Weight Transfer: First Shift



Variation in horizontal vertical planes of attack and the shifting of momentum between hard and subtle shifts in angle play is what the embodiment of the shift is based on. Without knowing how to do all of those things and recognizing when it’s being done to you means your being set up for death as Joe Rogan likes to say. If you need a visual check out Tiff Time Bomb or any of her fights she is the best I’ve seen at doing it with no side effects of getting countered while using the shift from southpaw to orthodox before after and while in the midst of exchange or combination.



Shifting can be done in many ways there’s no ceiling on it, everything is based on the mechanics you’re capable of using certain shifts people see all time is the downshift touched on by Jack Slack something that TJ Dillashaw And Dominick Cruz the two poster children for Neo Footwork  do all the time. Using a sudden stutter step to force the superior angle and extend what looks like a jab or a less dangerous punch or a snappy Tommy Hearns style jab, in reality its a heavy cross or hook that is setting up a even more devastating kick or knee to the body. Shifting is something that is easy to see in boxing and people recognize it as really extending on the punches versus a small subtle shift of weight unless it’s Mike Tyson throwing a hook head hook body hop off to the outside angle uppercut from hell combination. In Muay-Thai it’s a skill that has to be learned so learning advanced combinations is possible, as you can view being demonstrated and not being demonstrated by the Cowboy in blatant usage, watch the Till fight to see him not do it and then the Matt Brown and Myles Jury fights to see him shift in a academic way with little to no spice added that’s the zero fat option.

So what is shifting and how do you apply it, well I’ll start with examples. Take your classic 1 , 2, low kick combination like Aldo’s dutchie, every part of that combination is made more powerful and faster by adding weight shifting. When you retract that lead 1 drive that shoulder back forcing the body to extend sharply and with purpose on the 2 from the 2 your coiled up like  a loaded spring and ready to whip off a kick, that kick is hid behind the 2 and when you’re pulling the 2 back like the 1 the shoulder is driving the opposite side of the body through adding to the hips turning over on the strike. Everything can gain from simple weight shifts and carrying on with momentum. Another example is the Edson Barbosa body kick switch, leg kick, body kick learning to to transfer is what makes him that much faster and powerful.  

Being able to transfer is what makes switching stance so wonderful. From orthodox to southpaw is the  forgotten or glanced over piece to making switching in a Neo-foot work or my personal favorite Funk standing. What that is for example take the classic 1,2 from boxing why does it work? Well because when BLADED with zero chance of the take down you can focus on the timing distance etc. of striking. Now for say MMA or Kickboxing that’s not possible because of variables like the TD, or kicks, and knees in the clinch etc. So the piece to the puzzle was the stance change because the new angles involved and the ability to sidestep or pivot into your opponent’s blind spot as they shoot. The knock however us that you end up square and that’s the worst place to be when your opponent is is trying to counter with strikes of a knee tap, double, single, or whatever. Mighty Mouses biggest footwork issue was getting caught on the switch when in the pocket (mind you, you can always switch from distance the entire Alpha Male Team does it all the time and the drop shift is best done from distance to cause a reaction) he would get caught or dropped by John Dodson when he hit the switch in the pocket.

So hows it done

Well it’s a weight transfer

  1. Start by hitting a 1, 2 ;
  2. Then on the 2 step forward or through
  3. Re-fire that 2 so it looks like  1 but carries like a solid 2
  4. Then pivot or step through again layering that 1, 2 Combination
  5. So it now carries like a 1, 2, 2, 2 but looks like a solid 1, 2, step, 1, 2, step, 1, 2

That’s the premise of the weight transfer because the step is the shift it makes it quick and combines a feint with a strike with an angle change.

Try it out experiment with combinations watch some youtube videos Brendan Dormans Channel above and The Modern Martial Artist as well as reading Jack Slack’s post on Vice. Then all you have to do is drill, drill, drill, and go ahead and rest and keep drilling after that folks.


-Posse Out Cruise the Coast line Folks

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