He really shook the world up, unless you saw this coming. Robbie the notoriously durable technical brawler, got shut off by Tyron Woodley 2 minutes into the first round proving that either Robbies chin is on it way out or the more likely cause is the shockn awe power of Woodleys right bomb. Woodley has a Hendo like right hand where power is concerned and Robbie had or may still have Hendo like durability. This isn’t a celebration of how Robbie lost, because nobody hates Robbie nobody can take anything away from the guy and it was about how good Woodley is.

The boy from Ferguson made a claim at welterweight and has proved anyone from any background is capable of accomplishing anything. Anything I stress could be either positive or negative as Tyron expressed in his part of the countdown he could have been a very different person, but he found martial arts and it helped mold him. Who knows what effects this will have for our communities to see a person from a marginalized segment of a group doing something so spectacular.  He isn’t Jon Jones he isn’t DC he isn’t DJ hes the guy that grew up just like the most vulnerable of the black community people that think they have been forgotten and left behind. What Woodley stands for is multiple causes and all of them are positives.

How About That


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