UFC 229’s Mental Component



This is not an op on any press conference, or how one guy got the reaction or didn’t give the expected reaction to the opponent. It’s not about a casual fan base with casual writers and editors throwing up softball question or by comparison hard-hitting pieces that dissect every syllable uttered. This isn’t about the fans this is about the two individuals on fight night when that pin hits steel and there’s no escaping the cruel honesty of the cage you can’t hide in there and all your intentions come to the surface.



Mental games have existed since the first trash-talking session that ever escalated to a fight. Nothing that is being done is new or unheard of are lines being crossed, but of course one might say because all is fair in love and war. WAR is what both men want but they want the battlefield to exist how they see it, a practice or rather an expose in projecting what you see or expect to see in mind’s eye into reality. Khabib wants to beat and punish Conor while Conor wants to “take his head clean off”. This shows me what both mean are prepared for, one has a long intense detailed energy consuming game plan, while the other sees a start fast end it fast through complex traps and a shocking stopping ability. One wants to force the other to quit while one wants to take the choice away. Mentality dictates training and preparation.



How will the words and statements and I guess objects thrown impact the emotions going into hose seconds after the pin is dropped in that cage door? Will the insults cause anger or will both men be calm and focused engaging at optimal levels. Why do I stress anger well it may be something that people should carry over from Mayweather before trying to adopt and jab or counter 2 pull 2 methodologies done incorrectly but I digress and move onto the actual point. My point is Mayweather never attaches an emotion to the task of fighting he is calm and indifferent in the exchange, simply because his promotion is subtle digs at his opponent while propping himself up like Muhammed Ali. What drives Conor promo is a more vicious attack of what his opponents hold most dear causing intense frustration coupled with the knowledge that retaliation before the fight ends poorly for them. Meanwhile, Conor now has the media and a large fanbase of supporters spewing the same sentiments constantly while he now promos his skill. The complete opposite is Khabib was a self indulgence for the sake of promo means very little to him all he will voice are observations and facts, there is no fat in the discussion. Where Conor and Mayweather will take digs at the opponents Khabib just challenges them to do what every other opponent couldn’t do, not unlike the later years of Mayweather’s promo 40 some odd have tried and 40 some odd have failed. Now they could be no further apart from each other however the question becomes he meets the challenge how will the frustration fuel one side how will the self-aggrandizing fuel the other?

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