Conor “Reclaiming Vegas”


Part 2/3 of my 3 part breakdown, this time around is the Conor side of things. The King of the UFC brand is back against the Company man of Company men. Both men’s mentality about fighting is the same they show up when they sign the agreement. Conor goes as hard as Donald without question. Conor wants to fight now and any comparison to Ronda is skewed in that balancing act, he tips more towards Frankie Edgar and Donald Cerrone than Ronda. Conor, however, understands the business and marketing plans and how to manipulate those things.


Conor fought Nathan Diaz twice and the reason the loss didn’t matter that much post that initial night is because every broadcaster or mainstream pundit with a mic in their face said the same thing. Nathan was too big Conors a 145er fighter a welterweight, which we all know isn’t true, I’ve made my point known about that previously. I respect the game the respect that level of hustle and sleight of hand fight above your weight class, make super fights and 20 million just for the bout and if you lose there’s no harm to the career because that next Sunday Monday it will be spun around. F@%KING BRILLIANT, you must respect this man’s hustle. 



Jump back to 1/15/2020 really quickly and taking all the analysis of Conor to this time we know the pattern and ability that Conor has. Conor is able to box in a front runner style with a clever slip and go counter 2 straight 2 rear hooks and an assortment of other angled and varied straight shots. Then how does Conor get to that shot PKA footwork mixed with a traditional boxing pedigree. Blitz to land the 2, v steps and shuffle steps are hidden by a thick mist of push kicks flowy roundhouses and also direct and to the point knees and elbows. We know what Conor moves are but citing Dom Cruz now apparently there are some new wrinkles added in Conors hiatus. What those are or aren’t could be an X factor in this fight so Ill slide Conor the major X factor on paper. Conor after 2 years is still a powerful and slick boxer that blends the traditional PKA practices before anyone else did in MMA to give equality to both the PKA kicks and Boxing ability some people shade one way or the other Conor doesn’t as he knows what shots deliver power and which ones are filling the ring with smoke tricks. Smoke and Mirrors versus a very loud classic country concert, that makes sense.

Conor can win this bout we know that but how can he lose is an interesting question, I say that the way it plays out on paper is what many of us expected out of the Aldo fight. How does Conor deal with someone his size that isn’t just trying to box with him but land the leg kicks to open the door for more varied strikes. Donald has better kicks better elbows and knees. Conor has better power and ability to deliver on his boxing without a shadow of a doubt. Jab and left hand versus leg kick and lead hooks it’s the most known thing in modern MMA even your mother knows this.


So to be very blunt Conor loses in mind from trying to pass Donald, guard, at some point and getting snatched their and then. Conor shows great neck choke, defense relative, to the people he fights, how he deals with the leg kicks maybe a replay of the max fight but against Donald at 170lbs who knows if he can get that shot off against a classic Jackson Wink and Mufasa trained fighter. Rude Boy Muay Thai ability versus Boxer should tip the scales like Holzken vs Joseph or Raymond Daniels, does he get iced out it’s less than likely but a 6 piece McNugget from Cowboy isn’t some far off thing it could happen especially if early leg kicks do their jobs. Moving on DO NOT sleep on Cowboy and more though is Conor isn’t, just some fans.    

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