Whoa whoa whoa the Sugars the Problem

Karin Michels, professor of the department of epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, recently during a lecture stated, regardless of the advice peddled by unqualified and self-appointed online health gurus, consuming coconut oil carries a raft of health risks.

I have a few questions and statements to add as an unqualified rebuttal or counter to this statement. Dr. Karin Michels sites like most health professionals that coconut oil has a significant amount more saturated fat content than other oils such as olive oil which is higher in unsaturated fat. However the fact that a recent finding done by the New York Times exposed the sugar industries demonization of saturated fats. (https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/13/well/eat/how-the-sugar-industry-shifted-blame-to-fat.html)

I will not bore you with the long story read it for yourself, however. It is safe to assume that the repercussive waves of the payoffs and lying done by certain scientist effects are still being taught as fact and truth. Now is this doctor someone with a hidden agenda no that’s not where I go to first, conspiracy is like below last resort. Now the online health guru I go to is on my favorite podcast a lot Dr. Rhonda Patrick. She isn’t some fake professional shes got the resume, I’m sighting her someone far smarter than myself. She stated in a video with Dr. Ron Krauss! “Dietary cholesterol has a negligible influence on heart disease risk. New video with Dr. Ron Krauss! https://t.co/8SuVGwObRX ” why is this?

I would say that because people don’t have or the findings neglected by the scientist approached by the sugar industry is hard to find or gone. The issue is or rather the behavior that increases your risk for heart disease, from a baseline zero not acknowledging any family history lack of physical or cardiovascular exercise. Starting from that baseline the issue is saturated fats combined with the American individual’s consumption of sugar the combination of that glucose to the saturated fats. Saturated fats inherently aren’t an issue further proved by qualified studies on the consumption of eggs with pre and post blood test to compare the levels of LDL. The people tested again because of conscious testing, nobody had cancer or are close to a century in age. Everyone tested either showed a zero change or a minuscule uptick in LDL. The saturated fat increase in the diets of these tested was increased but still fell below the levels of no return. Okay, I’m about to be very candid with everyone, the amount of coconut oil listed in the article on Dr. Karin Michels states that the consumption of coconut oil need to gain the benefits of the multi-chain triglycerides for metabolic boost and weight loss, you would need 10 tablespoons of coconut oil in comparison to the much less volume compared to 100 percent MCT oil. I sighted problem with this statement is island cultures eat enormous amounts of coconut daily or even weekly, what about these people who statistically are healthier by the by.

My issue is you will blow up every bathroom within 10 seconds of you before you reach the 3rd tablespoon folks. I’ve done the research on this boys and girls the body will not allow it, so cooking with it as a replacement to butter or lard ( which Dr. Karin Michels stated coconut oil was worse than lard, which again has been proven not to be bad unless combined with processed sugars). This is one person findings causing ripples on twitters and I’m a big proponent for cooking with coconut oil and consuming MCT oil from Onnit in large doses in my smoothies. Disclaimer here I do agree with Dr. Karin Michels about moderation, your body will show you your limits but I stress avoid that at all cost hot sweats and emptying your stomach for an hour isn’t fun. Extrapolating from there the major thing that needs to be addressed, don’t increase your saturated fat intake or rather don’t have an intake of saturated fat if you consume more than 20g I stay around 10g or less of processed sugar but eat ungodly amounts of fruits. I know fruit has sugar and is bad for keto etc, but I still sight show me a fat raw vegan and I’ll show you a liar. My levels are lower actually from when I started consuming coconut oil and MCT oil close to 3 years. That’s all take a listen to Dr. Rhonda Patricks Joe Rogan podcasts as well as her own…… a couple times……. with a notepad……and after a good nights sleep.


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