Run That Back

Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko



Well the rematch at 135 is gonna be intense because both women are high-level fighters everywhere unlike where the division use to be like all things progression. Each of these women’s striking is up there, Valentina obviously has the edge with a  Muay Thai championship and all beating Joanna. Not to be ignored is Amanda’s boxing power and IQ when it comes to the mid-range, her ability to throw all sorts of kicks is also an important element to her game. Amanda’s striking is like Conors flash to draw the eyes and then plant a canon on the chin. The difference between her and Conor is a laterally evasive movement which she doesn’t really show a lot and the very nice leg kicks that Conor doesn’t use excluding the Nate fight. Now on the mats, Amanda has that edge and I’ll explain why gassing out was an issue in the last fight but it’s not because Vals got this crazy gas tank either. Both are close in talent level and ability it’s just Amanda’s pressure and power give her the edge and gave her the edge in the first fight.

 Amanda_Nunes_vs_Valentina_Shevchenko_highlights (1) Amanda_Nunes_vs_Valentina_Shevchenko_highlights

Amanda’s power is a real concern at 135 she hits hard like hard….Metro Boomin hard. Now her gas tank isn’t the issue like people are suggesting, in the last fight, she had Val hurt and was teeing off on her for a full round so yeah she might have been a little tired after that kind of adrenaline dump like that. Now if that were to happen again and you give Val that 3rd round I’m almost positive she would have been recovered for the 5th round and it would have looked a lot like the 1st and 2nd rounds, mainly because she wasn’t hit with as much devastation as she hit Val with, Val mainly controlled her from the top. The game plan for Amanda is similar to the first fight. Amanda I believe should feint in vs the bull rush like Holly, because you will get checked, leg kick leg kicks leg kicks and redirection with hooks before dropping straights….pretty standard stuff. Val is totally different get Amanda to respect your power speed and the wrestling so in the 1st round make her respect the shot then the speed and power so she doubles back when she enters to strike then pick apart from range before doing any spinning attacks or shooting for real. Lastly, Val should stay off the cage, I think, unlike Holly whose power is in those legs, Amanda will punch and kicks with heavy power so be advised get off the cage fast quick and in a hurry.


-Interesting rematch for sure


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