thanks to a top 3 coach of all time. Again I’m not putting a lot of stock in this category of history but it’s fun to think about and if somethings so often with similar variables well the experiment isn’t lying if the same result is reproduced when similar catalyst are introduced. Happy reading and I hope the facts reach those who think this fight will be a wash for the Irishmen.


-Have a good one Folks