Uppercut or Starter’s Pistol?

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The progression of MMA is here and now after this weekend but my viewpoint on it is a tad bit different than the average fan. Frankie is not done he needs a break while evaluating his options be it at 145lbs and 135lbs (his natural weight class folks lol). So with Brians win this past weekend as well as the wins from Mackenzie Dern, Sean O’Malley, Ketlen Vieira, and Cody Stamann. However, this night of fights wasn’t that crazy for the new generation this is more a smaller snowball effect, from Cody beating Dom but then losing to TJ Max beating Aldo twice Conor at 155 with Tony and Khabib. There are countless other examples from early in 2016 to now, case in point Israel Adesanya who has the most potential to be the new generations GOAT.  Now my thoughts on the new wave taking over are two sides of the same coin, they have a long way to go still skill wise and dominance wise because of recent wins from the old guard and the lack of new blood in certain divisions. Champs like Rose, Mouse, TJ, Woodley, DC, Whitaker, and Stipe are dominant fighters from the tail end of that MMA exploding generation of 2008 to present.


The WEC, Strikeforce, and Bodog fighters that got absorbed by the UFC extended the generational timeline for the early 2000 generation of fighters because they were really one group in the same. This is more so the beginning of the measurable data versus a gut feeling about the progress, why because the data is now seen in 155 lbs, 145 lbs, and at 135 lbs. Lower weight classes are usually where we see the trends coming from, the lower the weight class the more skill and faster turnaround of skills which intern speeds up evolution. The more dramatic injection that we can look at is on the woman’s side of the game with Cyborg finally being recognized as well as the intro of Mackenzie Dern and “Thug” Rose coming full circle this is more so the new generation take over with Cris being the outlier like a GSP. At the end of the day, this metric can only be measured with wins and losses which are a contest of milliseconds and centimetres generally. Lastly to bring it full circle once the Frankie Edgar versus BJ Penn domination of a 5 round fight happens or the TJ versus Barao performance happens in more than just two weight classes I can say with no reservations about declaring the new generation a mainstay.


-Later folks  


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