Find what’s useful


Expanded thoughts lead to nonsense and brilliant innovation, take a look at Pat and Rose. They literally as a couple live the thesis of MMA, it’s a Musashi, Bruce Lee, etc quote. Utilize what is useful and set aside the nonsense. You see this in the way Rose lives her life she gets rid of the crazy nonsense with Joanna she just didn’t entertain her stuff, she is still doing that now. Pat discussed this idea on the JRE and from looking at the video the proof is there. The drill focuses just from my eye as a coach on getting full extension, accuracy, and recovery from the shots thrown. Full extension on accurate punches is more difficult than it seems because the eyes and body have to react as one so tracking the target and then rotating through said target, but the target is traveling at a rate of speed making throwing with the full body behind the strike were the bulk of training is happening. Now recovery is not based on cardio it’s the recovery of the limb thrown back to the guard and while tracking the next target. I’m sure Pat is looking for these things off the top but he more than likely has other looks he gauging like speed on lateral foot work to and from as well as off angle.

Will this help in the fight, thats a bad question whether it helps in this fight is odd this will help in all fights. I through this drill into the spectrum of on the line between sport specific and developing pure athleticism. Rose is a explosive athlete with breakneck cardio, her athletic ability is damn near tied with her skill level. She is the closest to Mighty Mouse in that regard, it’s uncanny. Now will this help in the JJ rematch, yes because the most basic punches hit Joanna and forced her back, those being 123. The jab opened her up or rather showed Rose the needle hole in which to throw the 2 which cracked her and the straights logically opened the way for the lead 3 its know different from middleweight Roy Jones or young Mayweather in boxing thank Trevor Wittman for that added sauce. With better accuracy Rose should be able to deliver everyone of these shots with more power because tracking Joanna body is simple comparison to a tennis ball. Big object of mass moving at lesser rate of speed is easier locate. I think this is one of those drills that will be copied at every camp moving forward.


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