Emanuel Augustus Whodini by Another Name

Emanuel Augustus

Every great fighter or phenomenal talent has a defining win and a fight that changes them and pushes them past what the normal expectation of fighting is or rather should be. Mighty Mouse vs Ian Mccall 1, Roy Jones vs James Toney, Jon Jones vs Jon Jones aka” Gus DC Coca DC and then himself again”, GSP vs Serra 1, and the one in boxing that people look over for the overall crazy progression of one Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather vs Augustus is the fight that pushed Floyd over the the line from potential hall of fame to achiever and bar raiser. Put why what makes this fight different from any other Mayweather win? Simple it was the change of the millenium and boxing was still very much blood and guts not far off the Gatti Ward Wars. These 9 rounds were not anymore or less brutal for Mayweather compared to a Castillo and Chop Chop, what makes this fight the pivotal one is that Augustus could hang, slips or slip and shot for shot with Floyd from a *less* than traditional style at times. Floyd was getting hit and Augustus was returning fire at a similar rate and with the same tier of slickness. Augustus was the antithesis of a Floyd Mayweather just as slick with a rock face.

Floyd did get the TKO so let me just say this up front the win and loses aren’t the point of these fights it’s a matter of the push and change. Floyds change is on changing his level its a bar thing Augustus was on his level but was an unfortunate bystander of poor decisions and boxing blackballing. Emanuel can sling with the best but his timing although different was at the time as good as the best to do it in Floyd and Roy. Floyd realized during and post fight that he needed to level up he couldn’t rely on speed and technical punches, but he had to plant the seeds of the soothsayer mentality of forcing shots out of an opponent. Mayweather began forcing the shots out of Emanuel and the timing allowed him to gain the upper hand in exchanges. It wasn’t the same Floyd that fought Cotto or Maidana rolling constantly and catching slipping and returning fire and landing each punch a throws, nope this was young Floyd getting hit with more than a jab and returning with what can only be called Sugar Ray flurries but with less volume and more persistent diction.

Emmanuel gets a tough wrap when you look at his record without context in the modern of MMA we are still privileged with promoters not holding true to the record percentage. Boxing in the modern era has not had the luxury however if you a fighter use this tale as knowledge of what’s possible. Blackballing aside Emanuels style is D Cruz in Boxing unknown but calculated movements that are either high return while being unknown with layers. Cruz however would say he’s more calculated which is true while Emanuel is more dangerous in those moments as he can but you away were Dom can hit you 9 million times Emanuel could end it with a three piece. What’s the MMA context here, to promoters it’s a tale of why the .630 fighter deserves a spot on the card. For fighters it’s film you should watch, as the tricks of the trade or old man skills are becoming basic where nothing Emanuel did or does can be anticipated. So praise Emanuel support the man and take the lessons learned kids.