Beast vs Super Samo

Hunt versus Lewis 



Hunt the K-1 Champion high-level ever-improving takedown defence, versus Derrick Lewis who’s a legendary heavyweight Boxing trainer Larry Holms with an ever improving fluid striking game and improved cardio. Name of the game is a striking war this fight on the mat won’t happen I think, Hunts kickboxing experience and flowing in and out of striking styles. This bout could end fast or it could be a very interesting long fight.

Breaking it down Derrick needs to stay on Hunt and look for his shots behind the jab, no dipping down vertically because that’s how you catch a 6 from Hunt. The 1 and 2ares where he is safe because of the height and the power factor he creates being bigger. If Frank gets into a slugfest it is ill-advised and rarely works out for the person going to war with Hunt the man’s got steel in his chin. On the ground,  if Derrick wins he has very good wrestling defence subbing Hunt is not really a factor.  It’s pretty much a given that if Hunt lands its lights out for Derrick and if Derrick lands it could be lights out as well.

For Hunt to win he needs to use that striking, the K-1 stamp is something only 2 other UFC fighters have ironically they both are heavyweights…go figure can use. Marks 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 are atomic bombs that are pro boxer sharp he hides them behind devastating leg kicks and switches leg kicks and that wonderous footwork. Hunt rolls shots like Duran and Archie Moore from the shoulder and off the neck roll and chin roll. If he leg kicks Derrick be sure to watch the punch he sets up off that kick. Front leg kick followed by a 2 or 3 rear leg kick followed by a shovel 4 or straight 2 then cold stiffness is usually followed. Hunt if he can tag up Derrick, may want to pressure him with footwork and get to the outside shoulder against the cage and dropping an 5 or 6 ends the bout like his classic walk-offs have usually ended. Staying off the mats for any extended time is paramount, Hunts a purple belt so I’m not super worried about him there.

Okay, I’m rolling with my man Marky Mark Super Samoan Hunt, I’m K-1 loyal and love the new Hunt with his weight loss and commitment to AKA Thailand where he can tighten up his striking with the OGs in Thailand like he did for those K-1 shows. I think this is the biggest test for Derrick Lewis. That’s my take I know the UFC are trying to push Derrick with a high profile test while having Hunt play gatekeeper.



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