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Week 0 of Cardio

 pull hang Vz7ywBHow_to_do_a_dumbbell_or_barbell_overhead_press_properly_www_womensfitway_com 3_Lat_Pulldown_Variations


This is at the very least a 3-day split depending on if you want to take a rest which I strongly advise just clear your head usually on a Sunday or something. So the split works like this 3 days out of the week focus on the cardio with some accessory movements afterwards so like a lat pull down or overhead press maybe a light deadlift leg extension or calf raise. The cardio I want you to start with is a cardio based movement that also includes a plyometric movement or rather involves some type of plyometric, think of jumping to jump you explode up and then land, so you use muscles to ascend and then when you land to stabilise.

First, take a few laps of walking and jogging lightly to get things loose because umm stretching doesn’t really work think of it this way, I can lift 500lbs with my legs why would 10lbs of tension do anything to that muscle. So rather get warm lube the gears heat versus tension. So our movement will be an air dyne for 40-60 Kilometres your heart rate needs to be above cruising altitude so 65 to 75 percent max heart rate. We are building a base this week and for this period rather, get comfortable adjust the seat and get your podcast (Culdesac Kids plug) or music playlist, because this 30 to 45 minutes will be the bulk of today’s session. Now if you don’t have an air dyne get on a spin bike or a stationary bike, and do about 30 minutes a  double-digit resistance. This workout day should only take at the most an 1 hour and 20.  

Next up take a lap or 2  to recover slightly grab some dumbbells and start light and move up depending on your strength level. Now we will do a seated overhead press then a lat pull down. Overhead press at x weight for you for 25 reps at 5 sets with long breaks in between. Lat pull downs at x weight for you for 15 reps at 10 sets with moderate breaks in between.

Lastly, we do a hang, something I’ve been doing since I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a hang from a pull-up bar not so much a pull-up but just hang for 30 secs at a time to increase the range of motion and restore mobility in the back and shoulders. That’s that you’re done unless you have some more accessory stuff you wish to do but that’s it from me.




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