You Will Be Sore

Talk with mum today in this experiment of son training mum was about her being sore after three days of continuous physical exercise, she said her legs were sore so I gave her my solution.


Well my response was, hey hey hey you will be sore, it will suck but that’s okay. Why is it fine because you will be sore for the first week of the ramp up phase of your lifestyle change, think of it this way. You are a car or rather a door hinge, over time of non-use the hinge starts to stiffen up and squawk when being used again. The soreness is purely just the WD-40 being expressed by the body so after a week of changing things and the body basically being reprogrammed to be physical again. Now give it a week and if it persists get some shark cartilage or turmeric powder (1 tablespoon daily), reduce your sugar intake to reduce inflammation which could be heightening the soreness.     


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