Week 3 Cruise to Recovery

Take it easy here

Move through these movements as fast as you can without spiking your heart rate meaning no lightheaded moments or racing heart rate in-between movements wait for the hr to come back to a baseline. Box Jumps are highly explosive movements starting from a exploding resistance move and going to land absorbing that impact as resistance and jumping down and so on and so on. Box jumps when done the muscle focus should be squeezing the glutes during the jump and when extending to the fully upright standing position after landing on top of the box and on the ground. Rowing is about the same pull focus on the shoulder drive and leg drive mainly quads, glutes, and calves in that order. Expect a cardio burn with these two movements, hence take it easy when it comes to sparking the heart rate. Also a perfect way to burn the kids out so the pass out before bed time lol.

20 Min EMOM

  • Odd #: Row Calories 20/15
  • Even #: 15 Box Jumps 24/20

Yoga Swim or Whatever, work the flexibility like you would with any other active recovery. Work at a constant pace, not peaking the cardio but just opening up the lungs. Box Jumps work at a workable pace.


Race in Combat Sports Perspective

I ask everyone before reading to watch this video of Andre ward having a candid discussion. Please read to gain a level of content for the situation.


Conor before you throw shots at Mayweather for bringing reality into a picture because he just stopped caring about how John Doe A and B feel about him let’s unpack what is being said from both sides. You don’t have to like Floyd to listen to his words without having a already predetermined opinion on what he’s saying because of who he is. He choice to be the villain yes because he understood prize fighting for what it is a mad dash to grab as much as you can while maintaining all your facilities in the process, similar to what Conor is doing in the UFC. Now if you can’t separate the words from the man’s actions then fine listen to a far better communicator in Andre Ward son of a single parent WHITE father and Black mother.He breaks the question of race down very well. He was asked paraphrasing here, why is it that the black fighters that are cerebral, defensive, technical, and etc. seen as individuals that can’t but butts in seats or are hated by promoters and fans and seen as destroying the fight game.Second part why is it that the black fighters have to be the villain to get the recognition versus being the quiet soft spoken types of individuals they really are? Andre breaks it down very well, he says is everything race NO, does he see and read things at times that make him sit a raise questions hes but he doesn’t know anyones true intentions he isn’t a all seeing power. Nothing dealing with this topic is going to be a straight path one group isn’t completely one way or another nothing in this world is. What we can go off of is the overwhelming data about what the media members will promote or right about concerning a black fighter and what they want for example Ward has been considered a flop after moving to HBO and becoming a #1 P4P contender with his dispatching of the world’s top middleweights winning the super six tournament beating Chad Dawson and Edwin Rodriguez. He isn’t the only one guys like Guillermo Rigondeaux a soft spoken afro cuban man with technique rivaling and many people think far better than Mayweathers, he dismantles opponents like Nonito Donaire a # 3 P4P fighter at the time and gets called boring and gets no significant media coverage. Why is this, and where Mayweather talked solie about boxing I’m talking all mainstream combat sports MMA included. Demetrious Johnson soft spoken family man and P4P #1 only rivaled by the genetic freak Jon Jones is seen as boring, unwatchable, under whelming and so on and so on. When in all actuality DJ has a great finishing percentage and is the most technical fighter in all of MMA bar none like it isn’t even a foot race he’s so far ahead and has super human cardio to the point that guys test positive for EPO against him and he still outworks them. That’s just the reality on the situation.

Back to the larger issue what Conor responded to Mayweather with was taken devoured by the media as the one and only truth and fired right back at Mayweather. Well if we are comparing the Irish struggle vs the Black struggle the bullet point would be long and varied because discrimination versus discrimination helps nobody. Therefore coming out saying that having the name McGregor at one time would have gotten you killed is easily matched and overtaken by black people in the US, “oh really well if you’re black your ancestors were ripped from your homeland and enslaved, raped, killed”. Then in more modern times blacks are still discriminated against after getting your freedom and defending your country in war and killed with zero consequences for those in a point of power that are killing us, I’m sorry “them”. Granted that’s a lot of American history. One thing still remains true McGregor’s were killed for their nationality and name but a boy that looked like me was gunned down in Cleveland for having a toy gun an unarmed man in New York was choked to death in the street without resisting arrest a man who looks like my father a black man was shot in the back and a police officer conspired to place a taser next to the dead body to fabricate a story, finally a young man like myself black honors student not resisting arrest at the University of Virginia was severely beaten by campus police for what reason is still not clear to me. So before we start comparing injustices remember one is still going on the other stopped. That does not prohibit the existence of racism in a media system that vilifies a black technical fighter as brash, cocky, arrogant, and flamboyant. While in the same breath turning around and praising an individual who isn’t black who dies the same things as hardworking, brash, cerebral, cocky, determined, cocky, belief, etc. I’m not saying Conor hasn’t worked hard for everything he’s gotten because he has I know his story I watched him in Ring of Combat he almost gave up on MMA was homeless living in a car, he struggled and made it no question about it.

The statements need to be and are directed at the media members who like Andre Ward stated who write about the (mimicking Manny Pacquiao) soft spoken lovely man but won’t write or give any attention to the same black fighter who doesn’t embrace a villain role. I believe Conor took Mayweathers words on the subject as some type of challenge but Floyd was attacking the guy that put in the hard work he’s blaming the media for not giving the fighter with similar attributes the same far shake to be the good guy versus the only option as the bad guy. If you know the drama Floyd went through as the 3rd coming of Sugar Ray while fighting under Top Rank. Floyd knows this song and dance all to well, Olympic star called boring because of his style. He then breaks out of golden child role and embraces villain becomes hated by millions while his non black counterparts get to be them and continue to get the media push and fans from it as the good guys. Let’s not take shots at each other on this issue and look at the system at work because intentions are usually good but the system manipulates these action and makes them what the constantly repeating reality is.     

-Later Folks and Family     

Haters Hate and Critics are Wrong what else is New


Go check out Tristars coach Firas Zahabis recap of the fight to get an understanding of combat, click here.

Things are getting a little crazy all these Ronda haters just poppin up. Look shes changed societies view on combat and wmma and that cant be denied so just stop the hate. Respect her for doing what countless numbers of you vicarious leeches wish you had the courage to do that being exposing yourself to world and expressing you self truthfully. Ronda didn’t hide she did what she knew how to do and Holly knew more and one. Now for the thing thats really erking me people saying this was Weidman Silva or Dillishaw Renan, but calling this Sera GSP. You xan miss me with that nonsense Holly foght brilliantly with a gameplan built to defeat Ronda because of her own skills. Was Ronda getting hit with straight 2 after straight 2? Yep so the flash ko is gone dont even bring it up or disrespect Holly like that she fought her fight and so the opening and capitalized on it end of story good night.

Now for the philosphers approach in me, lord help me. All this fighting game is is what the late Helio Gracie said, you do this then I do that you do this then I do that forever. That’s the theory (physics has the same concept as well) until something is added that one person has no answer for then its checkmate. For so long that has been Rondas clinch and versital armbar. She faced a women that’s been training in diverse striking longer then she has been training for MMA. Hollys coaches wrote the book on mma and BJJ for mma (cough cough Greg Jackson) and keep rewriting it and burning it over and over again. Meanwhile Rondas mom is shedding light on Rondas coach who might not be the best fit or that knowledgeable when it comes to training people with no striking experience for mma.


All that comes back to a knowledge game how much do you know and can you implement  it? If not your going to eventually get beat. This wasnt some fluke win either Holly defended like every top level fighter and judo player has been thinking use the cage as a 2nd point of balance keep the elbow tight dont try to clinch Rondas waist and lastly keep your hips lower. Holly foght her fight and we respect her for providung such an excellent performance but the same should be said for Ronda she was tough and secured a takedown a swung for an armbar, but it wasnt there because of Hollys knowledge. Ronda didnt lose because she was angry or frustrated she lost because Holly is playing the GSP game of working for mastery in all facets of mma not just one. So respect to Holly and respect to Ronda for her performance as well. How you feel about Rousey with other things cant outweigh the goid shes done in changing the social view of women and fighting. RESPECT & OSS to these Women.

-Later folks and family

Yeah I’ve Got To Talk About This Beautiful Video :’) Happy Tears

Big Sis Thoughts


So what you’re about to read is a very emotional response to a video I watched earlier this morning. This video is one of Ronda Rousey grappling and well teaching a child at a academy. The video is so priceless cute and humbling something I will touch on. First off most folks know that I started judo because of my dad right around the time I was doing TKD and I loved it even being smaller I was strong even then but didn’t care for a lot of techniques then (meanwhile speed up a few years and I’m studying every in and out of the deep half). I was stuck in ways lived by the Uchi and died by the Uchi or Te- guruma, being super athletic at a young age and body awareness because of a lack of height made matching hips and pulling people off balance in fast transition pretty simple for me. I had the Te- guruma and Uchi down unless you outweighed me by a substantial amount or stood as a skyscraper over me. I thought I was hot stuff until the day I got rag dolled at a competition in Columbus Ohio where I’m from. I cried was upset and pretty much threw with Judo in my mind because the only time I got rag dolled was by my dad which was understandable in my mind because everyone’s dad is superman in a kids head so whatever dad beat me. My dad wasn’t having it I wasn’t allowed to quit but I sulked at the gym and was noticed by a young woman who was a black belt and in college I think at the time she later became my brother and I’s babysitter. She was the first person other than my mother to realize that I harbor thing a little too strongly I dwell and stew on things at least back then for weeks on end, whatever though that’s not important.

Now this woman broke Judo down to me and athletics in general too me, she explained that more people than I could count practice judo and the amount of kids just like me could be training in judo just as fast and just as strong or more so. That really stung my ego but I had been getting humbled by my little brother and father all my life so I took it in stride. She then explained that a big reason I lost was because I had like one technique that I would use because it was easy for my dad taught it to me before I could walk basically. More technique got it, she made it clear that it wouldn’t be easy as many people know learning something new is very difficult and she made it clear that I couldn’t do it lol. In my head she challenged me back then be it anyone who challenged me I was going to go all out to prove you wrong lol it was just easy for me to turn a switch and just prove them wrong.

Now here’s a very important mark to make it wasn’t because she was a girl or the typical stereotypical reason for why I wanted to win against her I had been losing races to girls on my little brothers track team card games with my cousins and everything against my mom. I knew women were just as capable as men from a young age. I just wanted to win and prove I could so we practiced and in that one day my life changed I learned technique after technique and started to see how having options in Judo was just like having a variation of kicks in TKD and Kickboxing all that thanks goes to her. She threw me around like I was a teddy bear, and exhausted me with spring hip throw after spring hip throw and then switch it up to a sweep where she would drop all her weight on me lol fun but not fun then. Something needs to be said for the relationship bonding that happens when a kid gets just schooled by a big big kid in there eyes, that person is the coolest person ever lol it’s kind of cute like a crush. I loved her from that day on and still do, the idea is that one day I’m gonna be as good as them in basketball you see it, football you see it, band and theater, etc. My parents so the change in me as well I wasn’t mad when I would lose in a competition I wouldn’t get all bent out of shape because I didn’t know enough all that stopped. I became her little brother in a way, and I watched her throw grown men and realized back then that no matter what women were just as capable. Given all that stuff you can see why I started to cry this morning watching Ronda roll and teach to this kid on that mat.

This is really just a call to action for a lot of gyms out there, the martial arts community needs to acknowledge and endorse the presence of the big brother and sister dynamic in the gym. I know I’m placing a lot of responsibility on the young ladies of the world and don’t mean to just brush it off to you. What I really mean is just a play on a societal structure be it one of nature or nurture who knows but it’s just too good all around for me to really care about the specifics. For young boys and young men the only humbling they get from a women is at home maybe, and they may get reinforcement from a insecure dad or other male figure that girls are just weak and this or that who knows. In the gym is where we can correct that problem and because little ones (as my mom calls her little students and kids) gravitate to the women in the dojo because women in their minds are synonymous with being nice, loving and understanding or just patient and nice. Now for guys it’s different I can speak on this most guys in the gym are seen as just authority figures and powerful, that’s why I go out of my way with the little ones and new women and students to show my soft side with them constantly where I just become a teddy bear in there eyes. Now gym’s need to embrace the older taking the little ones under their wing and it doesn’t just have to be my relationship with my big sis it can be big sis little sis, big bro little sis, big bro little bro, whatever. Every kid needs a mentor outside of the head instructor for support because they know what they’re going through or have a understanding. This goes for every martial art MMA, BJJ, Judo , Kickboxing, Boxing, whatever really. It has the capability in my eyes of changing the dynamic of a generation.

I called my big sis up this morning she was getting my little nephew ready for school and I had a long chat with her as she was dropping him off. The gist of it was really just how grateful I was for her to take me on and create a relationship with me. It wasn’t just Judo it was for being my big sis during my first break up when I started liking girls when I hated my body everything I wasn’t ready to talk to my parents about. She hit me with the  audible ahhhs, and the “you did the same for me”. I told her she was going to make a great mom and we cried some more on video chat, she later explained how her son couldn’t wait to start training with his uncle and become a little ninja and again I laughed and cried.

I cry a lot more then I’m proud to admit thanks to this women lol. This was just a tangent based article on the feelings I had instantly as a result of this video and how those feelings from sitting and thinking about it in a cafe before teaching a class, then me watching the relationships my little ones have with some of the older kids in the class. So take from this what you will, I’m gonna finish my book and send a copy to my big sis who’s reading this and either laughing crying or a combination thinking about hitting me and then embarrassing me with a hug and kiss like she did when I was six lol the next time I see her in Columbus this weekend.

-Later Folks and Family,

I hope you can think back on a surrogate older sibling like I did today.

YOU’VE Got 20 Minutes Worth of Nonsense

(YO Steveinaspeedo on the Tumbles is nice with the gifs)

AMRAP means push yourself past the limit but not past were your body can go, meaning that discomfort is okay pain is not. Discomfort and pain are totally different don’t quit on yourself. Yeah don’t slow down baby ya digg.

20 Min AMRAP

10 Min

2 Muscle Ups or 5 Eccentric Pull Ups

4 Handstand Push Ups

8 KB Swings

10 Min

2 Muscle Ups or 3 Eccentric Pull Ups

4 Handstand Push Ups

8 KB Swings

Later if you have time or do it later in the week hit this to balance the body out.

Dumbbell Bench Press Decline Incline 80% of Max or Barbell Bench Press Decline Incline 75% – 85% of Max 10 x 8

Dumbbell or Barbell Row 5 x 25

-Stay Dope Folks and Family

AOC: “Lovely Angle Play”

Phuket_Dreaming_Season_One_Lessons_With_Doctore_Phuket_Dreaming_Deleted_Scene_on_location_at_Phuket_Top_Team (2)

(Gif thanks to Phuket Top Team on youtube.com)

“Use the angle theory to not use the theory, no the rules to break the rules” 

One of my favorite fighters is an will forever be Moise Rimbon of France training out of Phuket Top Team in Thailand. He has a knack for landing strikes that many thought were not practical from in close because of the counter that would land before your own strike. He throws a head kick that lands smooth and clean before his opponent has time to react and throw the counter. So how do you use the angles when you’re in the pocket to launch a head kick.

Phuket_Dreaming_Season_One_Lessons_With_Doctore_Phuket_Dreaming_Deleted_Scene_on_location_at_Phuket_Top_Team (4)

How to live in the angles.

  1. Find the distance for the roundhouse be it lead leg or rear leg.
  2. Step off horizontally and find the distance there with either a jab or a kick to check your distance.
  3. Remember to pivot during your distance check when you step off to the side, because your setting a trap so don’t give any tells of a set up coming.
  4. Now step off again and don’t change your angle just move horizontally and on the step launch the kick.
  5. Turn your hip over just like any other roundhouse.
  6. You can do this with “Neo footwork” or with a traditional footwork or anything in between.

(What Moise shows in the GIF is first the kick form standing on the center line, then he shows it when he steps and kicks moving off horizontally.)

After you land or get them thinking about that head kick you can use it mask a rear straight off the kick. Assuming you’re throwing a rear leg head kick

  1. Step off while launching head.
  2. Instead of bringing that rear leg back to the rear place it in front changing your foot stance to southpaw or orthodox.
  3. With your body coiled like a spring jolt forward immediately and land with the cross.

Phuket_Dreaming_Season_One_Lessons_With_Doctore_Phuket_Dreaming_Deleted_Scene_on_location_at_Phuket_Top_Team (1)
Confusing your opponent by stepping horizontal and launching on the step provides a aspect of hesitation for your opponent, they don’t know whether to defend or to attack because a strike could be coming. Be it a hook to the body or a head kick attacking like this has shown to be powerful Rick Hatton in boxing Moise in MMA its all the same creating doubt in someone’s thinking. Why because of an old saying if you’re thinking about it you’re getting hit. So practice this step and angle play until mastery and then some so that it becomes thoughtless, “NO MIND”

-Stay Chill Family and Folks

America Doesn’t Know the Legend


My guy loses another chance at getting that UFC win on his resume. who’s this guy, what if I told you this MMA legend was one of the biggest stars of Japanese MMA Promotional superstar of Pride FC, Shooto, K-1 and Dream. He’s an older fighter definitely out of his prime and fought a weight class heavier than he should have but still KO’d legends Gracie’s, American studs, and Japanese superstars. Nope not Sakuraba not Enson. Oh so you don’t know who I’m talking about, how could this be he’s MMA royalty. Arguably the second most important fighter below 155 in the history of the sport. Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto of course, the Japanese wrestling stand out with the crazy heavy piston hands explosive footwork and striking mentor to Horiguchi The Japanese Karate Kid. How do people not know Kid, the guy I steal a lot of my fashion and let me face facts my wrestling is based off a lot of the stuff he did back in the day ( cough cough like 2004 lol) The guy KO’d Royler Gracie, beat up Caol Uno, and Genki Sudo. He basically represented the reality for a lot of Eastern native men being shorter lighter but fighting heavier. Keep In mind he’s a natural 135 but fought at 155 against killers. He’s a true Japanese fighter doesn’t look to retreat and takes it to his opponents with speed crisp power unexpected combination and a world class wrestling pedigree. His sisters Miyu and Seiko won the World Championship in freestyle wrestling competition, and his dad wrestled for Japan at the Munich Olympics. The Kid can wrestler and sub people when he decided to but he was in love with those hands and he was a Timebomb standing just a matter of time, peep the Genki fight for clarification.


There’s a lot of good but he was the bad play boy of Japanese MMA for nothing, there is some bad. The controversial side of Kid deals with the guy that gave him his start his former brother in-law Enson Inoue and there following out most attributed to Kids own father pushing him to go for the bigger money deals no matter how unscrupulous the business tactics. Breaching his K-1 contract after just getting it and being emotional ecstatic about being signed to the organization in the first place, but because of his drawing power he was able to pull even more money out of the organization. Sauve business but at what cost, after the Japanese MMA scene took a dive with Pride FC collapsing on itself the other organizations that were alongside it or came after in Japan couldn’t hold water for very long. With that being the case Kid was making money grabs at every promotion not wanting to make the jump across the Pacific where his pay day would be much smaller in comparison to the 2 Mill he is rumored to have made fighting in K-1 and Dream. Finally after Dreams fall off he signed with the UFC who really signed a guy that had already pecked. He fought Demetrious Johnson, Darren Uyenoyama, Vaughn Lee, all three loses and a NC with Roman Salazar. I really thought the ship was going to get right end away this time being in Japan but after Matt Hobar was hurt training and now Kids out as well with an injury the UFC has scrapped the fight. Leaves a bitter taste In mouth and I hate it, I want Kid to get a win fill his contract obligation which I assume was for 4 or 5 fights bounce sign with this new Spike Japanese MMA Promotion to revitalize the sport in Japan and other Markets so that hopefully a cross promotion bout with One FCs Shinya Aoki could be possible since the 2 legends are so close in weight. It’s really heart breaking to see one of my favorite fighters going out like this and missing a chance for his first UFC win in Japan of all places. Like I said bitter taste especially because I know what he’s capable of, stuffing and wrestling Royler peep the link for the fight.


He’s the kind of guy I love talking about technical but so athletic is what I remember about him in his prime so much so that it would get him in trouble and knocked out in K-1 over and over again. Since this was Japan in the hey day as long as you came to fight so to speak you were hailed as a hero and then in MMA he would beat the breaks off everyone and winning a tournament where he knocked out some of the best 155 of all time out proves that even more.


Today’s a day I pay respect to the kid who shaped me some what I love to look so chic and stylish in and outside of training and for a short athletic guy it was hard to figure out how to do until I saw Kid
Even now with his image in mind I am still recognized as cute handsome and adorable all at the same time by people. I go hard in the gym and fight above my weight and height with a mix of Matt Hume approach mind you. He’s what I saw as a representation of me, the guy lived in America on the left coast in Arizona and experienced are culture first hand and mixed it with his own as a kid and later as a teen and was the perfect blend for me to relate to. (I’ll touch more on style and personal reflection and portrayal through equipment and apparel in post coming soon) he really got me thinking of Bushido again and the Japanese mindset of perfection in all things no matter how simple; from ironing, cleaning a table, cooking a meal,  to fighting it all was perfect and I expected that for myself and from myself so I would save and by the Prides, Shooto, K-1, and Dreams to see how Kid fought and break the fights down.

He’s as important as any other legends and for Japan he’s right behind Sakuraba in his importance as a fighter beating a Gracie and dominating at a weight 2 sizes too big for him and doing it in spectacular fashion with all guns ablaze.

-OSU Folks and Family I hope you take a look at his early fights I have provided links for.