My Final Thoughts on UFC 202

  Nate_Diaz_vs_Michael_Johnson_Highlights_by_Ninja_HD (1)  Conor_Mcgregor_New_Highlights_2014

Lets just all take a breath, (podcast link)

Okay my final thoughts on this super bout,following yesterday’s press conference and the arguments of who is in whose head I’m taking all of that out of it and basing this write up purely on what has been done and what has been proven to work. Okay alright starting with the Conor the good thing is he’s a better boxer than the guys that have previously tried to outbox Nate strike for strike, he’s technically the better kicker and he is more explosive. Now how that plays to his favor is all up to Conor, I have beat this to death if Conor decides to make this a boxing match he gets wrecked from round 3 on or possibly from start to finish, now if he decides to play the martial arts game for which it was intended and hit and not get hit he should be alright for a decision win. That all being said the only x is Conors defensive ability as the smaller man and by smaller I could give a damn about wait it’s based on height here folks. Before Conor could just take long strides backward and lean back when he needed to evade a counter or he would just eat it, well he can’t do that with Nate because he gives up height and range. Now outside the defense he has to use chopping kicks the side kick to the body is to detail and if done improperly a striker of Nates level sees the tell before it is chambered, now a roundhouse from the lead or rear to the body or the leg would do the damage needed or a front kick allah Chad Mendes. Now on the ground avoid it meaning don’t make it about pure grappling skill stay off your back with Diaz and be aware that being in his guard is just as unsafe. Pacing is needed in this bout pace because no matter what overhauls Conor has made in cardio Nate was out of shape relatively and now he’s not and taking it as seriously as ever starting his camp with a triathlon, okay so if your base isn’t as high than pacing in the correct manner is the key just like Benson, RDA, and Thompson. Again what Conor has been saying is nothing different will be done which could very well be hype and a lie or he could truly think that it will work. If he makes this a boxing match Conor is at  a deficit on paper.  He still ahs a punchers chance just like any fighter, but I hate that as much as I hate when people don’t expect there loses like Conor has shown in the build to this rematch.

Moving right along with the good and true of Nathan Diaz, recently meaning since his fight with Micheal Johnson we have seen Nate develop kicking defense and boxing a the return or counter to a kick. Nick has been doing it and I attribute a lot of it to Joe Schilling and other kickboxers they train with. By not making it about the kick they can exploit the lack of boxing skill.  Like Renzo has said Conor s Jiujitsu is good Nates is just better and because both of their lineages are weaved back to Renzo at some point that statement holds a lot of weight. Moving along cardio like mentioned with Conor his base is higher making it so he can pressure at a higher rate than Conor eventually overheat Conor until he breaks think again Nick vs aPaul Daley. Boxing when Diaz is concerned it’s too much of the time a praise of Nathans’ chin. Rarely does he take shots clean of the mouth he rolls like Duran and has very nice high elbow blocks as well a real understanding of the depth perception illusion of leaning over the lead leg like Ali Leonard Mayweather Ward  Lomachanko Choclito Rigendioux and so on. The return of the defense is it puts him in in the path to return with more than one shot which is pressure even in an exchange, just like he did against Micheal Johnson Micheal is faster than both Nate and Conor and had the leg kick advantage that Conor doesn’t use and he tried chopping leading with a dutchie but still got boxed up standing because of the defense of Nate being more reliant on deflecting the shots and returning them immediately from the midrange or pocket distance he only leads from the outside range where he can’t be hit. There is the huge difference in skill levels of Conor and Nate standing. Conor moves back and expends more energy by making explosive changes in direction in comparison to Nate just turning or shifting his angle which keeps him in correct position to return. Nate has shown himself to be superior of on a late notice fight and now we are going to see what’s up when he gets a full camp. That is the story of the bout

That’s the story of the bout Conors good at a lot of things but Nates good at higher level tactics and skills. Whoever you have in this fight don’t get so attached by the antics going on you aren’t them don’t think you are, living your life through other people is the definition of a beta. Rooting for your guy is another thing which is all good in the hood but when the smoke clears whoever wins it doesn’t mean the other guy sucks or he’s done it means the other guy is the better man and that’s where it ends. If you need added understanding hit up your local gym or BJJ academy and get your false ego checked one time. Later everyone, rolling with Diaz because I stay rolling with Diaz unless he’s fighting Benson at 155 lol. Anyhow that’s that look forward to UFC 202.



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