Week 1 Because it’s Hot Outside

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“Pace Yourself” 

Endurance training to calm even paced music will help keep you on the correct pace, instead of running full clip and gassing out so fast. Pacing is the key word to this style of training so listen to something like this,

Building that endurance to go for ever. This isn’t just for combat this is for life its been proving having a gas tank means more time doing the fun stuff. For the adults out there you know what I’m talking about, wink wink head nod wink chuckle. Okay whats the workout, its a pretty simple workout but you have to focus on your body.

Run your max distance if you already run or run as far as you think you can go be it 1 mile or 8.


  1. What we are focusing on is breathing through the nose to work the lungs properly, don’t mouth breath and if your getting winded slow your pace down.
  2. Pace is everything were not setting a new track time we are covering distance and expanding those lungs people.

Next part of the workout pool work or a 4K row on an erg

In the pool we are working breathing at a higher pace, because swimming forces you to conserve your breath we can focus on the sprint and recovery so do as many laps as you can back to back. Then take a break to regain your normal breath through the nose.

  1. Do as many of these sets as possible
  2. Focus on your breathing.
  3. For the advanced swimmers start with breathing doing two strokes and breathing again. Increasing the number of strokes every set by one.
  4. Variable breathing is a key to endurance as long as you can control your pace you’ll be fine.



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