Somebody’s going NIGHT NIGHT

Yoel Romero vs Robert Whittaker

  Yoel_Romero_Highlights_HD_2017 Robert_Whittaker_Highlights_HD_2017

Speed and explosion versus an even burn, that’s how this fight is going to be played out can Robert take the explosion and can Yoel recover enough to explode more than twice a round. Yoels key to victory are what they always are, use your freak ability with fundamental striking to separate your opponent from the body. Roberts keys are also the same move around and test that cardio and then put it one Yoel when he gets tired follow that Tim Kennedy game plan, fatigue him and beat him down. Easier said than done for both guys obviously.


The fight in my mind goes down this way Yoel explodes if he connects it might be a wrap from the jump so Robert should avoid that with everything he’s got. Yoel should not explode without a high percentage shot no movement without purpose. Robert needs to cause Yoel to move fast and with purpose based off his striking get Yoel moving because he explodes with everything defense and offense, so if Robert stays at 70% while Yoel uses 100% of his energy to defend and attack. Yoel has gotten better at with this conservation of energy which you can see in the Weidman fight he conserves doesn’t defend the TD but just gets up. Yoel should use that mentality if he wants to conserve himself. Now if Yoel gets too reckless it will probably look like Robert vs Sousa, bump knuckles is a accurate title he hits hard is swift with the hands which opens up the kicks and when he connects he turn over on his shots like a crude version of a K-1 level striker, unlike the guys Yoel has previously fought none of them had the combination endurance or the striking ability to fire the combinations need to take Yoel out. Finally, it’s an interesting fight and will probably live up to the hype that Woodley Wonderboy was supposed to live up to.


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