But Did You Die?


I’ve been experimenting with my cardio programming and I have made a break through. A combination of mind numbing and break you down build you movements. Heed my words this will suck every time, however you will crave the cardio high you get and live how lean you will be sble to get. Okay so whats the program, check me out below.

5, 4 mintue rounds on the assualt (airdyne, perpeller) bike rest for 30 seconds between each round.

7-10 rounds of 15 toes to bar
In between each hit a double clean or snatch with moderate weight.

Row 2.5 k

Heavy Bag if you want or need to, drill based not power shot based.

.70 mile swim freestyle no less 4 laps per set.
Ideally you build to sets of 6 and up.

This is like an hour and 30 minute long chipper, but its my personal death march. If your like me you love have an objective while working and this embodies that, theres a number you need to reach and thats bottom line.

Have fun folks and ask yourself,


Oh so you want power do ya?


Okay so one thing everyone with any interest in fighting or striking just in general always has some thoughts on how to build power. How do you build power what workouts do I do what things should I change and so on. Today I will touch on that very question with suttle things that add credence to the nuture theory of power building as well as the nature side of that coin.

So where do you start on the journey to builing power I’ll tell you what to stay clear of. Curls, bench press, resitance machines, or anthing that isn’t explosive going up or coming down ie slow power lifting*. Now that that’s taken care of fix your form people. I swear if the number of people doing the old Rocky montage training scenes would just throw a cross from chin to chin or from cheeck to chin straight and true, while turning that shoulder down everyone would be alot stronger. Fix your feet, arm punches have almost never knocked anyone out ever like ever ever. Point that lead foot at the target and pivot your hips through the target. Legs never lie, if the feet are screwed up your punch should never be thrown really. Okay that’s step one, form and getting crispy with it.

Step 2 this is where things get interesting get rid of this idea of strong arms make strong punches, that’s not the case not even a little bit. Arms that can stay snappy and loose are the ones that deliver power. Size only amounts to your weight class putting on to much bulk on the arms means your muscles have to explode with that much more weight dragging them back. Qhich is cool for like a round but when theres not enough oxygen for the muscles come round 2 your basically screwed think of the opposite of a Diaz brother. Think of it this way you have a rodster that does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds you pull the existing engine for a bigger engine lets say a ls1 that adds on 50 hp from stock but adds 175 extra pounds vs stock. The car will be slower because of weight while on paper the horse power is greater. Optimization of the body is everything people, there is such a thing as to big espically in fighting. So theres step 2 stop putting on unnecessary size or put on the nessarcy size for step 3.

Step 3 is my favorite as a coach, it seperates the Wonnas from the BE’s. It’s explosive shoulder work and explosive lower body work. Leg day is damn near every day and your shoulders will be fried all the time. Not from heavy weights but from plyo push ups over head press with light dumbbells like 15lbs but for 50 reps at max speed. *Okay remeber the early powerlifting crack you can do that stuff if your doing explosive plyo to supplment the slow pull and pushing motions. Jumping rope for 12 rounds, shadow boxing for each of those rounds with 3 to 6lbs dumbbells. Hitting the erg for 500m sprints (my favorites). Swimming freestyle for 500m getting full extension and rotation on those shoulders and doing butterfly strokes for another 300m. Each has a purpose and builds or supplements a need. Strict press builds muscle endurance and snap with a mild level of resistance that doesnt weigh you down but it also doesnt let up on you. Plyo push ups force you to explode versus grinding slowly, speed is explosion explosion is power. Shadow boxing with lite weight builds constant snap in your strikes doing that for 5-12 rounds inbetween jumping rope builds endurance ( common theme in fighting gas tank). Rowing at a high output under stress for a long period of time builds endurance in the shoulders and supplements the over head work with a pulling motion vs the pushing motion of a press or a plyo push up. Swimming gets you fluid with your motions theres no herky jerky moving while swming or you drown or move super slow. Swimming gets you comfortable using the entire body aswell as opening up the shoulder for max extension which is important when you strike, deliver with full extension think Conor McGregors left hand when hes on point things lazer guided and he full extends by not over extending (when he’s not fighting Nate Diaz lol).

Step 3 part B shoulders only make up part of the chain of potential energy what startsvthe chain is the base the feet to the hips and yes feet. Nick Curson amd the Marivichis got it right. Balance work with some destabilizing platform, front squating with elevated heels snatching and cleaning fast with moderate weight no super heavy max chasing. All that stuff for the feet builds the legs and hips. Box jumps and agility work turns that mass into more than just weight but adds again to that muscle endurance and explosion. All that leg work is not so much to get massive quads its to build the feet and calves, look at Pac Man his calves are massive he runs a ton and there’s the secret to being a power puncher with endurance in boxing, crazy right smh. Speed is power but without endurance your nothing but prey.

Alright Step 4 sparring and mitt work. You can have all the power in the world naturally you can know how to shift your weight and carry power but if your not on the pads or sparring all of that’s for nothing. Look at Rumble Johnson he is a technical striker to all serious analyst that’s not some novel idea the mans a combination wizard on pads but that’s all because he does the padwork to get him to that level. He can deliver power from anywhere because he understands timing and distance which is best learned on pads when nobody is trying to take your head off. Next comes sparring D Cruzs style only works because he spars countless other guys with that very style to find his looks and test the waters. You don’t get good at fighting if you don’t fight, same thing with uncorking power nobody builds power and just instantly knows how to use it in a fight, that comes with rounds upon rounds of sparring until your use to your own abilitys before you can move with them fluidly ie GGG Kovalev both fluid both killers in the ring. So thats it folks steps 1-4 for building up a power base for punching kickings a whole other animal.

So if you have taken anything from this its crisp techincal understanding beats all, fluidity makes way for speed, speed is power, power is built from explosive movmemts, and cardio is king and dont you forget it.

-Later thats it for me AOC outta here



Winter is fading away which was the beginning of the diet change lower protien raise fruits and vegetables (thank god for green smoothies). The beginning of everyday death in hard lung collapsing heart rate spiking light sensitive cardio work. Anything that makes it hard to breath after 20 seconds is what I’ve been doing to really get down to the 140s. Plyo, Rower, Bas Rutten Heavy Bag workout, Swimming Hard, and etc. Today was the first day I have felt like myself again loving the suck of it all and pushing through. Below is my work from earlier today.

5 rounds of
Jump Rope Rower 500 meters under 2 min

21, 15, 9
Box Jumps Captains Chair

Reverse Hyper Sit Ups 200 reps

1 mile jog

.85 miles laps in the pool

No breaks until getting prep’d for the pool.

Yeah have a good time with that folks.


Rumble vs Bader

Rumble vs Bader Title Shot Implications

This is going to be a crucial fight at 205, Baders safety first defense and grappling make them pay if they miss style versus the Mike Tyson speed and power mixed with refined Dutch Kickboxing and heavy sprawling style from Rumble Johnson. This fight has a lot of misconceptions coming from people that don’t understand fighting. Lets get to this breakdown thing shall we.


Okay so Rumble vs Bader I have to say is just filled with lies and weird ideas of what each guy is capable of which is laughable really. On one side you have people saying Rumbles got no grappling no cardio and is sloppy with his striking which I usually shake my head to or tell said person they might catch a shin on the jaw if they say something wild like that again. First of all my man is a former Junior College Wrestling National Champion allah that wonderful sprawl…… just like Jon Jones was, secondly Rumble went 3 rounds with a one of the best pure grapplers in Phil Davis and he was fine going into the 3rd and at the end of 3. DC beat him grappling by technique not from lack of cardio lol anyone that thinks otherwise has never had an olympian on there back or doesn’t understand what that kind of pressure really is. Finally this weird idea that Rumble is sloppy with his striking is basically saying that all those master Dutch kickboxers are sloppy, and that Henri Hooft the trainer of Tyrone Sponge and other former Mike’s Gym  Kickboxers is sloppy. Or your saying that Pedro Diaz the trainer of Guillermo Rigondeaux is training sloppy fighters…um no none of that is correct. Rumble plays the power striker so well it’s scary he has a beautiful slip of center side step to lead high or body kick, the switch knee and step knee is always there and his straight punches always stay crispy, not to mention his hooks and uppercut slickness. Finally he’s not staying stagnant in his training he’s addressing the issues and constantly pushing the cardio, he trains with Sponge and Rashad and has a brilliant wrestling and grappling coach pushing him technically. Now when it comes to Bader people think he’s just robotic in his striking and has nothing for Rumble in the striking department, but this is striking where you will get hit somewhere even if you’re Mayweather like. Bader has a nasty kick to the body he telegraphs a little bit too much but if it lands, just picture Silva vs Matt Brown when Silva landed that nasty kick to the liver allah Bas “El Guapo” Rutten. His hands defensively are good and he’s really developed his jab which he landed over and over on Rashad. Wrestling is  what Bader is really good at he comes from that Dominante ASU NCAA Champs squad and uses it well. These were the misconceptions that everyone was getting wrong about each guy and why this fight may be closer than you think depending on what things each guy does.

Now when you look at this fight one of two things can happen for either guy where they win. Either Bader plays the GSP game of Jab, Takedown, Jab, Takedown, Jab, Body Kick, game. Or if Rumble can slip off like he usually does on a single shot being Baders jab come over top with the right hook head kick, leg kick, or body kick off the back leg. If Bader stays safe he can win by just playing the game of jab and takedown shots until he gets Rumble down where he can submit him or grind him out. However if Rumble defends the shot well and cracks off like Fedor in the scramble then it will be a short night for Ryan for sure. Why because if you mess up with Rumble you get no second chance its a one shot and done unless your DC a former heavyweight that has tasted that power but DC still went flying across the cage. Rumble incredibly smooth walking forward and looks like GGG mixed with Tyrone Sponge his dutch kickboxing is better than 99% of the guys at 205. Bader is coming close though he has slick boxing now off the jab and can nail you in a coffin with the left kick to the body. The question in this fight is who can effectively deal with the grappling either offensively from Bader or defensively to offense for Rumble. Once that’s established it’s who can land striking the American Dutch Kickboxing student of Henri Hooft the legend in the Netherlands or Bader whose mixing that slick boxing with traditional Muay Thai. Personally I’m taking Rumble at any moment with shut Bader off or will win by TKO. By no means is this fight easy but I believe Rumble wins in this match up. Yeah I’m biased because I want to see what was promised to me Jon Jones vs Rumble, but whatever.

Dos Anjos vs Cowboy

Sorry for the delay its been hectic this week.

Alright down to brass tacs both Cowboy and RDA make strong cases for a win tonight but there are some x factors like always and based off history and training we can pick a winner on paper. Alright starting with Cowboy we have a Thai boxer through and through very clever Muay Thai to make for the lack of boxing ability. Were Cowboy thrives is standing but moving forward, get Donald on the back foot with pressure or power and you get a Nate Diaz like performance. Getting Cowboy to back up is no easy task you have to do more in the areas of volume and power or both and RDA has shown the ability to do so woth his cardio and skill work hes been doing with Proffesor Rafeal. Now I am assing the mad scoentist and guru down in New Mexico at Jacksons realize this and will have Cowboy throwong more volume in the body kicks and leg kicks while keepimg length and distance with his check knee if RDA decides to storm in on Donald. Boxing wise he will use his hands like Pettis does to TKD style blinding and shading his kicks behind a short lead check hook or off a long 1, 2, 3 over the top lead round house. Donald off his back is slippery but so was Pettis and againsy I belive RDA is a 3rd degree BJJ player, I dont see Cowboy subbing RDA he will be able to survive but getting a sub is a stretch. So KO or TKO late is my prediction if the forward pressuring Cowboy shows up. Now the question is which Cowboy is going to be in the cage. Its common knowledge tgat Cowboy gets better as long is hes fighting on a regular schedule and I mean every couple months. Donald is coming off a long wait and has been playing alot of mental wars and looking at the history he did that same thing against Melvin and got almost put on ice before Melvin did a Melvin storming and wild and getting hit then subbed. Now if Cowboy does that against RDA he could end up like Benson swinging missing and getting put out. Thats Cowboys X factor which one shows up and if hes slow to start it could end right there.

Now for RDA, Rafeal is my favorite in this fight because hes the only guy moving the same way with technical Brazilian Muay Thai taught by the maker of Anderson Silva the joyful monster himself Master Rafael Corrdiero. Add on that shut down BJJ game and top notch wrestling you have a killer for 5 rounds in there with you. X Factor for RDA isnt really an x factor its just a factor lol. RDA trains his strength and conditioning with nick Curson Speed of Sport a disciple of Marv Marinovich, you know the guys that brought you the fastest and most inshape BJ Penn of all time. No BJ was not about that type of training because its hell and he was getting older while RDA is young in the game or relatively young in the UFC game and has a work ethic that’s matched only by GSP. Thats combination of all those thins is what makes him so dangerous hes still learning the ins and outs of muay thai since he comes from a pure grappling background and Pro. Rafael is making sure to tighten everything up on a level progression. We saw his hands come together against Benson and Nate we saw his body and leg kicks come together against Pettis and my next thought is his knee and elbow game. Why because its the same chute box progression because Master Rafael was the guy the originally taught striking for Chute Boxe. So look at Shogun, Ninja, or Anderson the same progression can be seen in those dark days of brazilian lower tier MMA promotions. I see the same thing for RDA and theres nobody better to learn the palm over palm collar tie or plum vartiations from than Rafael Corrdiero other then Matt Hume. His movement is the evolved chute style very tkd and explosive thanks to Nick Curson hes dangerous because he will land first often and with authority. The big issue is the height if Dinlad moves forward RDA is dealing with a Muay Thai fighter with a wealth of knowledge and experience. RDA off his back foot will be the issue or reason he loses. On the mats hes a beast and the second best pure grappler at 155 number one is that Russian bear wrestler Khabib over at AKA. What this fight will prove is how important conditioning is, in a weight class where everyone in the top 15 is good at everything condiotioning and strength training is what is going to seperate the chanpions. Another thing is it’s not PEDS it’s Nick Curson this method of training created the most dangerous BJ Penn ever who beat the fuck out of Deigo Sanchez with reckless abanded foaming at the mouth never taking a deep breath. This is whats coming next first the GSP style of training took over and now its this plyo and foot based training that even GSP is adopting. After tonight the next level at 155 will be set and for that mad irishman the move to 155 will be determined if Donald wins here we come if RDA wins we are staying put at 145 because the only guy beating RDA at 155 is Khabib on paper. Welp thats that Im taking RDA even though I love Cowboy because more foghters need to be like him and just relax and not take fighting so furious and life altering when death isnt even on the radar now a days, thats that.

-Have a good one Folks and Family


Coming Full Circle


Be it Ido Portal with Conor or Natmov with Carlos Condit all roads lead back to Rickson Gracie the man that Pride FC launched itself off of. Movement has now in the past 24 hours become the biggest movement and new trend in Martial Arts. Neo footwork is still in the lab of mad scientist all across the country being broken down a cellular level to force reactions, hard angles, preliminary speed based on the reaction to land the counter that nobody is prepared for. All of that neo stuff is in a different galaxy while this movement culture is human in our DNA it’s not based on a reaction or forcing anything it’s based in pure locomotion. So like yoga in BJJ, gymnastics in MMA, dance for Neo Footwork and Boxing, and movement based locomotion is for everything and life. Preliminary movement is what Conor now has trending in the martial arts movement. Conors most famous or easily understood preliminary movement is the front leg side kick that is the same motion as a lead leg feint, sidekick to the body, turning sidekick, leaping rear roundhouse, one two, etc. All of it is based in movement before the movement and harnessing that ability.  

-Later Folks and Family

Tumblr Defense LOL

T Fergs a Bad Mutha, shut you mouth
I’m just talkin bout Tony Ferguson,
Oh then we can dig it



Alright so if your not all the way in when it comes to MMA thats fine the sports ever evolving giving more to martial arts then anything before it. One of those innovative thinkers is Tony Ferguson. The man hits like a mack truck has cardio for 5 rounds and is as game as anyone ever. He is the dark horse at 155 and is capable of recking extreme havoc come 2016. What I’m touching on here is his elusivenessand abilty to escape from anything a bad look while striking to defending a takedown. Now BJJ folks are already up on this but those guys are the mad scientist on the mats rolling constantly eith no thought of MMA. Tony is taking a sub grappling move thats seen in Wrestling, Sambo, and BJJ. Hes literally somersaulting away from danger. If you think its a fluke think again because he does it all the time. Like I’ve stayed before there’s a new wave of guys coming that are inspired by traditional martial arts, movies and what I’ll call mid modern MMA (Pride, WEC, Strikeforce & UFC from 2000 to 2007). Conor when he slips gets 3 points of contact on the mat turns and circles away before standing up. DJ immediately locks up an arm when he slips and someone is trying to stack him. Tony when opponets try to take him down he just rolls with it sumersaults like hes licking up a oma plata and gets back to his feet same thing when hes striking.

How hes doing it so you can do it is not the real question, a cookie cutter move this is not. This movement is all based on you how you fell comfortable or even if you fell comfortable doing it because tumbling on an angle so your opponent can’thit you takes time. In sparring you have to do it over and over. To the point that your partner knows you are going to do it but can’t  stop it or has no answer for it after the fact. I love what I’m seeing and can’t wait for his fight against Barbosa tonight.

-Later Folks and Family