Making A Body Snatcher


The jazz in a lead hook is detailed.

Nothing like a slick jab and clean lead hooks. The lead hook is next to the jab as the most undervalued striken in MMA. Look at the top strikers in MMA Boxing and kickboxing Joanna and Stipe this past week The Reem, Dekkers, Neiky Holtzken, Badr, Hoost, Jorge Masvidal and Nick Diaz might have the best body shots in MMA, Mighty Mouses 3 body 2  head 3 body he hit Dodson with made boxers go oh snap little mans got dem thangs boy and Bas Rutten almost gave guys seizure back in the day…Oss.


If your a young fighter having all your bases covered in striking is important befpre the flash is the foundation Cruz has one Groovy Lando has one and so does Tim Elliot they all know the rules so they can break them, dont fall victim to hubris like Rockhold (there’s a Bisping out there for everyone doing to much). It’s  just jazz in motion know the rules before you bend or break them or you might get broke off something fast. To play like Miles or Dizzy you’ve  got to find the person closet to that now and watxh how the manuver through the modern space so in regards to hooks to the body and head of the lead the best guy doing it pound for pound speed timing power and percision all encompassed is none other then THE BIG CHIZZY HIMSELF THE CHAMP LETS GO CHAMP SHANNON THE CANNON BRIGGS….LETS GO CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I got that out of my system chhhhhaaaammmppppp…. I swear I’m done now. Okay so this mans left hook setups digs and wrap arounds are evil I mean as evil as Bitches Brew by Miles Davis evil kids. The gif below will be broken down to explain he to do what I think is my best puch that I learned from watch ing this man as a kid take on on legends with limited fight experince by comparison.


1. Set the hook up like you would a kick that means dutch hand trap fade off then enter with straights that have to be respected or throw kicks bet it a teep or leg kick force the 3 card monty game you’ve got to be a hustler with the lead hook off top.

2. Now why so much in the set up or the hustle is because to generate the power on the lead is like generating power with a kicl it takes longer to gook than to thrpw straight shots with power you have to sit on the punch torque over drive in with the hips like tmTyson all that fun stuff which we will talk about.

3. The first step in any punch is important but very much so here because of how open the lead can make you so if your a hands down fighter be aware that the typical counter is a starught or and oppising lead hook so be ready to catch with your hand and keep your lead shoulder high to catch there rear hook if there so daft as to throw that woth seeing your straight counter coming. So step to there rear foot or in that general direction if you have to close the distance post step 1. Before turning over a new leaf on there body or head.

4. To turn over is the begining of speed and by extension power turning over is really a funny way of saying, commit to the punch by driving your body into the punch not just your arms but feom the toes to the core to the arm. Turn over your hips by picoring like you would when setting up pre round kicking. When you deliver a lead hook which ever hand you use your toes should be pointed in the direction of the punch when you finish the punch from parallel with the opponent to adjasent or perpendicular with there feet generally speaking.

5. Now place is a thing that takes time 10k hooks onbthe bag plus another 10k after tou figure out how to land it the first couple times. Depending on how tall short long stubby youbare your lead hook like all strikes will have to be adjusted to you. Once you find it however that will be your baby like Cotto has with his lead hook. So the answer here is quality reps after reps after reps, no substitutes on bag and in sparring.

6. Hand placement or rather how you deliver the hook with your hands sounds odd because well duh uour punch so its your hand Eljiah right I get that. What I’m talking about is a little finesse move that really helps the feel of the hook specifically to the body for guys I have found personally. I have guys play with delicering body hooks with the laces facing you palm not so much clinched up before really clinching up and digging hard to the body to help learn how to double pump the body. The double pump move on bag helps with the move Shannons famouse for with the jab dance stalk double head tp body lead hooks thats how you snatch a body.

Bas says it all the time if you delicer power to the head the body will always be open. The key to take from this is you have to deliver with power and speed very tricky at times. My man Brendan Dorman talked about hooks on his video on techinques and he broke down how Freedie Roach teaches the lead hook on a speed bag and its spot on. But like jazz the body snatch set up is breaking or rather bending the rules. Traditionally for a mean lead hook you have laces matching your shoes laces thumb facing you no load up just dropping that hand across the chin which should match up or if you were to miss you would hit your opposite elbow. Now here back to the jazz open the fist a little deliver on the knuckes with laces facing you almost like your fading off like Shannon seems to be doing but after imidate contact when there dealing woth what just happened you dig down clinched up laces facing you still feet pivoting like you stomping out a cigarette or joint what have you and unleash Badr Hari Gohkan Saki levels of violence on the body.
7. Exit intelligently now kids the worst thing you can do in combat arts is to admire ones work don’t do all that work to then get hit bevause you feel like Mark Hunt…listen bud you havent earned that walk away life style alright. So off that hook step back and the angle off don’t pivot into a counter thats how guys get caught and why hooks to tge body real hooks to the nody aren’t used alot the way Shannon and old timers used to use them.

8. Practice practice practice yes we are talking about practice get in the gtm and make it yours kid.

Thats all I got for you boys and girls one mpre LETS GO CHAMP and Elijahs out.

-Elijah Wright


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