Oh SNAP Kind of Fight

Tyron_Woodley_Highlight_We_Made_This_War_By_MMA_Oxae.gif Robby_Lawler_vs_Carlos_Condit_Highlights_HD_720.gif


This fight will not be for the easily disturbed or for those with weak stomachs, there will be damage, exhaustion and blood. If you think you know who wins your out of your mind there are only a couple of certain things we can say. 1, we will see Woodleys growth and were he is now in comparison to his last fight. 2. We will see a Roufus Sport influence when it comes to timing combinations and pacing. 3 we could see a influence from Mighty Mouse who told Woodley  to focus more on his conditioning.  4. Robbie will land something hard eventually and force a turning point reaction. 5. appropriate because if and when it hits the fifth round Robbie Lawler will turn into Wolverine and unleash hell and depending if Woodley can hang in that hurricane will determine a winner or loser.

Im not about to get super technical my man Brendan Dorman’s kinda of got that on lock. I will give you things to look at however. Okay from the things Woodley has shown his got a nasty counter 2 and lead 2 as well and a nice power clinch think of Simon Marcus. Next power double for MMA is his calling card plus a brown belt on the ground meaning he can dictate position as well as sub & defend his fair share of subs.Now the huge X factors are intertwined increased cardio based on refined striking  from Duke Roufus. Robbie Lawler is a fundamental striker as hard as that maybe to agree with he is that… until he sees blood be it his own or the targets. Robbie Lawers got Holy $%!T take-down defense most be the years with those Miletich boys. Robbie because of his fifth round against Hendricks the first time has refused to coast or relax or just not jump with both feet off the ledge when it hits the fifth round.

I’m not picking anyone here because I respect and admire both guys and the X factors are to great to ignore and make a pick based on opinion on who might have this or this based on the opposing might not having a or b. It dicey at best, make your beast at the bar with your friends for like 5 bucks because that’s how volatile this fights potential is to wreck your bank account. I may put a small coin on this one off sheer dumb luck but I wouldn’t b expect to win.

Later Folks


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