Ground Zero

Week 0 Strength Complex 2 Days out of the Week.

 Goblet_squat T2bGCc B3Ch_Q.gif

 Elbows_In_Dumbbell_Press How_to_One_Arm_Dumbbell_Row_Alexandra_Wilson.gif

Let’s start with a warm up take a few laps to get warmed up and then head to the leg extension machines. We start with the legs to burn those down before we switch body parts. Do 5 rounds of 3 sets of leg extensions for each leg, rounds 1 and 2 are done with light weight for 15 repetitions. Rounds 3 and 4 moderate weight for 10 repetitions. Round 5 go as heavy as possible and do 8 repetitions for each leg. Take a break in between each rep when you get to more and more tired the movement is what is important not your cardio.

Now we hop on calf raise machine for 6 sets work up to 80% of your body weight for 16 reps. If there is no calf raise machine to do dumbbell lunges with a manageable weight for you around 15 to a max of 30lbs for the same reps and sets. Next movement will be an old favourite goblet squats with as much as you can hold be it a dumbbell, plate, or kettlebell. Knees out back straight no bowing with a full range of motion. Go to failure 4 times please and breath afterwards.

Dumbbell Row and Dumbbell Press now, this is a very important movement or set of movements builds that back structurally and helps maintain the chest and shoulder. So on the dumbbell press keep the elbows in no chicken wings we aren’t flying folks and if you start flapping your asking to destroy that shoulder. Now for the dumbbell row similar to a squat or deadlift, you don’t want in slack in the back ramrod straight at the angle you need, pull that weight to full range of motion meaning if it’s too heavy you will have to use momentum to get it up versus just pulling so drop some weight. Consult the gifs please.

Finish the weights with some heavy lat pull downs pull around your max lets say 5 reps for 7 sets and step back breath and smile for me.

Lastly, jump on the airdyne or bike and give me at the most 35 Kilometres at the least 20 kilometres based on what your morning heart rate was if it was high, relax and go 20 lower or regular be an overachiever today.


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