Cowboy “I’ll Tell You What…”



Cowboy vs McGregor is the UFC putting together a classic matchup that makes sense in the mind and hopefully in the cage come the 18th. This will be a two-parter so keep your notifications on high alert and mull this take over with other opinions like a Brendan Dorman or Jack Slack.

One could think of this coming bout as the blockbuster MMA fight that should have taken place in 2016s second quarter. Not so much Mayweather Paqciou but a fight that makes genuine sense financially for the UFC, and then from the fan perspective be it a “casual” fan or hardcore fan. The impact of this fight is for my money the equivalence of a New Year Pride main event in today’s MMA landscape. Both skilled fighters with dynamic skills both men have similar skills and are fair better at different levels of each skill. The bout has the potential to be a blowout at either end or a barn burner of sorts. Okay, Segway to the breakdown for the betting and fans of the art.



Okay so let’s begin with Cowboy Donald Cerrone, a WEC era American Muay Thai stylist with the ability to find combinations and kicks off his boxing. Boxing loosely is Cowboy’s entry point sight the Jim Miller fighter as the apex of that ability. The ability to then kick is the definition of Cowboy, high and low kicks are done perfectly. He will chamber them in such a way that only Cowboy knows where this kick is going, now add that with your traditional Muay Thai skills with a loose guard and more lateral movement from a statuesque frame. Far from being stuck in the mud especially at 170lbs but not sweet pea Pernell Whitaker just a traditional Muay Thai skill, when firing its an unnerving skill imagine standing in front of a person that keeps throwing a right hand and leg kick and landing repeatedly but is just out of the way for a counter. The piece of the parlor trick is the foundation of Muay Thai far from the plodding style movies but small man Muay Thai is about controlling striking distance with all eight limbs. So the striking starts and ends with don’t let him leg kick because only Barbosa and everyone below 155 is better than him boxing, then allows him in the door but he is definitely hit-able and not hit-able depending on his focus. 

Cowboys ground game is again could be titled as prime era WEC, you don’t have to look far to see a comparison Anthony Pettit is still in the UFC. Off his back Cowboy and Pettit could be carbon copies of one another, 2000s era BJJ at its finest don’t leave an arm out or let your hand hit the mat if you anyone close to being in his guard. He will flip his hips and secure an armbar or catch a triangle with the ease of ADCC legend. If there’s something that’s underrated it’s Cowboys wrestling ability, one does not just stand with Benson Henderson because Benson feels like it no no no you have to be a quality wrestler to withstand that for any measure of time. Will he rival say a Usman, no but he’s a couple length behind let’s say a Robbie Lawler. A complete fighter with a weakness to absurd pressure sighting let’s take RDA Darren Till and Jorge Masvidal. 

So how can Cowboy lose this bout, simple if Cowboy gets in his head and succumbs to the pressure which is more of a struggle at 155 than 170 but it’s still a thing. Justin Gaethje T Ferguson both showed that but also Donald has shown some gumption at 70 against Mike Perry and Raging Al. Pressure has been a thing when talking about Cowboy because he’s an enigma of a fighter in fighter circles. Donald pushes the limits of sanity 12 to 14 fights a year and we all know he would fight every month very much a throwback like a 1920s throwback. If Donald feels comfy coming out of camp and not thinking about Conor 9 days before the fight, we can see a wild performance from a kicker first boxer second in Donald. I said how he can lose so here’s it Conor storms him with all the turmoil of his 2019 campaign with darts and dashes behind his sleight of hand striking of long rangy kicks masking a primed hellashish left hand or 1-2. That’s that Conor won’t wrestle him because he will get snatched as Conor likes to stack in the guard but against Donald, that’s a set up for a triangle. Conor knows better and has a lot to work for now coming off of multiple high profile losses. Conor left hand coming off of high percentage sniper-like shots amongst a firefight hidden in a firework display. Next is Conor in 2020 which will be up on Tuesday 1/14/2020. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned folks.

Hello, all its been awhile a few housekeeping things recent car accident and fun work-life schedule has crept into my fun time doing this. So this will be one of many previews to come, they will be formatted between myself and another individual.

-Be easy family

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