Alrighty, I’m going to say this one time that was a beautiful display of martial arts. Let me start with this how much are leg kicks worth and how much are combinations worth? Okay, so this fight played out on the feet like DC vs Gus but with Gus winning the fight in this scenario. I don’t understand the scorecard and how the things we judge a fight on in the rounds 2,3, and 5 were not accounted for with Diaz. If you can honestly prove Conor won those rounds while walking away from Nate and get put against the cage while getting punches elbows and knees ran on him then, by all means, prove me wrong. Even off the takedown in 5 and the 10 8 for Conor in round 1 that still doesn’t add up going C and D round 1 10 8 then round 2 9 10 then round 3 8 10 then round 4 10 9 then round 5 9 10. The 10 8 round 1 for Conor gets knocked off and then it’s still 2 rounds for Nate. It seems just off, to say the least Nick wasn’t allowed in and then NSAC is still beefing with Nick after they tried to screw him. Trilogy is what the UFC is preaching now but ummm there’s bouts at 145 or he has to vacate according to UFC rules and because Dana has already said 145 is the move just now on UFC on Fox. So is a trilogy the move maybe but I doubt it because money is money and big shows are big shows especially against someone he Kod in 13 seconds. My clip breakdown is coming and be sure to look out for Brendan Dorman’s video which will be dropping soon I’m sure of it lol.          


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