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Everyone pump the brakes,

Okay hip hip hooray Nick Diaz is back, I’m stoked that the suspension is over even while others and I that know all the facts know that any suspension was unwarranted and possibly illegal. He tested under the standard according to USADA who cleans up WADAS messes all the time, enter cycling and Olympic Sports. I’m done screaming about this, now for the reason I’m writing. Nick Diaz will do what he wants to do, this calling for him to fight because you and others want to see him fight haven’t been listening to him about fighting. He doesn’t enjoy this nonsense he’s real and sain about fighting why would he enjoy getting shined in the head or constantly get cut above the eye or cutting weight, he has stated that he would much rather do triathlons and BJJ and live his life which honestly is what makes sense.


Now for the guys that couldn’t buy a clue that are interviewing Nick and call themselves MMA journalist but did not understand the Nick Diaz mindset need to stop. Diaz presents to the casual fan the fighter that we all wish we had the courage to become. A typical straight forward no visible fear or tentativeness, that’s what people see. What people forget is what is said which I stated previous. This isn’t a game you don’t play fighting ever and with a guy that has vocalized and stressed his anxiety about being at a press conference with a guy he’s learning to hate and want to fight. Meanwhile everyone else is all smiles bright eyed and bushy tail about seeing a guy they will talk crazy about in 6 weeks. Nick was the realest guy out from the jump, and people must have forgot that this was never fun or a game for him what’s fun for Nick are things he wants to do like running, swimming, cycling, BJJ, etc. fighting was never on the list fighting was to prove something to himself and make money it was never for you or me as big a fan we are that’s not his motivation.

Nick is a reality of fighting I don’t mean an Ali, Hagler, etc. I mean through back to Miyamoto Musashi or Sun Tzu. He has a Mushin (no mind) technical brilliance with a Bushido core because he is testing himself for himself he wanted to see what he was made of in a corny way of putting it. Nick is just real and he does only things that optimize himself from what he consumes to what he does physically and mentally in how he thinks, fighting isn’t benefiting him other that from a monetary standpoint. Classic is who he is and will always be and if more people thought in similar ways to the head Diaz it would be very interesting to say the least. So all that being said I have no clue what he will do but that being said I wish the man well and hope he does what he wants to do and if he never fights again I would not be upset because I get why, because he found his answer and it was never for US.




  1. The Art of Kombat · August 5, 2016

    Just another update to the Diaz camp, this dude is sparring at Ten Goose in LA just saying.


  2. The Art of Kombat · August 5, 2016

    Just another update to the Diaz camp, this dude is sparring at Ten Goose in LA just saying.

    @natediaz209 @tengooseboxing_gym @villainfy #ufc #mma

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