Above is not the Diaz they need to be expecting which is more frightening than anything, they being everyone of the brass left from the sale and the Conor squad including STANS. The Diaz that boxed Conor up in round 2 and showed how inept he is when put across from a better boxer is disturbing to the people that have either grown up boxing or know the details of the art of hand fighting. Like my man Brendan Dorman illustrated every time he saw the shot for a 2 he loaded up slid forward dropping his lead over extended and pulled his entire back foot off the canvas. If you were to show that to a group of golden glovers or amateurs they would cringe and laugh. Notice the smooth snake movement of Nathan Diaz his foot turns on the toe with his heel on the ground sometimes up but he’s driving through his toes ( I don’t think the heel is a huge issue like some coaches do seeing how you not wearing shoes and most people have an un-level in the foot so keeping the heel down is impractical) Back to the matter at hand the thing I have heard over and over again, but Conor did something that nobody has ever done he stormed Nathan… but of course he did. Nathan took the fight on 11 days which means 9 days of training and 3 of those will be dedicated to purely the weight cut. Okay so Conor who had an entire camp, but he wasn’t training for someone with that kind of cardio… Again sneaky lies folks, he was training for RDA a guy that subscribes to the Nick Curson conditioning program or for the uneducated the Marinovich method that turned BJ Penn into SUPER BJ PENN. So you’re telling me Conor wasn’t training cardio when his opponent is known for using cardio and pace as a weapon and has the cardio to just sprint and explode in each round like it’s the first 30 of round 1. “WHEN YOU SAY IT OUT LOUD DOESN’T THAT SH!T SOUND SILLY?”


 Nate_Diaz_vs_Michael_Johnson_Highlights_by_Ninja_HD Nate_Diaz_vs_Michael_Johnson_Highlights_by_Ninja_HD (1)

Now for what expect from Nate this time around. As many people have noticed Diaz is thick right now but that’s not at the expense of his cardio or and skill movements that drive his striking style, or on the mats for that matter. Starting from most problematic on the scale for his opponents moving on down, boxing is at the very top of that list. I guess I will reiterate this point that the world’s top analyst wanted to ignore into the final results last time… but whatever, Nathan spared and currently spars with the best strikers in the worlds of boxing and kickboxing Andre Ward those Mexican American agro technical brawlers and a slew of slick LA boys, Joe Schilling and other killers out of the yard and around Cali. Conor sparred like once with a former South African champion that got murked out by Errol Spence Jr. who is on par with Andre skill for skill. Andre Ward and Joe both confirmed that Nate and Nick hold there own and give as much as they get so yeah. Striking wise it’s not a debate unlesssssssss…. Conor throw leg kicks like every other guy that has beat Nate, but recently that hasn’t even guaranteed a win allah Michael Johnson a Henri Hooft student that did his kickboxing sparring with a living GOAT in Nieky Holzken.

Nate_Diaz_vs_Michael_Johnson_Highlights_by_Ninja_HD (2)


Yeah so what to expect this time around more of the same but don’t think Conors gonna find Nate with the straight 2, I have a problem with Nate kind of talking it off but I agree that if he’s sparring or hell training for real he see that shot before it’s chambered like he does in every other fight.


Physical advantage is the next on the list, speed and power will be a thing we see in this one. Timed burst while walking forward, something we saw from Nick Diaz in Strikeforce allah Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley, cough cough I feel like I said that before. Speed in this case not from a footwork standpoint but more so the punches and power will be increased. Cardio isn’t going to be a shock because of his already high base level, and his lifelong mentor was and is still the monster nobody wants to face at the weight class. So speed plus the power and cardio that was tested when Nate started his camp with a triathlon. You wanna talk about cardio that’s one of the highest level measure markers for anyone ever 2.5 mile swim, 100 plus mile bike, and a marathon yeah. Now for Conor again this historically for Diaz opponents has played out the same unless they are ruthless Cardio monsters themselves case in point young Josh Thompson and Bendo also both high level wrestlers as well. So in 3 months Conors gonna be ready to match pace, yeah not unless that dudes on EPO he’s not just gonna turn into Mighty Mouse over night.

Keeping it moving the ground game isn’t close and we all know this, if anywhere there is a huge gap it’s here. Nate is a Cesar GRACIE Black belt and has been on that level for a grip, training partner list is ridiculous Gilbert Melendez, Nick Diaz, Cesar Gracies Black Belts, KRON Gracie (GO F@$K Yourself the list should end here but nope), Rickson Gracie Black Belts, and instruction from RICKSON GRACIE ( BREAK YOURSELVES). It is not a close game on paper at all. Conors got Kavanagh, Gunnar, and Dillon Danis. Danis is the real name there coming out of Marcelo Garcia’s academy. However Marcelo is referred to as a Rickson type, while Kron is that and Rickson well yeah. Ground we saw how screwed Conor was and how Diaz cut through him and it was beautiful and perfect at every transition so I don’t see any change really again BJJ isn’t something you make huge jumps in in a 3 month period it would take month after month of direct focus and two a days to see any significant growth but meanwhile your opponent is so far in front and his lifestyle is somewhat centered around the art so the gap may get closed a little but not enough to notice.

So again how does anyone have Conor as the favorite is beyond me, personally mentally and skill wise it’s stacked against Conor as it should be but the advantages he had in the last fight don’t exist in the lack of a camp and a close proximity in weight with both guys weighing in at 168 and 169 respectively. Going back to a point I made earlier the Nathan Diaz we see this time will more likely be a version of the Michael Johnson and what we saw in his brother in Strikeforce. There is no give in this guy and mentally he’s stronger and a better mental fighter than anyone on the roster, when he throws the hands up like what, or points and clowns someone is all a part of the skill he dots fools up. Then he ends it once the opponent realizes there is no more running with these crazy homies and well that’s all I’ve got to say on the subject.

,Later Folks



  1. Fight Quality · August 4, 2016

    Great article. People favour Connor mainly because of his personality and the way the UFC market him. Nate however is usually dismissed because of his thug-like attitude at times, however people underestimate the high level skill, crazy cardio and mental fortitude the guy has.


  2. Look Nate should be the favorite for this fight. But this is not boxing this is MMA so the footwork and the angles you attack from is slightly different. Imagine if raymond daniels fought nieky holzken in an octagon I guarantee you he would have done better. My point is that just because Nate is a better boxer does not make him the better mma striker. And as for the cardio issue. Conor did not get tired from having bad cardio. He was surprised that Nate was able to take his shots so it was partially psychological. Also when Nate was punching Conor off rhythm played a significant role in Conor getting tired as well. Nate is not going to be as lean or ripped for the Conor fight like he was in the Michael Johnson fight so he won’t be as fast but he will be the bigger man. Conor has been training with a six time boxing national champion everyday at his gym and has been doing very well. As far as Conors ground game every DIaz fan forgets that Conor swept Nate n the 1st round. And when Diaz was dominating Conor on the ground Conor was rocked so ofcourse Nate was having his way with him. Although Conors jiu jitsu seems to be really good in some positions and sub par in others. Not saying Conor jiu jitsu is better than Nate’s but it is definetely underated.
    I’m a Conor fan and I know we are going to see the best Conor coming into this fight he might still lose to Nate but give him the credit that he deserves.


    • The Art of Kombat · August 4, 2016

      Okay so I would agree on the defense of Conor if somethings werent relevant. First your right this isnt boxing never said it was but because Conor throws alot of flash with little substance he doesnt reap the benefits like a Wonderboy Venom Daniels or Edson. That in turn makes it a boxing match with a few push kicks, which is why it angers me when people talk about the kickboxing like it matters when one guy throws them as misdirection just to turn it into a boxing match. Now the cardio talk was not a knock on Conors cardio it was a appreciation of Diazs because again he came in off the beach and stayed crispy all the way through I was talking about a bigger more prepared physically Diaz in this post in prior discussions Ive mentioned the fact that Conor was already training for a destroyer and that he is physically fine, however nobody is fine when they decide to go stroke for stroke with anyone named Diaz its documented we have seen it and unless you through heavy dutch and thai style leg kicks and have better grappling skills you are fucked. Case in point Thompson Bendo GSP Condit. Next I heard how Firhas feels about surprising somebody in a fight but shock isnt the only determining factor here what lead to the shock was a battle of skill again something you realize after watchimg Nates or Nicks fights is you could hit them all day and they will be there for 5 rounds no matter what. Maybe thats the surprise people are talking about but what happens when you throw your best shots and they either land or dont and he’s still there and still picking up the pace to a level your not a customed to. Conor is a even burn pace kind of guy hes not a climber and that has exploited and can be fixed but again the gap between him and Diaz is so big that now 5 months of training wasnt just done by Conor both sides are assumed to be working like animals, no? I remember being one of the first to defend Conor jiujitsu amongst other things before Chad Aldo and Diaz, again this wasnt a bashing of Conor it was a praise to Diaz who is and let me be super frank worlds better than Conor and probably better than everyone in that camp outside of Dillon and Amirkhani, the sweep was what the foundation of BJJ is all about anyone can get caught blackbelt by white belt or vice versa it doesnt matter the technique is all that matters and application of it and transition to it. Similar to my take on RDA Pettis it wasnt like he couldnt get caught by Pettis because hes got 3 stripes on his black belt Helio would have my neck for saying something so dumb. Its a matter of how each guy reacted to the situations on the ground Conor immediately sweeps Nate goes down allah Ralph Renzo Ryan and Cesar style he was slapping Conor in the furst before he inverted and had a hook on Conors left leg. Thats important to understand. Plus I have already beat to death my complete agreement with the Renzo theory of what happens on the ground when your gwtting punched black belt turns into abrown belt so on and so on until you turn into a white belt and give your belt what Renzo and Ralph describe as the difference between fighting Black belts and non fighting black belts. Look I dont hate Conor I just hate the lack of respect Diazs skill is getting but I love Conor Ive loved that mofo since Cage Warrios. I just recognize nonsense when I see it being preached like its fact versus what actually is going on.


      • Yeah you are right in the Diaz fight Conor threw alot of flashy kicks with some front leg side kicks from time to time. Which made the fight a boxing match in certain intervals. But Conor has used an array of effective kicks in the past in his fight with Mendes/Holloway he used frontkicks/jumping switch kicks. I understand your argument more when reading this response and Nate should be the favorite in this fight. But I don’t think it is going to be an easy fight for Nate either.


      • The Art of Kombat · August 5, 2016

        Yep he has used effective skills but when none of your go toos are working or you getting hit with the same got too that being a chas bas what then. Plus his flash was only effective against Max after his boxing was established hence why everyone thinks thats a closer fighter if they were to do it again. You and I both are in agreement that this will not be an easy fight for either guy.


  3. The Art of Kombat · August 5, 2016

    Just another update to the Diaz camp, this dude is sparring at Ten Goose in LA just saying.

    @natediaz209 @tengooseboxing_gym @villainfy #ufc #mma

    A post shared by I'm Elie Seckbach Reporting! (@elieseckbach) on


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