Let Me Try This Again


My bad forgpt tp edit my note pad babbling I apologize for that. So Conor and Floyd is going to happen, fantastic for those teams make your paper. How this plays out in real time is very basic, the boxer wins in boxing the MMA fighter wins in MMA. Boxing isn’t a overlapping sport when it comes to MMA. Yes there is boxing in MMA in that punches are thrown but the suttle nuances that create the jazz of boxing. Floyd lives in that nuance his body is programmed to do an actual pull counter or jab and dip or jab to 3 or close distance on with the high guard body 4 3 step off push off 2 v step back. Those are just basics in Floyds book versus anyone in MMA outside the top lower weight 35ers and 25ers like Dom, DJ, TJ, and Cody truly having an understanding of how why when and where to do those things. Now can the man Floyd will face move in a similar way and how relevant is that? Well yes Conor can move like a boxer but the fundamental proven ways to move is where he lacks. Secondly yes his understanding of why and where to pull off certain punches or slips is very relevant because understanding the actual speed and distance makes all the difference in boxing. The Conor fans will say he gages distance and has incredible speed and power, right got it for the 100th time but what about when the rubber meets the road folks. Meaning what about his sparring film versus Chris Van Heerdeen where he got out classed on some amature versus pro type stuff it was embarrassing. Next is the discussion of power, a misconception is flyod has no power or never has had  power, this is so false and slighty ignorant Floyds KO ratio is damn near the same as Manny Pacquios. Why has his KO number gone down post 2000s well simple he went up in weight from liggt weight and junior welterweight making Manny look very USADA suspicious. Also power isn’t lost for a highly intune professional his hands are brittle and he basically pulls his shots back something you learn to do after years of heavy bag work, eventually you get good at punching fast without numbing your hands by adding extra dig touching is enough for most punches you know are just a reset ahot to begin with. Now can Floyd still deliver power, yes ask Canelo why he didn’t just keep pressing forward?   Brendan Dorman has done a breakdown of the sparring and disccussed boxing power versus MMA power just for a visual reference.

Okay so in refernce to Conors fights the best boxer in Nate just with basic fundamentals showed in even MMA with volume you can rock Conor and force him out of it. Hitting Conor isn’t hard to do for moderate boxers and with Floyd a notorious cardio bumny who’s been working his shoulder back and biceps muscle endurance in the same plans of movement since he was a toddler. Conor will get tired, the gas tank gets drained faster when you explode im your offense and defense (Tyson like) and even more so when you miss hit air and have to stop the momentum and pull back the shot while being out of position. Now will Conor be explosive at the start and Floyd will have to do his usually computing to find his time and pull certain shots out from him be giving an assortment of looks like the high guard open body that he uses to leap in that sprint stance counter or lead 2. Honestly I don’t think Conor or his crew undersatnd how fast Flyod is in traditionally slow or rather complex multiple step positions such as the lead shoulder cross roll to body or jab even against a southpaw. If you are looking at the time Zab caught him or Mosley caught him and thats you saving grace for this bout you have already messed up. Why, because he has improved since then his dad reinforced his defense reactions to move versus rolling all the time. Watch the Robert Guerrio bout he broke his hand and played the evade land evade evade land dance away land game versus just rolling. In fights against guys that use distance as defense Conor hasn’t been able to land heavy shots for the KO. Max Holloway who doesn’t have the body movement or head movement of Floyd but he evades with full body movement in that Conor match. So take all that and Floyd will ghost Conor like he ghosted Robert.

There is no B side to this match very little in x factors and from the sparring tape and fight history as well as credentialsof both men Conor has little chance in this fight and may get seriously injured because if how long Floyds been able to rest his body, similar to that Juan Manuel bout. So thats my take on this wild day, RIP to Mrs. Jones and sorry for my original incoherent piece.


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