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Robbie Lawler vs Tyron Woodley

The fact of the matter is X factors are the real story of this fight starting with Woodley. If you do something for 60 sessions for a extended amount of time you will change. Change is just that something different and new, new wrinkles new disadvantages and advantages. Woodleys change is coming from Duke Roufus the man that brought you Pettis. If you give a guy like Duke a freak fighter athlete he will make them even more dangerous fundamentally and creatively. We have seen the same thing time and time again RDA and Rafael Cordeiro TJ and Bang etc. We have seen the technical on display against Kelvin, I think we will see the blend next. Honestly I think Duke has done a similar move as Henri did to Rumble, plus something I wrote about is Tyrons talks with Mighty Mouse and how he broke through to him about his cardio like Rogan alluded to in the Kelvin fight were you see he was working on it. If Woodley shows off his improved boxing skill and does what so many can’t seem to do against Robbie except for Condit and Raury mid fight and box from mid range will moving what people call slick pocket fighting than we will see a interesting match with the Duke Muay Thai skill being a nice touch up in his striking. That’s a big and very important X Factor that will be talked about post fight I think.


Robbies biggest X factor is the scariest, have the strikeforce and current wars come to haunt him? Has the time come has the ticket been punched enough will we see a repeat of Liddel? It’s the question you have to ask if you follow that Blitz and Crash mindset of fighting damage taken to then return with bigger more devastating damage comes at a cost and that cost is damage that can not be taken back. The Piper most be paid, but has the time come and what is the timeline for Lawler how honest is he to himself can he fell it leaving? Only he knows the answer and if hes continuing on we have to assume he is good to go but because of his history it’s a question that has to be asked and thrown in until the first shot lands or better yet the 4th short lands. Because it only takes on and Tyron can throw some hammers. I’m not so much worried about the striking technical battle because if you’ve got crisp fundamentals against Robbie he tends to clam up wade through and look for a hammer or he blades steps off and come over the outside as a south paw those are his moves. 5th round he turns into a mixture of Shogun and Wanderli throwing every shot from 1 to 10 in every type of combination. That being said we will only know come fight time.

This is a testament to the sport and were it started and were it is today like right now. The difference and style and how varied stylenhas become has allowed for the parody we see in the game now. Better strikers better grapplers and better athletes means a push as a whole for the sport.

This is not a wash fight for either guy, so stopping viewing it that way. Woodley didnt whine he was promised something and held the company accountable it is not on him that his title shot opponent couldnt make weight and to reimburse him they gave the shot to him because in reality he showed up. That is fighying you show up if you van physically do so injuries excluded you show up if all that is need is for you to control your controllables. Revise your opinions don’t fall for the talk from guys like Matt Browne and Wonderboy who have loses one to, Hendricks in Browne and one in Matt Browne in Wonderboy. Complaining about another guys shot is unbecoming for a guy that is in the line to be literally next… but that’s no of my business.



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  1. Right Hook Roger · July 30, 2016

    THANK YOU for defending Woodley! I’m so tired of detractors hopping on his case all the time. He broke his foot and was out for six months because of it. He was going to come back and face Hendricks last October, but Hendricks bowed out a day before the fight because he can’t stop replacing Big Rig with Pig Rig as a nickname.

    This was an excellent post. Thanks.


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