Hey it’s Hot outside lets Jump and Swim

   Everybodyswim_Butterfly_stroke CHAD_MENDES_TORQUE_WATER_JUMP

“Jump and Swim”

For the folks like me hat love to swim laps in the pool, boy do I have a workout for you, so lets hit it coast line style.


6 laps at 50% Freestyle

Now we begin

8 x 6 Laps with Freestyle, Breast Stroke, or if your crazy like my brother Butterfly.

1-2 at 60%

3-4 at 70%

5-6 at 80%

On the last set of  laps do 2 laps at 100% sprint and then rest and then do the next sets like that with a rest in between each set of sprints. Recovering so you can sprint is punching your lunge capacity. I love doing my last 10 laps doing a butterfly stroke which seems to really increase that sprinting cardio. Theirs something about swimming that increases cardio and helps with increasing muscle capacity when it comes to striking look at the Diaz brother endurance athletes that swim a lot and they never get tired by throwing punches.


But wheres the jump of the swim and jump, right here friend. In between your first set of six and your second set do some squat jumps in the pool to failure then take a time for the heart rate to drop back to resting . After every set get at least 70% of the squat jumps you did your first time. Jumping in the water is usually a sport therapy movement, but why not use it for building strength in your low body. I mean look what the Marv Marinovich did with BJ Penn increasing his explosive and low body endurance in the pool. Try and feel how hard it is to jump with a constant drag on your body. Truly training at 9000 times gravity, I’m just Sayin.

So the final program will look something like this

Swim and Jump

1-2 at 60%

Squat: Jumps to Failure

3-4 at 70%

Squat Jumps 70% of Failure

5-6 at 80%

Squat Jumps 90% or to Failure again

Have Fun in the pool becoming a Super Saiyan lol.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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