Whippin Hooks

Hitting a nasty left hook to the body doesn’t need to shake the earth you just need a touch folks. A old fact of striking be it Boxing, K-1, or Muay Thai the lead hook to the body is a tool that has put many a world champion on the canvas. Keeping it as tight as possible turning the hip over and digging the punch into the liver, head, or rib is the classic way and most tried and true. The less common or rather hardest to develop is a whipping lead hook, take a look at Floyd back when he was Pretty Boy, his left hook was and is fat free with zero slop in the movement. In mma one of tge best body lead hookers is Jorge Masvidal, kickboxing Neiky Holzken. All of them set up differently but motion remains the same generally a loose lead arm that becomes tense upon whip motion. (They arent tense before thriwing but at the very last instense and by increasing speed and observing the keverage oart of the arm as a tool the points of contact the front knuckles of the hand focus that power to the body.)

Now for a training tool go watch a Brendan Dorman video or check out Shannon Briggs, for training footage of complex skills observe heavyweights that are masters at it, simply because you can see all of their movements do to their mass. Aldos lead hook stopage was a harkening back to the days of his crazy boxing skills hopefully we get to see more of that style again soon.


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