Cub vs Choi UFC 206

It was like a video game lol

Killer Cub versus The Korean Killa Kid, vicious combination striker behind a terrifying straight 2. Choi is the most dangerous 145er to ever come out of Koreas Deep organization were at only 18 to 20 he was starching grown men with his baby face and doing it with ease no tells in the shot and a Travis Browne long stance with a probing lead hand. If you don’t see the similarities between Conor McGregor and Choi your sleeping on this kid the thing he’s got that Conor doesn’t have on his level is the granite chin of a Korean something about Korean genetics I swear the tough life through the centuries has made them endures of some tremendous amounts of punishment. Now this is not some Jimmy the Greek piece it’s a tale of two vastly similar and different opponents.


In cub we have the old genius creative striker with a slept on grappling game that has never stopped being Cubby, no matter that hes fighting cartwheel kicks 180ing into his 10 to the body. He is funk on the feet before Cruz was hitting his Ali jigs and darting off the feints of his opponent Cub was dropping his hands to his hips leading with a dart going low throwing and landing a 9 to the head and coming backup to eye level to drop a 2 or 4 while gearing up to run his hands some more or hit an uchi, that’s called “Beautiful Destruction”.

Choi is the same but the opposite pure technical refined combinations what I mean is that he will throw a 1 2 3 to the body alla Bas Rutten and every boxer ever but you cant stop it there s no stopping it you may think you can counter but it is so straight and correct and his distance perception is so keened in that he can drop that when and were he pleases with a smirk saying go ahead and try to stop it. Along with the Conor parallels he has a tool in his belt that many critize Conor for and that’s his straight wrestling ability Cubs no all American but he’s been around the block with a judo black belt and BJJ black belt he knows what’s good. Choi is another stand out wrestler like Stun Gun Korean Zombie and Sexy Yama( he’s Korean and a Judo Black Belt). Flashy no effective hell yes, he feeds singles and pushes the head down immediately like the Great at 125. Now the kids major issue that the Jackson team picked up on in round 1 and explained to Cub is that Choi has difficulty fighting backwards which is point of fact in fighting you will fight backwards in a fight like you will get hit like you will get tired like you will have to adjust. Cho has never had to move backwards and Cub forced him to and exposed the lack of defensive footwork there and if that’s the major issue this kids gonna be hell and possibly the 145lb champion.
I’m not going to go to deep in this fight but Cub landed combinations his specialty which is another article altogether. Cartwheel kicks like a Jockey Gym Pro from the Saenchai and Ledsilla styles. Fight of the year very likely important fight for people to watch to realize anything is possible if you train it enough folks.


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