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Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier for the undisputes 205 UFC belt. Lomg time coming and a few wrinkles have been added if the fight is to take place in California outside of the fight most people are interested in. Something I have been harping on since DC was a heavyweight may come back to bite him in the backside. The fact that CSAC has been the most proactive when it comes to weight curting in North America makes the new regulations put in place by Andy Foster very interesting with added hydration testing for fighters….somewhere Joe Rogan was saying “PRAISE ODINSON”. Moving on that is a big deal for guys like DC who make enormous weight cuts to get to 205 because of the amount of weight they carry around outside of training. Not hating the guy seeing how during his run in Strikeforce I preferred to stydy and watch him over any other Heavyweights in the UFC just because the differences in height and technical mma skill was so evident for a partially green guy in DC. Now for Jon this might be an issue as well I don’t know how much he was cutting with or without IVs or if hes cutting more weight than usual because of his lifting regimen now. That being said of these two men DC has a much harder struggle in getting down to 205, and to now reduce his body weight leading up to tge fight in July would mean sacrificing significant strength based on his height to weight ratio that would for lack of a better comparison would have him look like Big Rig Hendricks vs Wonderboy. Npw will Jones just take him out on the outside, maybe but highly unlikely in my opinon seeing how Rumble couldn’t twice. Now on the other end of the dicussion of x factors that actual matter is the new Jon Jones or rather Jon Jones 4 or maybe 5.0 the Jon Jones the casual commentators like Stephen A Smith feel like Jon shouldn’t be acting like this, for his image. Meanwhile he hasn’t been watching that long obviously when addressing this on his radio podcast. One of the things MMA fans hate especially because unlike other sports outside of surfing or crossfit etc. a good percentage of us are either former fighters or have been training constantly for years. Martial Artist stand by the MMA definition taken from the likes of Bruce Lee to the Bushido Codd or Yamato Damashi and other ethos about being you or expressing your unadulterated self image in combat arts at all times because death is always staring yiu down with a punch kick lnee elbow slam choke lock or exhaustion. Musashi wrote basically the MMA bible and expressed that in saying to the effect that the approach to life and combat should be the same, let that stain your soul for a bit. There’s no putting on heirs in the cage or more so training if you want to be great in combat this isn’t a game were you can fake the funk.

The image for purposes of the media machine that didn’t even want to acknowledge mma for the art it is and was is silly. Jon is doing what he always should have done and by admitting his loses in life like the “Guru” Dominick Cruz has stated he can finally grow with out have to focus on the lie in his life he was telling himself and others. That stress in his life is gone. My last point on Jon’s character as it relates to the fight is he will most likely be as free of his problems while hes in the cage now as he was when he flying kneed Shogun to win the belt. Just a word to the wise when you bring up Jon’s family and he don’t know the personal tragedies that have directly affected him while saying member’s of his family need to talk to him like Chandler and Arthur while bringing up his sister and mother that proves how ignorant you are to this world of true combat and its participants. Jon’s sister died when he was growing up and that was one of the stable rocks in his family specifically for him, hes been open about the tragedy and how it still effected him leading up to the Rampage fight, plus his mother within the last year had her leg amputated  Jon’s brother Chandler was losing it with prescription pain pills but the fact Jon admitted to doing cocain which ummm the test don’t lie so I don’t know was he supposed to lie about it to everyone? I guess certain media members talk about being really real bit have know clue what that entails when dealing with the unapologetic form of combat that is MMA.

I’m happy to see this Jon I would like to see DC be as honest bevmausd he seems to be now putting on heirs if thats to secure a bag by all means go ahead but if he’s at all lying to himself about what happened in the first fight, we go back to what Dom has been harping on since the jump he will be in for a rude awkening because of the stress those lies he could be telling himself and the public watching will weigh on him versus freeing himself of that and just absorbing and adapting like he did in Strikeforce when he finished TRT Big Foot Silva or when he dropped Josh Barnett on his head off a high crotch. Maybe that’s the duality of rematches maybe one person has freed themselves of the internal lies that then manifested externally, maybe the other hasn’t as much resulting in what will or will not happen that should happen. Mental wars are only a part of this put I harp on it in this fight because one guy is sharpening up the same blades that have always worked well with minor tweaks, while the other guy with time off has been training physically new energy systems and emersing himself in an area of martial arts that opens up self discovery and a real path to mastery of self in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. So based off the data collected in the first contests were Jon won without question whats changed the most from the fight, by far that would be the mental picture on both sides additionally and by the purging of self on both ends. DC is no longer caring about people liking him and neither to a large degree is Jon or at lea 1st t not as much as he was before which is far healthier in my opinon.

With that being said I’ll catch you guys later. Coming soon is the podcast with Brendan Dorman , keep and eye out for that and catchhis stuff on youtibe while your at it.

-Elijah Wright


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