Jungle Fight

Max Holloway vs Jose Aldo


I’m very interested in this bout specifically because of the reset it gives the division, with Conors antics along with the UFC a win with Aldo helps to re-establish him for certain casuals that weren’t watching him before Conor. It makes a move for Aldo to 155 very interesting especially if he’s trying to fight Conor again but at 155 this time both at their more natural weight class. Bonus for Max is it sets him up to be the next big thing at 145 with a win over Pettis and then, Aldo, he will be huge within the fighting world and possibly with a number of casuals that will tune in due to both fighters connection to Conor it may make him a star if he has fight of the year performance. Outside of what it can do for Max if Max wins he’s fighting Frankie which is interesting because what Max did to Cub Frankie can do and has done to everyone but Frankie so there’s that. Based off training footage and past growth specifically in huge leaps by Max I’m leaning towards nobody because of how good Max gets during his breaks, and because now Aldo has shown a trek back to his past ways of dutchies and explosive shots and subsequent TD defense, my worry is how this weight cut went this time around with the need for a towel on the scale that scares me. Then again Max is a young savage but he’s fighting in Brazil.

    Max_Holloway_Blessed_UFC_Highlights_Knockout_2016_2017_HD Jose_Aldo_Highlights_2017_COLD_KILLA


UFC 213 is going to very interesting, to say the least, Oh well short and sweet of it all is Max’s level of growth in between fights and the b side is his love of throwing hooks and  from the start beginning to find his sweet spot similar to surfing on a new board getting to your sweet spot is paramount so you don’t tip back or forward or so you can just stand up Aldo is what is now old skool MMA boxing at its peak with straight shots a less leg kicks than you or I would like from him let alone a dutchie but on paper how do you counter a hook you know is coming you fire down the pipe straight, true point a to point b straight line mathematics. But the jab is key for Aldo something that isn’t devastating to Max who ate shots from Conor at 145 so it will have to be high revving for the jump to force some respect and cause Max to reset, unlike what Cub did. Aldo I think needs to show some WEC shit, explosive timed fundamental shots and let’s use that 3 to the body sparingly or at least use and block intelligently and step off after firing because Max has the range and can counter with hooks and straights off a hook back at Aldo. Lastly, I don’t think Aldo at 145 could eat the same body shots and head shots he took even against Chad like he once did, honestly, I hope he’s serious about moving up after this fight.


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