That samba set was cool would have been cool to see Seu Jorge in the line up. The games will bring a spotlight to the problems in Rio that the facade of beautiful people and beaches shades, the sports themselves will be interesting to see with all the problems still being reported. Those problems of one “percenter” corruption the favelas being even more violent than anytime in recent memory or the fact that the sport venues are still dangerous to the health of the many athletes. Still it’s a good thing the Olympics will be taking place in Rio make no mistake its about time. Personally I’m still stoked for this all to start and for people to get a glimpse of what MMA fans BJJ fans Soccer fans and fans of Brazil for whatever reason have known for ages, that this country is a experiment in multi cultural inclusion where the culture is everything and seen as 1 because of it versus a sum of its parts.
As a young black kid in America I could see how some people or a majority of people viewed me and my cultural legacy but while some saw nothing of worth I was but onto Brazil as a entity by none other than my mother whose intro to the country was what she gave to me Pele, Afro Brazilian culture, and a taste of the food music and customs that were closely tied to my own cultural roots. The beauty I saw from a young 7 year old’s lenses was everything is positive and embraced as a whole not they did great things but we did these things as a whole all inclusive. Now I know now that it isn’t all sunshine and big boots in Brazil and a lot of the marginalization and monetizing of the creative efforts of the poor and usually darker people of Brazil is still happening my larger point is I hope people can see that we can get along with violence and killing each other and then we can face the other issues of gaining our worth for the things we are born out of and create from both sides of the argument, because City of God wasn’t just a story about one more physically African kid it was about the entire spectrum of physical features of all of those young kids that shaped what the culture would become socially and what path the culture was going to be set on.
Familia Mais Tarde

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