Garry Tonon



Garry Tonons is the hope of the BJJ based grappler or the newest glitch in the matrix I’m hoping for both folks both. Garry is a phenom grappler if you don’t know please do yourself a favour and watch the link here ( ). This was a master class in beginning striking levels you can cross compare Garry and Kron and you see how vast and calm Garry translated the similarities from how to move explosively and evasive with footwork from grappling. Now what Garry showed was sharp basics his straight punches were true and straight his timing for the hook was based on the GSP level change for the reaction and then strike. Evade to create space than close space faster than the opponent can react with 2 or 3 option don’t overload yourself overload their mind. The matrix that is MMA should be scrambling because the performance Garry put on is a roadmap to the needed level of striking you need to translate to MMA, not just footwork or touching shots but power and set up punches and kicks that you expect to see from your standard striker at any of the big Teams like ATT.


What I consider the basics, his hands are up he V Steps and mirrors to cut off the exist and cut off the ring. His jab was TRUE AS MATH, the kicks where chambered on the initial steps, patients was evident from the jump. Switch stepping to look at the angles and force a change from distance and not in the pocket where he can be hit, knee up foot flat to check kicks hands up elbow down to guard against small gloves not just an open palm to catch a fist which never works (SMALL GLOVES FOLKS THIS IS VALE TUDO). Lastly timing power, Garry has taken more grappling shots than most humans on this earth he knows how to explode and he translates that into a straight punch A to B is the quickest path and he set it up with a jab like a JOCK. This is very simple but its hard if you don’t have patients in the fire, people grappler or beginner whatever they lose their mind in the cage and the game plan and training goes out the door. Through Garry’s years of high level grappling experience against the killers at Renzos (Danaher DEATH SQUAD!!!) he stays calm under the most exhausting and fierce circumstances which makes MMA just a normal day in a somewhat different lane. I’m happy OneFC made this pick up and I can’t wait to see the growth to come.  


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