Big Dogs Don’t Attack Buses



This was beyond childish, I cant see what Conor and his crew were thinking if this is retaliation for Khabib slapping Artem handle that with the said individual, besides that’s some Russian on Russian business. So what happened the gif above explains it, as reported on Twitter and through the MMA news train, the Mac Life production squad stormed the Barclays in Brooklyn as the fighters doing media bordered the busses back to the fighter’s hotel. Apparently, Micheal Chiesa has multiple gashes on his face so he won’t be cleared to fight obviously so that main card fight is out, Rose is pissed because she almost got hit by glass and an object so Danas on a mission to come her down to keep her on the card because without her this thing doesn’t sell like it would before. The videos show Conor was a very active participant fleeing the scene and attacking the bus. I don’t get what this would do other than keep your name in the press, but his name is already in the press its the second or third question all combat sports athletes get from BJJ to Boxing. Was this retaliation for the Artem Khabib thing, well then take the fight at 155 that was on the table. I’m just confused because this has never happened like this before now granted Pride FC was a madhouse at best this type of nonsense never happened in the wild west days so there a feather in the cap, the biggest shit show since UFC 200. If you wont to fight sign the damn bout agreement end of discussion, you don’t go to NY and disrespect the Barclays and then try to run away like this was some heist film. If this was some old skool gym war stuff I say we have Conor fight Till but that’s just me lol.

-Keep your head on straight


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