Ya’ll Must Have Forgot

16_x_World_Muay_Thai_Champion_Valentina_Shevchenko.gif Exclusive_Peek_Inside_Holly_Holm_Training_Camp_As_She_Prepare_For_Her_Last_Fight_Before_Entering_UFC

In this fight we have two very good MMA fighters. Holly Holm’s the champion boxer and product of the Jackson Winkeljohn camp vs Valentina Shevchenko a phenomenal kick-boxer and grappling artist. Two world champions in the cage going all out. 

For Holly to win she has to stay standing and use her knowledge of timing off her straight punches and the land a baseball bat like kick off that combination forcing Valentina back or at least to disrupt her combinations. Valentina is very clever everywhere, dark horse at 135 she beat Amanda in there 3rd round. Holly is a devastating counter fighter, Valentina can do that as well but she also has no issue pulling a trigger and throwing combinations exiting off a leg kick and going back at it. Holly will try to pick her shots like always force transitions on the feet. Strength speed and timing are Holly’s string points while Valentinas are strength speed and timing. They are almost identical one is more boxer the other is a neo muay thai stylist. Holly on top on the ground is dangerous while Val off her back is nasty. Everywhere this fight is scary in the best ways.

This will be a highly contested fight on the feet for sure Holly Holm is coming to stake claim for the next championship fight. Val is trying to be the next women to break through. Either way this will be either a great fight a fast fight or a technical war possibly. If you think you know who wins this your dead wrong nobody knows it’s that close and the x-factors dealing with Holly on the ground and the defense of Val then add the lack of 5 round experience. Whatever it is the fights on Big Fox in Chicago which has put on some stellar bouts.


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