Cowboy vs The Boogie Man

Donald Cerrone vs Robbie Lawler


Both guys are coming off losses and this fight will right the ship for both win or lose, so with that being said, that should give the f the world mentality that both guys already have shown. Some things have happened with Robbie he left ATT and is now training with Henri Hooft which proves to me that there is a God. Okay so why do I feel that way mainly because of how Henri operates as a coach, there is no room for bad technique with him. Look at Anthony Johnson, Michael Johnson, or Tyrone Spong; all of them are fluid and sharp with every strike they throw. Now my biggest beef with Robbie’s technique is only with his kicks he just doesn’t have the range of motion to kick well he delivers power on multiple of occasions he’s proved that. Know if you clean up that kicking he will be devastating because he will be able to play with more combinations versus using it to just force someone to raise their hands before punching now he might be able to connect cleanly. Another X-factor in this bout is whether or not the last 4 wars he’s been in and the devastating 1st round KO, the question is how much has it taken from his chinny chin chin. I guess we’ll find out I guess.

  Donald_Cerrone_Kickboxer UFC_181_Robbie_Lawler_vs_Johny_Hendricks_II_Highlights_HD

Now how does this play out in the fight well pretty simple it’s going to be a striking war. Donald will more than likely target the head body head like a Dutch kickboxer and Robbie will look to attack that body like everyone does. The key to winning this fight is all about maintaining a level of pressure both guys are pressure fighters. Volume and pressure who every maintains will win don’t anticipate any counter shots really just the forward march. If it goes for five rounds it’s Robbie’s round so Donald has to come alive from the jump to win some rounds because Robbie in the fifth is a legend and pretty much the boogie man for those 5 minutes at least guaranteed. I would love to see a return to 3 and 5 point combos from Donald that was what made me love him in the WEC and when he got to the UFC mainly because his transition into knees and leg kicks are Kevin Ross like and he gets to the head from legs so fast it’s insane check the gif he hits Matt Brown with a same leg switch with the quickness. Wrestling goes in the way of Robbie and submissions to Donald I don’t anticipate anything but ground and pound with Robbie on top or some wrestling defense.


-Thats that bangers on banger on bangers


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