urban 121

So what you should know about me. Theirs really nothing that impressive I hold a black belt in TKD a brown belt in judo by pure dumb luck. Muay Thai was my introduction into the hard reality of leg kicks knees and elbows so yeah I know how that goes 10 years of that will do it. I have been schooled in the art of boxing since I was a little guy “thanks pops” . Fitness has been a life long thing because of some life changing experiences I had as a toddler and hearing that you might never walk ever changes how you think, meaning I’m gonna stay moving and experiencing until the wheels come off. So yeah not con artist here I’ve a student of the game is all with some creative ideas mixed with some old stuff. So yeah any questions email me dont forget to follow the blog.

-Stay Chill Folks and Family and those Kwantsu Dudes


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