EDSON_JUNIOR_BARBOZA_HIGHLIGHTS_2015 Gilbert_Melendez_Highlight_2015.gif

Gilbert vs Edson

Gilbert vs Edson could well be a fight of the year Melendez is a catalyst for this kinds of bouts, he’s a kind of man that pulls that war mentality out of his opponents. Edson at 155 is the fastest and possibly the greatest kicker in the division. Edson brings heavier weapons that lets be honest, Gilbert hasn’t had to deal with. When he dealt with a guy with a similar weapon in Pettis it didn’t go well. Edsons roundhouse is faster heavy and accurate as hell.

Now if Gilbert can walk through those leg kicks and body kicks which is a big if than he can get to the mid range and apply the Edson heel, pressure. If anyone knows how to apply pressure its the scraper of the Scrap Pack. That’s been his calling card hellish pressure with more savy striking that the other hell raisers that fight that way, plus that high level wrestling and Cesar Black belt in BJJ. I’m sure Mark Henry and Almeida will have Edson as prepped and ready with a game plan as Eddie Alverez  was. Personal there’s a lot if X factors in this bout when it comes to Gilberts suspension and time, plus Edsons growth a lot will be answered and moving forward the 155 division looks like its beginning to settle when it comes to the middle if  pack contenders.


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