Stop acting so shocked by what took place on Saturday post-fight. The up on the mountain holy than through the crowd is an interesting group. The idea that Conor was keeping it real and gangster when he through a dolly at a bus all that time ago, but when the constant stoked flames pointed in the direction Khabib has finally quelled people are surprised he was still a rage with emotion. Let me put this plainly, Conor made insinuations about his family’s relationship with a Chechen dictator that Khabib has to deal with because of the repercussions of not entertaining him end with unknown horrors committed against his family. Everyone wants to conveniently forget that part because so many of us live in suburbia or a nation where that isn’t the daily existence. So back to the Conor fans that were thinking oh its just promotion. That’s cool if you’re viewing it on Instagram, but like the fighters currently suing and still dealing with the effects of broken glass in their eyes and face you may feel differently.


I will never condone what Khabib did jumping out the cage was reckless and short-sighted. I understand it because I’m, not projecting myself on Khabib. I am myself a black American that grew up in multiple settings existing in the hold suburbia played lacrosse rugby swam from the midwest a blue-collar stoic mindset was set early in my life, my parents imparting on me that I was to let my actions do my talking pre and post in bout game or any other events no matter what was done or said, I encountered my fair share of mistreatment being the sole black player on the lacrosse field. I and many of those that watched last night did not grow up in a country were it was a known fact that you would witness horror inflicted on people close to you by invading soldiers and extremist. That is the world Khabib grew up in watching friends suffer some dying, so when a truly cold and hardened man feels attached and is attached constantly these actions should be less surprising in the end.


Will this set up another fight is the following question the hypo-critic fan will now bring up. That isn’t the hypocrisy right there thats the slack jaw thinking so many old trainers orginal fans and fighters despise the most. It harkens to the fake tough guy persona although different of the idea Chael P. Sonnen presents. If you’re more interested in thr continuing story of tgis rivalry you weren’t interested in the outcome of this bout but rather the theatrics that built it up. From the moment that dolly was thrown and the inaction of the UFC to Conor drinking with Dana and the character attacks on Khabibs team what more do you want them to endure. When Luke and DC are the cool headed men in the cage canceling out the crazy things have gone to far. Everyone is to blame if the organizations want to cite Conors freedom of speech fine and good just be prepared when I guy cut from the I’ll let you speak but I will slap the taste out of your mouth old world mentality comes up and does exactly that, don’t get shook.

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  1. Herr Doktor · January 11

    Beautifully broken down ✅


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