Draw Take Your Pick


Alright so I’ve come off my biased ranting and raving, I have come to a conclusion after watching 202 again. BOTH MEN WON.

 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_7

It’s a real shocker I know but I will explain this reasoning and why an overhaul to the judging criteria of a MMA bout is needed. The story of the fight was big shots from Conor plus 3 knock downs, while Nathan put him on the cage and beat him for 3 rounds while Conor walked away when they stood in space (unlike FFloyd who doesn’t run but stands dead in your face a moves slightly and counters). That’s not a knock on Conor it was a gamble depending on how the judges were scoring. However if you’re some super STAN who has cried about Mayweathers rolling and slipping in the pocket and called it running, but all of a sudden want to call Conor a wizard for literally turning his back and trotting away from Nate, miss me with your nonsense people.

It was effective defense because it stalled Nate out, however it was no engagement for the sake of non engagement. That’s where the grey cloud begins to circle, what is defense and what constitutes stalling? Are sone to attached the Pride model was that factored into the scoring. Conor knocked Nate down 3 times yes, Nate won all other areas of the fight control, significant strikes, total landed strikes, plus the takedown and effectiveness there after the takedown, which is a segment of control significant striking and total volume. Both guys did in my eyes since I have been in the exchanges before I know what damage is done, and I believe the only just ruling was a split for Diaz or a Draw. I say split for Diaz because of the stats and rounds 235 were those stats were made. However I’m leaning more to a draw because a knockdown is a big deal 3 is huge. Again I don’t believe either man lost because of how they believe the bout to be scored.

The question is how is everything being scored, in the sport we have never known what counts for more and what is less,because there’s no consensus there. Does a knock down outweigh all even if you get beat up for the remainder of the round? If so Mighty Mouse would have lost to Dodson and Ian. Does a submission attempt not count as much as a takedown or equivalent vice versa. Were do significant shots and volumes significant strikes rank on the list, because if it’s less than a knock down Edgar loses to Maynard in their first fight, Aldo loses to Chad the second time around, and Faber wins against Cruz in there second fight. It’s not a fault of either guy because depending on how they see it they both won in their minds because the judging is so clouded and biased based on what a human being (aka talking primates) thinks is effective for fighting. If Bernard Hopkins, Ernesto Hoost, and Rickson Gracie judge a fight and guy A knocks down guy B, dives into Bs guard gets caught and nearly subbed in a triangle and survives transition after transition. When the round ends Bhop and Hoost think A wins and Rickson thinks B won. It’s something unique to MMA in that there’s still biased to an individual’s root styles or own egos. I’m being generous with a lot of judges because most of these idiots have no clue about fighting to begin with. However if you were raised that striking was the most effective way of fighting so it’s better versus coming from grappling vice versa your viewpoint will be skewed from the jump. Like growing up American your view is different from someone growing up in Iran.

This a point that guys like Joe Rogan have addressed and this fight amongst others has highlighted. One judge got it right, the others were agreeing with their own egos it feels like after rewatching the bout. Only because of how important this fight was and how mainstream it was they needed to get it right. This was a giant example of how inept these commission are when it comes to MMA, it’s not boxing so stop using the same methods to judge and score a totally different endeavor. There needs to be a set value attached to all damage related consequences in MMA. Maybe then things like this wouldn’t tear the community apart back into factions albeit different than grapplers vs strikers, the names have changed but division is still the result.

Get rid of biased by assigning value, that’s how you stop negative progression for the sport.


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