Week 2 You Got This Ladies



Let’s start with you can take this advice or not it really doesn’t matter because I’m not a doctor or a nutrition, I just know how strength and endurance correlated correctly benefits people.

Air squat for at least 25 perfect repetitions

Front Squat 5×5 80% of your maximum

Box squat 3×5 100% or 90% of maximum depending on feel


Dumbbell Cleans 21-1- 9


Pull Up Bar Hangs to Failure

Now Rest

Jump Rope 15 minutes, Erg 5×5 sub 2 minute 500 meter row, 600 plus meter swim, 3 Mile Run

Take another page from the Jujitsu world, THEY HAVE FIGURED IT OUT FOLKS THEY KNOW WHAT WORKS. Think of yourself as a race car your fueling to optimize your body. Move towards clean keto meals 4 days a week high protein, high amount of vegetables, medium amount of fruits, no grains outside of cheating and refined sugars. For two days when starting indulge in a sandwich tacos burritos dumplings alongside the keto deal. Cut loose on one day or for two meals. Or stay strict keto for six days or all week.

Here are some foods

Any fruit is great no one ever got fat eating fruit….ever

Your regular everyday vegetables then add some of the bitter or darker vegetables available, for smoothies sautes or etc.

Proteins unfried fish, chicken, steak, wild game, etc. Whatever you feel like.

Cheat with Gyros, Goat Milk, Fish and Chips look for Mediterranean or Italian dishes.

Always remember that everything in moderation including moderation folks. Also if your a Vegan that’s fine keep on doing what you’re doing just up your protein intake via vegan supplements and step away from refined sugars.


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