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Humanities forge is Martial Arts, that may or may not be an esoteric statement to some, however, that idea is still challenged by a large majority of people sighting that idea as toxic and masculine. To that I say, Mackenzie Dern and Holly Holm, like Frankie Edgar and heart you can find people as centred and kind but you will not find anyone kinder. Let us just nip this now, martial arts are not in themselves masculine or feminine it’s a study in optimizing your human existence. Much like Rogans quote about martial arts being the vehicle for developing your human potential which is very true. What I’m expressing is the journey that martial arts buts you on is one in which you can do nothing more difficult over your lifetime other than war or fighting fires. The physical part is where the masculine gets injected by people just looking from the outside, why because that is all surface. Martial Arts in itself is a full body exercise that has been tried and tested forever and with steady results. You’re forging your body now that sound crude but its very artistic, a Katana is a beautiful piece of metal work as well as the deadliest eastern blade type of all time. The path is the path and its non-discriminant on background nor gender or self-identification. Why state that well because the martial arts path or teaching is simple these things work and you can test it and figure that out fast does keeping your hands up in the pocket work well test it with your hands down and get hit in the face experiment done. There is a built-in immediate testing phase in martial arts. A punch, kick, choke, and endurance only gets better with work and there is no distinction other than speed and power when comparing in gender and from there within weight and height (ie Cyborg and Rose or Mighty Mouse and Francis).


Now, what’s the forging process that’s the simple process that is very difficult double negative I know, it’s a simple process that beginners make difficult, why? The forging begins when you walk in the door for the first time, then the heat starts under increased stress that is actually minimal but seen as very intense when compared to how easy regular life is today. The stressor is the shock you system gets put in on those initial first days. However after you tough it out a couple of times it gets very easy and you wonder why you were complaining only 2 days ago. Next is the levels at which you progress things get more detailed and the learning builds and builds like anything else. The impurities are constantly getting burned off and reformed when new tactics and understanding of techniques are introduced and built on. The blade or armour etc is never really finished it’s constantly being worked on the smelting and forming will eventually be done but the polishing and sharpening are never done. The journey is for perfection which bleeds over into how you live your life outside of martial arts. Knowing that you will always be the farthest thing from perfect is the endless wheel we run on because you dream and reach high and if you come up short you still lept.  


First Steps


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Mackenzie Dern is in the UFC so now what, well hopefully the UFC doesn’t Paige Vanzant her. I really just mean that her progression is the most important thing her because exposure is just easier on the women’s side because of the more recent advent of female fighting in MMA. Dern has a grass root following from BJJ that translates over to MMA along with the UFC vehicle that will post and re-post on social media platforms and then from there she will most likely explode.


I  would hate to see her next couple of fights lead her into a bout against a Cat, Sara, or anyone else in the top 10 for that matter. My two cents from looking at the push kind of destroying some prospects is that Dern fight another prospect like herself with 2 or 0 fights in the UFC and then we start her work at the number 15 ranked fighter before we even discuss the top 10 of the division. I take a cautious approach because much like Paige at straw-weight she was on the fast track after her wins although the fights were close and her skills weren’t there and we found that out versus Rose who smashed Paige. For Dern, that path is there if she chokes or women handles her competition and get fast-tracked to the top 10 she could meet a rude awakening in similar fashion against a far more experienced and skilled MMA fighter in a Cat or Sara. So slow and steady position over submission build the skills correctly before we take over the world ya know. So that’s that Dern is high on my list for prospects that could be champ and to be super honest she could win at 135 lbs and 125 lbs no question at all.



Roar Like a Lioness, Punch Like a Cyborg


So Cris is the best…..

Who thought otherwise

No clue maybe some Ronda stans

That’s obvious

No doubt

Can she improve, Chael says she has gaps

Obviously, perfection is the goal but it can never be reached spiral theory

So Chaels wrong

No, he’s being hyperbolic, Chael has huge hole’s as well Cris has room to grow still which makes her more scary look how she’s grown so far

So what’s next for her

She said what she wants Amanda’s next on the chopping block super fight or give her that Aussie and then Amanda Lioness vs Cyborg



So this was the dialogue of a conversation I have had today, Cris is still complete overall as a fighter so don’t fall down that idea hole. The best example of her skills set is more align with Aldos versus the actual comparison to Wanderlei Silva versus the sexist comparison (cough cough look at her know). Like Aldo her ground game is solid like super solid like IBJJF high roller solid, that being said if these chicks can’t stand with her why change the game if your winning. I stress the Aldo point because nobody was standing with Aldo and pre cardio issue there was no taking him down and for sure no submitting him. The cardio question for Cris has been answered she has five round lungs and trains so much harder than everyone else from a volume standpoint and within that is the grappling.


Now in the cage where does Cris go, I guess for me it’s a more methodical pace from the jump. Less explosion out the gate or acceleration out the gate I think using her phenomenal jab that she goes back to but then stops using it. Sift out the stuff that isn’t working and increase the volume of the useful young Jose Aldo to Older Jose Aldo did that exact thing when he got to his prime. So I say she could jab more through less body or midsection kicks while increasing more rear leg, leg kicks lastly from a footwork standpoint to avoid the reaction clinch that only stalls her out. Footwork, v-step off the linear straight line stepping back versus just working off a movement with no change of direction. Grappling wise keep doing what she’s doing and if these women can’t take her down then bless her and keep working on the progression she and her coaches have her on.  



Uppercut or Starter’s Pistol?

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The progression of MMA is here and now after this weekend but my viewpoint on it is a tad bit different than the average fan. Frankie is not done he needs a break while evaluating his options be it at 145lbs and 135lbs (his natural weight class folks lol). So with Brians win this past weekend as well as the wins from Mackenzie Dern, Sean O’Malley, Ketlen Vieira, and Cody Stamann. However, this night of fights wasn’t that crazy for the new generation this is more a smaller snowball effect, from Cody beating Dom but then losing to TJ Max beating Aldo twice Conor at 155 with Tony and Khabib. There are countless other examples from early in 2016 to now, case in point Israel Adesanya who has the most potential to be the new generations GOAT.  Now my thoughts on the new wave taking over are two sides of the same coin, they have a long way to go still skill wise and dominance wise because of recent wins from the old guard and the lack of new blood in certain divisions. Champs like Rose, Mouse, TJ, Woodley, DC, Whitaker, and Stipe are dominant fighters from the tail end of that MMA exploding generation of 2008 to present.


The WEC, Strikeforce, and Bodog fighters that got absorbed by the UFC extended the generational timeline for the early 2000 generation of fighters because they were really one group in the same. This is more so the beginning of the measurable data versus a gut feeling about the progress, why because the data is now seen in 155 lbs, 145 lbs, and at 135 lbs. Lower weight classes are usually where we see the trends coming from, the lower the weight class the more skill and faster turnaround of skills which intern speeds up evolution. The more dramatic injection that we can look at is on the woman’s side of the game with Cyborg finally being recognized as well as the intro of Mackenzie Dern and “Thug” Rose coming full circle this is more so the new generation take over with Cris being the outlier like a GSP. At the end of the day, this metric can only be measured with wins and losses which are a contest of milliseconds and centimetres generally. Lastly to bring it full circle once the Frankie Edgar versus BJ Penn domination of a 5 round fight happens or the TJ versus Barao performance happens in more than just two weight classes I can say with no reservations about declaring the new generation a mainstay.


-Later folks  

Cowboy vs The Boogie Man

Donald Cerrone vs Robbie Lawler


Both guys are coming off losses and this fight will right the ship for both win or lose, so with that being said, that should give the f the world mentality that both guys already have shown. Some things have happened with Robbie he left ATT and is now training with Henri Hooft which proves to me that there is a God. Okay so why do I feel that way mainly because of how Henri operates as a coach, there is no room for bad technique with him. Look at Anthony Johnson, Michael Johnson, or Tyrone Spong; all of them are fluid and sharp with every strike they throw. Now my biggest beef with Robbie’s technique is only with his kicks he just doesn’t have the range of motion to kick well he delivers power on multiple of occasions he’s proved that. Know if you clean up that kicking he will be devastating because he will be able to play with more combinations versus using it to just force someone to raise their hands before punching now he might be able to connect cleanly. Another X-factor in this bout is whether or not the last 4 wars he’s been in and the devastating 1st round KO, the question is how much has it taken from his chinny chin chin. I guess we’ll find out I guess.

  Donald_Cerrone_Kickboxer UFC_181_Robbie_Lawler_vs_Johny_Hendricks_II_Highlights_HD

Now how does this play out in the fight well pretty simple it’s going to be a striking war. Donald will more than likely target the head body head like a Dutch kickboxer and Robbie will look to attack that body like everyone does. The key to winning this fight is all about maintaining a level of pressure both guys are pressure fighters. Volume and pressure who every maintains will win don’t anticipate any counter shots really just the forward march. If it goes for five rounds it’s Robbie’s round so Donald has to come alive from the jump to win some rounds because Robbie in the fifth is a legend and pretty much the boogie man for those 5 minutes at least guaranteed. I would love to see a return to 3 and 5 point combos from Donald that was what made me love him in the WEC and when he got to the UFC mainly because his transition into knees and leg kicks are Kevin Ross like and he gets to the head from legs so fast it’s insane check the gif he hits Matt Brown with a same leg switch with the quickness. Wrestling goes in the way of Robbie and submissions to Donald I don’t anticipate anything but ground and pound with Robbie on top or some wrestling defense.


-Thats that bangers on banger on bangers

And we back, we back, we back, WE BACK

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Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier for the undisputes 205 UFC belt. Lomg time coming and a few wrinkles have been added if the fight is to take place in California outside of the fight most people are interested in. Something I have been harping on since DC was a heavyweight may come back to bite him in the backside. The fact that CSAC has been the most proactive when it comes to weight curting in North America makes the new regulations put in place by Andy Foster very interesting with added hydration testing for fighters….somewhere Joe Rogan was saying “PRAISE ODINSON”. Moving on that is a big deal for guys like DC who make enormous weight cuts to get to 205 because of the amount of weight they carry around outside of training. Not hating the guy seeing how during his run in Strikeforce I preferred to stydy and watch him over any other Heavyweights in the UFC just because the differences in height and technical mma skill was so evident for a partially green guy in DC. Now for Jon this might be an issue as well I don’t know how much he was cutting with or without IVs or if hes cutting more weight than usual because of his lifting regimen now. That being said of these two men DC has a much harder struggle in getting down to 205, and to now reduce his body weight leading up to tge fight in July would mean sacrificing significant strength based on his height to weight ratio that would for lack of a better comparison would have him look like Big Rig Hendricks vs Wonderboy. Npw will Jones just take him out on the outside, maybe but highly unlikely in my opinon seeing how Rumble couldn’t twice. Now on the other end of the dicussion of x factors that actual matter is the new Jon Jones or rather Jon Jones 4 or maybe 5.0 the Jon Jones the casual commentators like Stephen A Smith feel like Jon shouldn’t be acting like this, for his image. Meanwhile he hasn’t been watching that long obviously when addressing this on his radio podcast. One of the things MMA fans hate especially because unlike other sports outside of surfing or crossfit etc. a good percentage of us are either former fighters or have been training constantly for years. Martial Artist stand by the MMA definition taken from the likes of Bruce Lee to the Bushido Codd or Yamato Damashi and other ethos about being you or expressing your unadulterated self image in combat arts at all times because death is always staring yiu down with a punch kick lnee elbow slam choke lock or exhaustion. Musashi wrote basically the MMA bible and expressed that in saying to the effect that the approach to life and combat should be the same, let that stain your soul for a bit. There’s no putting on heirs in the cage or more so training if you want to be great in combat this isn’t a game were you can fake the funk.

The image for purposes of the media machine that didn’t even want to acknowledge mma for the art it is and was is silly. Jon is doing what he always should have done and by admitting his loses in life like the “Guru” Dominick Cruz has stated he can finally grow with out have to focus on the lie in his life he was telling himself and others. That stress in his life is gone. My last point on Jon’s character as it relates to the fight is he will most likely be as free of his problems while hes in the cage now as he was when he flying kneed Shogun to win the belt. Just a word to the wise when you bring up Jon’s family and he don’t know the personal tragedies that have directly affected him while saying member’s of his family need to talk to him like Chandler and Arthur while bringing up his sister and mother that proves how ignorant you are to this world of true combat and its participants. Jon’s sister died when he was growing up and that was one of the stable rocks in his family specifically for him, hes been open about the tragedy and how it still effected him leading up to the Rampage fight, plus his mother within the last year had her leg amputated  Jon’s brother Chandler was losing it with prescription pain pills but the fact Jon admitted to doing cocain which ummm the test don’t lie so I don’t know was he supposed to lie about it to everyone? I guess certain media members talk about being really real bit have know clue what that entails when dealing with the unapologetic form of combat that is MMA.

I’m happy to see this Jon I would like to see DC be as honest bevmausd he seems to be now putting on heirs if thats to secure a bag by all means go ahead but if he’s at all lying to himself about what happened in the first fight, we go back to what Dom has been harping on since the jump he will be in for a rude awkening because of the stress those lies he could be telling himself and the public watching will weigh on him versus freeing himself of that and just absorbing and adapting like he did in Strikeforce when he finished TRT Big Foot Silva or when he dropped Josh Barnett on his head off a high crotch. Maybe that’s the duality of rematches maybe one person has freed themselves of the internal lies that then manifested externally, maybe the other hasn’t as much resulting in what will or will not happen that should happen. Mental wars are only a part of this put I harp on it in this fight because one guy is sharpening up the same blades that have always worked well with minor tweaks, while the other guy with time off has been training physically new energy systems and emersing himself in an area of martial arts that opens up self discovery and a real path to mastery of self in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. So based off the data collected in the first contests were Jon won without question whats changed the most from the fight, by far that would be the mental picture on both sides additionally and by the purging of self on both ends. DC is no longer caring about people liking him and neither to a large degree is Jon or at lea 1st t not as much as he was before which is far healthier in my opinon.

With that being said I’ll catch you guys later. Coming soon is the podcast with Brendan Dorman , keep and eye out for that and catchhis stuff on youtibe while your at it.

-Elijah Wright

Guess Who’s Back



DJ is the closest thing we have to the most technically brilliant boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux, right down to the disrespect he gets from the mainstream combat sport fan or from people that think pound for pound means weight matters, I mean if a 125 hits another 125 they could go out if a heavy weight hits a heavyweight they can go out hence weight classes were both happen the ignorance of basic physics is astounding. I mean let’s be clear heavier weights can move technically correct but choose to go the easy route unlike a Badr Hari or a Rico Verhoeven if you move correctly because you are smaller and move around with bigger guys in the gym you learn quickly how to properly defend and use footwork that’s all I will say. He’s the best simply the best not Conor not Jon not Dom nope the 125er is the best. Why that makes no since Ronda finishes girls immediately Jon is so dominate, Conor has two belts, because he has no super genetic advantages against his opponent even his cardio is pure hard work, everyone at his weight class has been fighting at 135 and 125 if not the same amount of time, longer with world class abilities everywhere. What separates DJ is his technical proficiency similar to Guillermo, Vasyal, Chocolatito, and Floyd. With people making outlandish comments about fighting even when these folks have no experience at the highest level of combat, just like casual fans of boxing saying Mayweather did not engage with Pacman enough (cough cough that’s not boxing that’s just stupid). With casual mma fans only seeing the cursory information with Ronda or Jon Jones they don’t realize that if someone was in there respective weight classes that fought just like DJ Ronda would be more screwed than she was with Holly and Jon would have to run for his money. Why, well I’ll get to that after my little wink wink rant.


What baffles many of the insiders or the folks that train is the idea that just because he’s little doesn’t mean he’s not exciting or dangerous I mean for god sakes the only reason Dominick Cruz won their fight was because he was tall and took him down after getting hit flush many times then he put his size on him when he could, but Dom was getting beat standing and that’s saying something to out strike the Bantamweight King. The casual fan with an ego may think he could beat him up, yeah okay that will never happen. He is too fast too crisp, to smart, and has too much cardio, he’s got a highly level of wrestling ability; for anyone but a 125 to really compete with him. He’s got the MASTER for a trainer who has forgotten more than most people think they know about fighting. If I said that there’s a guy fighting guys always going for the finish, finishing guys and he has every technique standing and grappling down pat everyone would be stoked to watch this fighter fight, but because DJ’s 125 and 5’3 he becomes outcasted. That’s the wild part but history will remember him as a great and history will decide if he is the best. You have to understand his struggle to understand his greatness in my own opinion.


Now for the TAO, Mighty Mouse is an expert at everything striking and a grappler making leaps and bounds. Striking wise Matt Humes and Brad Kurtsons Kickboxing, Savate, and Muay Thai ability and pedigree is still ahead of his time. MMs clinch work is beautiful against the cage kneeing his opponent’s body or head from the A frame or from the belly to belly or from the front headlock. Striking in the middle of the cage staying safe by guarding behind the shoulder after throwing, switching stances landing counter strikes staying inside the pocket and landing on the outside. Kicks off combinations and inside leg kicks that happen before his opponents can react. When he lands it’s never just one he’s moving with volume and pressure constant pressure. His cardio is a weapon and a weapon developed over time and constant endurance work, he doesn’t let them rest and when a volume percist puncher and fast grappler decides to pressure you your own endurance gets zapped. He’s a energy draining highly developed fighter with remarkably technical skill not a good mix for the opposition. For example look at this combination he put on Dodson in their final rounds, it was a devastating display of striking. Hes so percist he makes Connor look amature in a way which is high praise because from the single shot Conor is one of the best.


On a grappling level he is developed by Hume and Bibi Fernando for MMA similar to a Rickson and Renzo approach if you will. He stays safe first, then moves to step one which is usually to pass guard to get to side control, then he steps over the arm putting his knee in the elbow. Clasping the other arm to get the crucifix, then immediately landing elbows and punches to the face. Once the opponent starts to go into panic, immediately he capitalizes kimora setup, or americana set up to arm bar or whatever and finishes.He always looks to finish and that’s most apparent in his Horiguchi bout where he gets the latest finish in UFC history his records don’t lie. The really wild part of his game is his ghost like power double, he hits the ground like lightning, and shoots like an olympian. He sets it up with his striking better than GSP did. Everything he does is seamless and damn near perfect. Nobody else can say that you can clinch with him and eat knees and get beat on the inside and reversed so you take knees to the dome. Wrestle with him and you get beat because his movement is streamlined, try to out pressure him yeah good luck, out cardio-ing this guy you have a better chance trying to out smoke Nick Diaz and Nathan Diaz and then winning a triathlon race. His goal is to always improve upon himself and he takes every step to do it properly he doesn’t sacrifice what got him to the dance. Matt Hume being a descendant of original JDK members a legacy of Bruce Lee’s teaching lives on, he takes what is useful and ingrains it into his game and you see that in the span of his Bantamweight days to now. He just is a masterful guy like a Rickson, or a Ali, or Floyd, or the most recent Thai phenomenon lol. He’s a great already and will hopefully continue to be great inside and outside the cage.
Now for his not so great tendencies, he does make mistakes that get him in trouble sometimes or where he could capitalize to finish. Jack Slack at Fightland has a beautiful piece on Dj on his tendencies that have got him in trouble or what amounts to trouble for him. Check it OUT