Everybody Down, The Rebel is on Campaign Again

 Rebels Back  First things first Culdesac Kids is back pep the podcast


Rebels Back and everyone needs to be afraid very afraid; because every fighter and hardcore training fan love kickboxing’s blending of traditional styles with one another creating hybrids like the Dutch style and the resulting gumbos that kickboxing has created. I have not so much a technical breakdown of the man I have done that already LINK. Gokhan Saki is one of the greatest modern era kickboxers to compete he makes dudes look silly and has hammers in every limb used to strike with. Something he does very well is an old Bas Rutten sticking point something El Gupo preaches to fighters something for them to start doing. The multiple punch combination changing the elevation of the strikes and finishing or beginning them with a kick. Something about that Euro or Dutch style of Muay Thai was just right and not much can touch it to this day. What makes Gokhan so great is his basic Mike Tyson combinations he punches with purpose, forcing the opponent to guard the targeted area then he immediately rebounds like a coiled spring from where ever he is and then lands a blow where the guard isn’t at. Now Gokhan is headed to the UFC they signed him early this week and it very well might be the greatest move in recent light heavyweight history.

Now what does that mean in the grand scheme of things well it means that 205 just got interesting barring that Saki performs like everyone and the mother is hoping he performs plus it give the UFC a bigger foothold in Amsterdam, a reason to head back to the UAE and real potential in Turkey, Saki is a golden goose in many ways like Conor but more so, a spectacular and storied kickboxing career might do that for you and on top of all that your work ethic and never say die attitude in training and more so in the ring are stuff of legend. So what does the man do to prep my 2 cents are as follows. Train with the Turkish national wrestling team and just straight wrestle for a long while then at Golden Glory everything but bag work is done with MMA gloves. That’s about it I think most people understand that Saki forgot more about technical striking than anyone outside of possibly Alexander at 205 have ever learned most of the stuff they copy he made into highlights. Now controlling where the fight happens is priority number 1 after that as you will from there because ain’t nobody stopping that monster when he’s rolling and he’s as consistent as Ghost Face when it comes to hip-hop. Now, what does this mean for the UFC as a power move? Well, it’s a more thought out move versus that CM Punk thing but even more based on a real foundation versus that Sage thing, not knocking either guy get that paper kid. Now Saki has a road of bodies in his wake and more crowns taken in his war room than anyone entering the UFC. He’s my favorite kickboxer outside of Giorgio but that s neither here nor there. As long as he wrestles now until he fights straight with that UAE or Turkish National Team he will be fine in the UFC. Light Heavyweight was cold and somebody poured gas and a whole tree and torched that thing that’s 205 now folks.


-Elijah Out Welcome to the Rebel


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