You Will See Change

Let me just say even though I am not a health professional, however let me be very clear after a week of this intense set of movements on week 4 measure your waist legs etc, and you will see a change.


Do as follows 1 to 4 mile run starting at 70%, then 80% to 90% finishing with 100% through out the week intensity will change while distance stays the same.

400-600 yard TIRE FLIPS (Diesel or Whatever you can flip) or dumbbell dead-lifts.

.75 Mile Run at 60% to 75%

15 Min Jump Rope

EMOM 40 Double Unders

Swim Either 0.5 mile or to failure


Sprint .80 miles no more then at 80%


For you over achievers out there:

Endurance Swim 10 Laps at a Time for .90 Miles

Between each 10 laps do 40 Strict Press Dumbbells with 20% of Max

Jump Squats 5×30


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