Rappers Need to Settle Down



So on LeBrons the Shop on HBO top 5 rapper of the post 2008 generation stated that someone was gonna put hands on Kanye West label executive rapper and Pharrell shooter Pusha T. Drake and other rappers have an uncanny ability to display themselves as a certain type of tough guy, I mean by that you have a lot a Conor and Floyd acting in the music business. There are few tough guys by my measure in the rap game case in point you have rappers that have posted videos of them hitting the bag and pads and nobody looks good on film Tyga Meek and that list continues. The only guys proving to be real tough guys or at least guys that are understanding what the real tough guys do are in the gym and training with little  to no theatrics associated with them doing so. We have all seen Drake working out etc your girl is a fan and you listen to him at the gym, Pusha T is a classic rapper dating to the Clipse with Pharrell and Malice, that being said tough guys are not throwing light jabs via an HBO show. Tough guys react like Khabib after 4 weeks, enough talking get after it, eventually there’s no other option and if you avoid it you didn’t really mean what you said and if your words not bond what do you have?



Obviously some may take exception to what I’m writing but if you examine all of this school yard arguing you will understand where I’m coming from don’t speak about committing violence when you weren’t prepared and obviously shaken by a fraction escalated potential that issues between actual tough guys could insight. If you not ready for the most extreme consequences that could arise don’t speak so brazenly about could maybe happen to a person physical sovereignty if they were to continue speaking on your personal life, be starkly direct with the individual and clearly line out what will happen “I will do such and such to so and so if they continue talking about etc” unless you plan to pull up like Matt Barnes or pull a Khabib or Diaz brother fight with Pusha. I don’t see that happening in the future just because, well I think both guys are too soft for that to be blunt.



Rappers are soft that much is clear when compared to anyone that’s training or trained, case in point is the now famous image of Drake acting all bout it bout at the weigh ins for Conor Khabib but looking shook down to his Timberlands when Khabib jumped into Conors corner, this is not a character attack on Drake but rather a large examination of the rappers need to be tough. From the guys I’ve watched train and use that loosely the only guys that could hangout with the crew in the gym are Wiz and my favorite talking point Ace Hood. Both guys are rarely if ever associated with nonsensical arguments in the media. Wiz is a calm guy perusal of anyone consuming that volume of cannabis regularly but the Muay Thai has probably mellowed him out even more if possible because of how training enlightens you on what the consequences and the energy you have to associate with fighting someone and more then likely like myself you realize that you have been training for 2 to 4 hours and are tired and don’t need the added aggravation and would rather go eat something and lay down, which leads to thinking things through and letting BS walk. Ace is just around a ton of killers at ATT so he knows what he can and can’t do along with the aforementioned consequences. That’s just my take and I will continue to listen to everyone just with a grain of salt and a “why you always lying” smirk on my face.  

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